Mom and dad

When i turned 13 i had been living with my granny for the last 3 years. My mom and dad only came around every now and then. So i was surprised when i came home from school to find them sitting in the living room. My granny tells me that they will be staying a few nights and asked if i minded sleeping on the couch so they could sleep in my room. As if i could say no.

I tried to go stay with my cousin for the weekend but my sister had already beat me to it so was unable to stay there.
My dad watched every move i made all day long and i knew if he got the chance he would try something. I wasnt wrong, he caught me coming out of the bathroom and tells me he has missed me. Reachs down hugging me he squeezes my ass pulling me tight into him. I push him away say yeah whatever.

I had to decide if he tried anything should i scream or just lay there and let him. Wasnt sure.


After everyone went to bed i went to take my shower as i was showering i heard the bathroom door open and then close. I wasnt sure who it was. After i dried off getting dressed my panties were gone. Just my gown was here. It had to been my dad. I cant go into my room to get more panties ill have no choice but to sleep without panties on.

Walking out my dad is no where to be seen. Quickly i walk into the living room and cover up. Again the thought comes into my mind. If he comes in here what was i gonna do. I could scream for my granny or i could do what i used to and just pretend to sleep through it and let him do what he wants. As i layed there remembering what all my dad used to do me and would make my mom do to me. I begin to get a tingly feeling and my fingers instinctively begin rubbing my clit. I cant beleave im getting turned on from the thoughts of my parents abusing me.
After climaxing. I close my eyes trying to dose off.
I feel a hand on my foot. I peek through my eye lashes and see its my dad. He pulls my leg out from under the cover pushing my leg into the floor. He gets down on his knees and spreads my legs apart. Moving the covers and pushing up my gown i am fully exposed. He rubs his fingers between my lips. Im already wet from fingering myself.

I hear my dad say how nice your already wet. He leans forward and begins licking,sucking and nibbling on my young pussy. I cant help but enjoy the feeling of my pussy being licked. Even though its my own dad his tounge still feels good. I havent been ate out in awhile.
He slides a finger in me as far as he can.
He says ” your still a virgin i see. Dam your pussy is tight ”
Working his finger in and out of my pussy he continues licking my pussy. I instinctively begin humping up against his mouth. A moan of pleasure escapes my lips as i cum. Several mins go by of my dad licking and fingering me i cum again.

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” i know your awake michelle, you hadnt had time to fall asleep before i came in here and from your humping i heard you moan so you can stop pretending ”

I open my eyes and look down at him. He tells me i knew you were awake.

” im gonna spread that tight little pussy of yours wide open ” i’ll scream for my granny if you try it.

” Listen here you little bitch im gonna fuck you ”

If you try and put your little dick in my pussy i will scream for my granny. Its not happening dad.

He stands up looking down at me he starts pulling his dick out of his pants. He is already half hard. Pulling on his little cock he says ” okey then im gonna start by putting my dick in your mouth and then im going to fuck your tight little ass ”

As i stare up at him he says ” you know what i have even a better ideal. Dont you fucking move ” he walks out if the living room. Couple mins later he comes back in and grabs a hand full of my hair pulling me up to my feet. Let go of me bastard.
Dad says ” shut up you little cock tease and come on ”
He pushes me down the hall. He keeps pushing me towards my bedroom. As he pushes me in the room i see my mom laying in the middle of the bed naked with her legs spread.
He walks over to the side of the bed and tells me

” heres whats going to happen. Your going to get up here and eat your moms pussy while i fuck your little ass hole or you can lay down and let me fuck that tight virgin pussy of yours. Before you thinking about saying no i already know you have done your cousin and before you think about screaming ill beat your fucking ass and fuck you anyways ”

Mom says just do it chelle so we can go to sleep.

You dont feel bad about messing with your own daughter. Why dont you fuck my sister shes not a virgin. Dad says ” i dont mess with your sister cause shes not my flesh and blood shes not my daughter and i want to keep it in the family ”

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Dad im not telling you again your not taking my virginity.

