My sister’s son moves in – Part 2

We both had coffee and moved to hall and was watching tv, I asked him what we shall make for dinner and he said anything is fine as he is tired due to the journey and he wants to sleep early. We chatted for some time and I went inside to change to nighty. I went inside the bedroom and closed the door and latched it. I slowly removed my saree, then my blouse, then my petticoat. I was about to remove my bra and panties but later reminded that sumesh is in the house and I cannot dress in my usual way where I don’t wear any undergarments when at home. Then I went to my closet to search for my nighty then I saw myself in the mirror, I saw a 46-year-old mature body but not that aged and had all the features to attract a man, I saw that there were hairs poking out of my crotch, which I decided to shave later. I saw myself in the mirror and asked if I am ready to submit myself to a man and that instant moment I became wet. Its been more than 25 o=years since I had attained puberty and till now no man has touched me. I lost my parents when I was 15 in an accident, I had a younger sister to take care off, I went to work at the age of 18 to ensure that my sister gets good education and got her married to a nice guy and she is living a happy life. Due to all these responsibilities I did not think about me or my needs.
Now moving back to the present time, I took my nighty and wore it and ensured that top 2 buttons are left open for sumesh to have a look at the milky white boobs. I went outside and straight to kitchen and started making dinner. Sumesh also joined me and was sitting in the slab next to stove and was giving me company. I purposefully tried to take few things from the rack above him and in the process brushed my boobs with his chest and it was a great feeling. I was chatting with him and completed the dinner and we both ate at the dining table. He looked very tired and he said he wanted to go and sleep. I gave him a hug and kissed his cheek and said good night. He went inside and switched on the AC and slept. I was cleaning up the dishes and thinking about the future that in front of me and also how kinky I have become in a matter of hours. I was smiling thinking about these things and finished my chores and switched off all the lights in the hall, locked the main door and moved to bedroom. I saw my handsome young nephew sleeping in the bed and I moved slowly and slept next to him. In the middle of the night, he turned towards to me and placed his hands over me and I can feel his breathe hitting me and I dose off thinking all the kinkier things possible.
Next day, I woke up in the morning, since it was Sunday I woke up around 8 AM and saw Sumesh still sleeping, I silently came out of the bed and moved to hall, where I started my morning chores, I heard Sumesh coming out from the bedroom and he said good morning, I asked him if he had slept well and he said he had a great and relaxing sleep. I did not waste any opportunity and went near him and gave him a big hug and kissed his cheek. I asked him if he is ready for the coffee, He said yes and he went to brush, I went to prepare coffee for him.
Once he came back, I gave coffee to him and ensured that I bend nicely for him to give a good view of my boobs, as I expected he had a treat to his eyes and did not waste any opportunity to see my cleavage. I extended my show by arranging the newspapers in front of him in the coffee table. I can see that there is small bulge in his boxers and I got wet instantly. I said I will go and have a bath and asked him to watch tv, he said we will go out for breakfast as it’s a good sunny day outside. I said ok and went inside to take bath. I removed my nighty and undergarments ad took my towel and fresh undergarments, suddenly a thought passed by my mind and I decided to take only my towel and left the undergarments outside. I also ensured that the bedroom door is not latched. Now I was praying that Sumesh should be inside the bedroom while I come out of the bathroom with only my towel on. With that thought I went to the bathroom, I took my time to ensure that all the hairs in the crotch are removed, I touched it after completing and felt shivers through my body. I had a nice and long bath, I wiped myself with the towel and for my luck, the towel was little thin, and after wiping my wet body it was become a little transparent. I wrapped the towel in my body and saw myself in the mirror, the towel wrapped my boobs just over the nipples and the huge cleavage was visible, the towel ended right below my crotch so my entire thigh was visible, since the towel was wet, my 2 nipples were clearly visible. I now checked at the door by keeping my ears and I could hear Sumesh voice. So I cleared my throat and decided to go out and give Sumesh the ultimate show. I opened the bathroom door and stepped out of the bathroom and saw Sumesh directly staring at me, I gave a fake shock and to my surprise, the towel fell down to the floor. I was planning to give him a good show but this was not on the cards, I stood there stark naked not knowing what to do, there was 10 seconds of awkward moment where he checked me up from head to toe and glued his eye on my naked boobs.

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The next set of events in the next part…. Please post your comments and feedback.

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