My mom’s evening fuck

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It’s a story happened 5-6 years ago as I was just 18 and with my friends ,I love to enjoy watching porn videos as well as drinking beer.our friends Jai,Vishal and Mohit are from business family as we all have no problem of money.we have always organised a weekend party at Mohit’s farmhouse as we three watch porn videos ,drink beer and masturbate mom Julie is a voluptuous lady with her sexy body as her physical measurement looks like 36-28-38,her thighs are smooth and strong ,her round dome shaped buttocks is attractive as her boobs are like peaks of I have enjoyed twice with my mom(read “seduced my mom and it’s part),she is not ashamed of her physical relationship with as I squeezed her boobs in absence ,she laughed only as never resisted on my evening as I am in home,coming from a day long classes,I am feeling too tired ,so walked inside my bedroom.I pushed the door of room as I started removing my clothes,now while wearing only briefs,I moved inside washroom as I took refreshment and than walked out of moved towards dinning space as I have put a Bermuda on my waist,sits on sofa as I screamed louder………..

“Soni need a glass of water with a cup of coffee “as my mom walked towards me from her room and than she said……….”soni prepare coffee for me also”and I am sitting with my mom in my hands are touching her arm,looking at me ,she smiled……..”Rohan how your study is going on?
(I smiled)fine mom “and than we have drinks as coffee,mom is looking hot in her red coloured short gawn as her crossed legs have made her sexy thighs visible,I am eyeing her clevage as she smiled on my looks………

“Rohan you have become a dirty guy ,isn’t it ?
(Rohan)no mom,it’s not true but the way you put dress on your body makes you hot as well as wild
(Mom put empty cup on floor)sure but it incites you for something indecent
(Rohan put his cup)yah ,it’s true I am of 18years as I attracts towards matured lady rather than gal.”

And I put my arm in mom’s shoulder as I moved my hand downwards to her soft boobs,holding it tightly as pressing it hard and mom is igniting my mind as she put her hand on my bulge of penis ,it’s hard as it’s inside while sitting on chairs,we both are making hot eachother and as maid is cleaning utensils in kitchen,I am sure we can hear her footsteps as she comes to as my mom lifted my bermuda up and took out my cock from it’s corner,I am too horny as I am massaging her breast Julie is slowly masturbating my cock and than we both are busy as I put my lips on my mom’s face.she have hold my back as mom started putting her lips on my lips,it’s a nice evening as darks have prevailed and our lips are sealed,we both are sucking eachother’s lips as my penis growing harder in my mom’s hand,I left her lips as I took her long tongue in my mouth to suck.we both are sitting on chair as we both are too close and my mouth is full of my mom’s tongue as I am sucking it hardly,her mouth’s saliva is in my mouth as we both are breathing heavily.later on ,as I heard footsteps of someone ,I left my mom’s tongue as we both are sitting on chairs , started talking and maid came there as she said……..”aunty I have completed my works,so going to home.”and as she walked away,I followed him as I locked the door.

While back in balcony,I sits on my legs as I started lifting my mom’s gawn,she is smiling on me as I can see her strong thighs with a black panty ,covering her I put my nose on panty as I smelt harder and than I put my lips on her thigh as I am kissing it frequently,she is in pleasure as her sexy voice”uuhh aahh uummm”is making me I pulled down my mom’s panty as she widend her legs and put her sexy ass on chair’s corner,now I put my face in between her thighs as my lips are kissing her vagina,it’s distracted labias have incited me to lick it,so I put my tongue in her hole as Julie put her finger to widend the hole and I am licking her vagina with speed.just like a stray dog,rolling my tongue in her cunt as she have put her both legs up in air and my tongue is licking her vaginal depth as my penis is growing harder.she is screaming in joy”oohh aahh uuhh my son ,lick it fast”and I licked for a while as my penis is fully erected.I walked towards washroom as I urinated and washed my tool with water,back in balcony,mom is curious to suck my penis but we both came inside dinning as I sit on sofa with my legs down,my mom doesn’t hesitate to pull down my Bermuda as my erected cock is straight and she knelt infront of my a hot blonde ,she hold my cock as she removed it’s skin and put her lips on my penis,feeling horny ,I put my hand on her breast as I started massaging it Julie is kissing my long thick cock as she is rubbing it’s glans on her charming face,looking at me ,she opened her mouth and swallows my whole cock as she started sucking it wildely.

My mom Julie’s mouth is giving my penis a hard and nice jerk as I am pressing her soft breast,making louder sound”oohh aahh uumm mom suck it ,suck it fast,you bitch”and her face is moving up and down fastly,now I felt my penis growing more harder inside her I can see her face becoming reddish while eyes are closed and we both mom and son are making eachother hot,later on she took out my wet cock as she is licking it with her long we both are enjoying oral sex as looking at me,Julie is tasting my penis it’s too hot and hard ,as my mom’s tongue is on glans,she licked it for a our oral sex session have completed as looking at watch,it’s 06:35pm and dad as well as my younger sister Dipali are yet to come,so we both planned for quick fuck as my penis is harder and looking for cunt,I made my mom stand on her legs as she put her elbows on a dinning table,like a four legged animal ,she is standing as well as waiting for her as I stand behind her back,I lifted her gawn upto waist and now she stretched her legs mom Julie is like a whore as I hold my penis and put it’s glans inside her vagina, slowly pushing my penis inside her cunt as Julie is moving her buttocks back to swallow my whole I hold my mom’s waist as I fucked her hard and now fucking her like a monestar but it’s the cock which differs while fucking and it’s gals/ladies vagina also that makes fucking more or less pleasurable,it’s my mom Julie’s vagina getting fucked for last 20 years ,so it’s a hard hitting penetration that are making him our age gap is 18 years but it’s my mom that have addiction of cock .now my penis is moving fast inside her glory holes as my mom is moving her ass fast,our sexual activities is on fire as I hold my mom’s saggy 36d size breast hard and started pressing it,her cunt is in fire as my penis is hitting her vaginal she is making sexy voice

“uuhhh aahh uumm my son ,fuck me fuck me hard aahh”

and my penis is going to cum soon as I am fucking my mom with speed and she is moving her buttocks fast and lastly ,I screamed louder”oohh yes have my cum have it”and my cock ejaculated semens in her cunt,will she conceive ? My mom’s pregnancy can make everyone surprised but wait for she sucked my cock and tasted cum.

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