With that shows me a bottle of baby oil. I slowly walk over to the bed and climb onto it. Looking at my moms pussy my dad walks around behind me and pushes my head down towards moms pussy. He pulls my hips up and back towards him. I look at mom and she says ” just do it chelle ” Mom reaches up placing her hands on my head and guides my mouth to her pussy. As i begin to run my tounge against moms pussy she shivers and moans out. Placing my hands on either side of her pussy slowly push 2 fingers into her wet pussy and begin fingering her as i lick on her clit. She cums quickly pulling my hair and humping into my face.

Dad rubs his hands around my ass cheeks. He means down and begins licking my ass hole. Pushing his tounge in my ass he slaps my ass. I feel him move up behind me. Puts baby oil on my ass hole. Slides a finger inside my ass and begins moving it in and out.
Mom clamps her legs tight against my head humps up pulling my hair hard moaning as she cums. She starts moaning ” that’s a good girl eat my pussy ”

Dad starts rubbing the head of his dick up against my pussy. I let him rub his cock head between pussy lips several times as he fingers my ass. He tries to push his cock inside me. I pull forward away from. Look back over my shoulder.
I said No your not taking my virginity.

Mom reaches up grabs my head pulls my face back into her pussy. Dad pulls my hips back toward him. He leans down and starts licking my pussy, pushing his tounge up inside me. After several mins i cum again. Slowly he starts rubbing his cock head against my pussy again, pushes his head inside me. From Between my moms legs i tell him do not try and push in any futher dad im not playing. I will scream as loud as i can if you try and push in any futher.

Mom says ” you heard her do what she says” she pulls my mouth back to her pussy holding my mouth on her. Dad begins working his cock head back and forth in my pussy. It feels good but im not letting him pop my cherry. He starts fingering my ass as he pumps his head in and out of my pussy. I cum as mom cums.

Dad says ” dam your pussy is tight i want to feel it around my whole dick but it can wait ” he pulls out and i feel his head touch my ass hole. Pushing forward his head pops in. ” dam i forgot how tight your ass is ”

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Mom clamps her legs tight and she holds my head tight against her just as my dad rams his cock all the way in. I scream out in pain but my scream is muffled between moms legs. I jump forward dad holds onto my hips and leans forward onto me. Im now laying flat on my stomach. Dads cock buried deep in my ass. He begins pumping his cock in and out of ass. Im still in pain as mom humps my mouth as dad pumps my ass. The pain turns to pleasure and i start moaning. Cant help it and cum. My own parent’s are abuseing there own 13 old daughter.
Dad starts fucking me harder and faster slamming into my young little ass. Its getting to be to much. Mom moves up the bed and starts fingering herself watching as dad pumps his cock into me. Several mins go by dad finally slams all the way in my ass holding still. I feel his cock swelling and twitching and his hot cum feels my ass.. dad collapses onto my back sweat dripping down on me. I try to push him off me but he tells me to lay still. I can feel his cock getting soft and slowly getting smaller. It finally slides out of my ass.

Rolling off me i slowly get up go to the bathroom and shower. Mom comes in and tells me how sorry she was and how she had no choice.

Hands me my panties and walks out.

The next morning im woke up to a cock being pushed into my mouth. I try to pull my head back but he pushes my head down hard against the couch so i cant move it. I hear my uncles voice ” dont you dare bite me after that show i watched i want last long so just relax ”

He begins pumping his cock in and out of my mouth fast. Shoving his entire length into my mouth causing me to gag. ” oh im fixing to cum fixing to cum oh oh here it cums ” and he feels my mouth full of cum. It runs out what i cant swallow.

Fucking bastard whats wrong with you ass hole. He says ” they all left its just us here and i your screams last night woke me up so i peeked and and watched you eat your moms pussy while your dad fucked you. Figured you could suck me off again besides you hadnt done it in a long time ”

And it want happen again.
Granny shows up and tells me my parents had to leave but they would be back next weekend.

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