Fucked my mature tution teacher

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Hey everyone ! I’m a horney and sex addicted guy like you all and im a regular reader of sex stories. This story revolves around me and my tution teacher. It is a story of hot dirty and kinky sex.

I’m Davy (changed name) im currently 20 years old ,5’9 dusky athletic body with a 7′ cock. The heroine of the story is my south indian tution teacher Jaya she is 51 years old, 5’5 fair with a slim but toned body and as per my knowledge she has 32 D sized breasts and a good thick ass. l used to go for science tution in 11th and 12th standard.

I first joined Jaya man’s class in 11th ,she used to take classes at her home. She also used to teach at my college. She was married and had 2 hot daughters studying away from home. Her husband was into some logistics buisness and was usually away and had frequent trips to Mumbai.

During 11th i used to go to college with Jaya in her car . She liked me as her student and would always help me and was a bit lineant towards me. But i always liked her and the way she walked. I used to admire her big lips when she talked and her ass when she walked. It was heaven. During tution we were 5 boys and Jaya used to take our class in her hall . We sat on a dinning table and i always purposely touched my feet with hers.

Jaya was innocent im front of everyone but was a sex driven busty lady as she used to wear transparent sarees and had ger blouse cut low. One day i went for some doubt clearing on Sunday we sat on the sofa and she started teaching me. After some times she went inside the kitchen. I was sitting on the sofa and her phone which was besides me was vibrating due to a call , i waited for few seconds and then took her phone to her kitchen and what i saw was very hot. Jaya and her husband were kissing and one boob of her was out of her blouse that gave me a instant hard on. Her boob was just too perfect nice brown and long nipples. I watched them and suddenly Jaya realised that she is being watched so i quickly went and sat on the sofa.

I was sitting with a hard on and i was pressing my dick head over my jeans. After 2-3 mins sge came and acted normal and she saw that i had a hardon but she pretended that nothing happened. After this incident nothing happened between us .My 12th was over and now i moved for my studies.

During second year of my graduation i returned home for Navratri holidays. My mom sent me out for doing some errands,i was near Jaya’s house so i thought of giving her a visit. Till then i had no bad intentions.

I went to her main door and rang the bell and she opened the door and was surprised to see me .
Jaya : I didn’t expect you coming. Its been over a year seeing you! How are you!?

Me : im good I was passing by so thought meeting you! how arw you!?

Jaya: Im also good but im bored as im alone at home even during festival.

In the mean time was staring at her cleavage through her low cut blouse. I had that Deja Vu moment.
She asked me to sit on the sofa and brought some water.

Me : Why didn’t your daughters came home !?

Jaya: No they had their classes so were unable to come and my husband left for Mumbai this morning.

Me still staring at her .

Jaya : Hey where are you lost!

she was smiling.
We were sitting side by side .

Me : No nothing i was just thinking.

I didn’t even realise that my cock wqs hard and throbbing. She was looking at it and smiling.

Jaya: I know very well, i noticed it during tutions ! Do you like you’re teacher!?

I was struck by this question staring at her and had a confused smile , she was also having a smile which was a sign of something great was to be happened.

Out of no where i nodded my head to a yes and leaned forward she too leaned over and my lips touched her juicy big lips which i dreamed of , i pulled her closer and put my tongue inside. We were sucking each others tongue and drinking each other’s Saliva. She then started pressing my hard dick over my pants and i was fondling with her breats . Soon i opened those and started sucking her tits. She moaned and asked that you saw me and my husband in the kitchen to which i smiled seeing at her and bit her nipple in lust. Jaya lowered my pants and held my throbbing hot cock and started stroking. We were about to have a good time my mom called and i told her that I’ll be late . Then Jaya took me upstairs to her bedroom. I removed her saree,petticoat and her panty . Her panty was wet , i started sucking her panties like a mad guy.Now my 51 year old tution teacher was naked which made my cock throb .She took off my shirt and pushed me on the bed . She came over me and kissed my forehead and then she came down licking my ears then kissed my lips again . My nipples were being sucked by Jaya and i was caressing her ass and her wet trimmed pussy.

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