First time sister

I confess when i was 13 i started crossdressing,one afternoon my sister caught me so i made her undress and lay on the bed while I jerked off then i cum over her,she was 8yrs old,when i turned 1817 i got myself a car then started driving around dressed up in women’s clothing an lingerie,.a few days later i called into moms for a drink,i was wearing lingerie under my clothes,mum asked if I could take sister to shops i said ok,she wore a short black denim skirt we got into the car and drove off i keep looking at her an she noticed i had a hard on she said did you get hard looking at me i said ive always got hard looking at you i drove to a deserted street and parked then pulled out my cock sister stared at it so i said get your clothes off because im going to fuck you,at home you wear next to nothing and get me hard then i have to jerk of so get the clothes off or i rip them off she got naked so i fucked her

Author: Frank

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