Trip to guyrat

Hie its pranit here,today i am sharing my Gujrat trip which i had gone a couple of weeks ago.
it was jan 19th in morning by 6 i reached near my gf’s aditi home and then she camed down with her luggage and we then we gaved a warm welcome to her parents and moved off at first we went to virar where we passed off all our bags in a bus which were going to collect in Gujrat and then we went to my elder brother’s home and picked his bike and started our journey ahhh i was completely tired when we reached Mandvi Gujrat.

Finally after 13 hours we finally we reached our hotel and we checked in and were dying for that moment when we once jump on bed and rest and sleep for once and we slept all the evening and then eventully i woked up first and the i went out to buy some ciggrrets and while coming back i ordered some food for us and then i took a shower and then after getting fresh i woked her up and forced her to take a shower and then like aa kidd i fed her dinner and then we laid down and watched movie as we both were not at all feeling sleepy and after some time tv was boring so she turned off the tv and hugged me and i started to caress her hairs and slowly we were cuddling and then she camed on top of me and then we started to kiss and my face was all hidden because of her hairs and then my hands were on her back inside her top and i was feeling her body,we had enjoyed our intemecy a lot of times but this time it was something different like we were on our homeymoon…..then i tooked off her top and bra and then i started to kiss and lick her neck and my baby started to moar pleasently and then she took off my t-shirt and was caressing my body and i was licking her neck and pressing her boobs.then i turned her down and as i camed up on her body i started to kiss and lick her boobs and she was caressing my hairs and was pressing my head on her boobs so i started to lick and press her boobs a bit harder and her moars were going more pleasant…then i started to lick her body from her boobs to her belly button and i gaved my fingers in her mouth and she started to lick my finger ahhh it felt soo good….

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Then i slowly came up kissing and licking her body from her belly button to her boobs and then her neck she was getting wet and so do i was very hard.then i guided her hand in my pant and as she took my dick in her hand i got butterflies all over my body and she started to kiss me and gaved gentle stroks and then she turned me down and while stroking my dick she started to kiss my neck and chest it was really awesome…then she took off my pant and underwear and kissed me all over from my chest to my dick and while stroking my dick she kissed it and gently took it in her mouth ahhh it was heaven when i feeled her lips and toung around my dick and it really made me moar out of pleasure…. and then she started to move down and up and so i holded all her hairs which were coming on her face while blowing me up and i was pressing her down and then she took my whole dick inside her mouth and we both felt it that my dick was in her throat and then she took it out completely and the stroked it and then started to play with her toung and took it in… she was blowing me up like a good obident girl,and after some time she started to blow me with gentle strokes and no sooner was about to cum out and so i said her that babu i am gonna cum now and then she stroked my dick and soon i came all over her hand and then she wiped it off with her top and hugged me and started to cuddle and kiss me and gentle carresed my dick and with in few mins my dick was again hard,she again went down and sucked it a bit and and made it wet and well lubricated and came on top of me and inserted inside her slowly damm she was really wet my dick slipped in with her moar and she instantly holded my hand tightly and pushed herslef down to let my dick go in completely it felt too good then she slowly started to move up and down and she was really enjoying the moment and then i pulled her and hugged her tightly and started to bang her harderd and she started to moar loudly and was asking to keep fucking her like this and then i bited her neck just to give her a love bite and then again i started to fuck her hard and soon she came and then i requested her that once i wanna shoot my cum on her body and she replied with a kiss on my forehead and said”i am all yours do what u wanna do babu” and again i started to fuck her with long and deep and fast pacing strokes and soo as i was on my climax i asked her to sit down and she obeyed me and sat on the ground and i stood in front of her and she stroked my dick with fast pace and then soon i came on her body all over her boobs and mouth and neck and so we both took a hot shower and then got freshed and went back to bed hugging each other naked and went to sleep….


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