Women who had lots of desires !

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Hey everyone! Sooraj here . It’s a real incident which took when I was 21, between me and a lovely women of age 32. Her name (shrusti) she is married and is from Bangalore and working at MNC in Manyata park as HR !

Coming to the story ..

she was our neighbour and was very friendly with everyone … she had a beautiful smile and coming to her body size 36 28 30 ( pretty hot babe ) to be frank I had a huge crush on her and would wait outside house just to speak to her everyday . And her husband was working as sales head and would visit house alternative days . Shrusti and me had become good friends and used to go for night walks on the street and it would be fun as I was enjoying her company .

But I was bored of her topics as she would speak only of politics and about her husband . Initially she had problem with sharing her phone number because her husband was very strict and he had doubted on her many times , and after a month we finally exchanged our numbers !

It was Sunday night where I got a text from shrusti saying
Shrusti : hey Sooraj , r u free ?
Me : yeah tell me shrusti
Shrusti : let’s go for a walk I need to talk to you .
Me : anything serious ?
Shrusti : not so serious
Me : okay Shrusti catch u in 5 min

I was waiting for her and there she came she had wore tight night suits and her curves were visible , and instant I got so hard on her ! But unfortunately I could not express my desire for her as I was afraid of it .

Our conversation was about her husband.
Me : wow Shrusti ur looking young girl , just 21
Shrusti : thank you sooraj , do u have anything else to complement?
Me : I wish u were of my age !
Shrusti : why ?
Me : I would have made you my princess .
Shrusti : she became silent and then said thank you .
Me : so Shrusti what’s the scene ?
Shrusti : I donno how to confess about it ?
Me : just relax urself and let ur heart feel less weight and just say it ,
Shrusti : sooraj , actually I never went to any pub places and never drank any drink so I was thinking of fulfilling my happiness.
Me : yeah good , ask you husband to take you ba !
Shrusti : we are not in talking terms .
Me : what ? R u fine Shrusti?
Shrusti : I am good but my husband no more likes me ! He doest give me any attention and doest fulfill my desire !! I just want to enjoy my life !
( she had tears in her eye )

I asked her to sit on table at park and sat beside her , she felt little uncomfortable and later on was fine as it was night and nobody was ther around !

I took her hand and said
Me : listen Shrusti, life is all about how u live and how u explore ur self and fulfill ur dreams and desires , saying this I rubbed her back and she was fine with it .
Shrusti : sooraj lets go for a good party on sat ,
Me : yeah sure let’s go as a couple and rock the night together .

And later went back to home and ended by hugging each other , her touch was so hot and she was smelling so good and I could see her breathing heavy !
Later at night
I texted her
Me : hey Shrusti do u have party wear ?
Shrusti : yeah I do have !
Me: okay fine ! That’s good
Shrusti : hm
Me : shruti if ur not sleepy how about rapid fire ?
Shrusti : let’s play
Me : muscular body or fat body .
Shrusti : ofcourse muscular body , I love guys like you who have muscular body !
Me : ohh so u stare at my body !
Shrusti : I did some time when u work out at home .
Me : long drive or party life ?
Shrusti : party life but I donno how will it turn !
We had a conversation for 5 min and I slept off !

Next day we didn’t meet as her husband was at house.
It was on sat , where I was waiting for text and got a text from her that get ready we will go to some good pub ! So I suggested let’s go to ( indranagar, and I asked her to get ready by 8 . As time was approaching to 8 I couldn’t control myself as I was dying to see her on party wears !
I got a msg from her .

Sooraj I am ready let’s go and I asked her to come out as I was already waiting for her in car !
What a scene it was to look at that finger :::::::::::: I just lost myself when I saw her on those outfits , she hard wore a one piece ( Red with backless and high nee ) her boobs were struggling to come out of her tight fitting and her ass so sexy felt like to press those !
I had lost myself and was staring at her beauty and didn’t realise that she had come inside car and sat beside me !
She said sooraj where u lost ?
I said lost into ur Beauty !!

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