My Step Cousin (true story)

Ok I would just like to start this off by saying this is actually a true story about my step cousin and I. Im sorry if this is slower than other stories you have read but since this is true it does not have all the fantasy aspects.

Background (skip this if you don’t care): My mom passed away when I was 4 and I had a brother that was 6 at the time. My dad remarried three years later when I was 7 and my brother was 10 (he is 2 years and 3 months older than me). My step mom brought over a daughter who was 6 at the time and one grade below me. We all became close as we grew up. The cousin in this story is from my moms side. Her parents are super strict and very, how do I put this, boring. Her father is my step moms brother. She has two other siblings one is an older brother who at the time of this story is 17 and her younger sister who was 12 at the time. Her brother was an exact replica as her dad as he loved to bike and run while also was totally fine with how strict they were. The younger sister was again like the father but a little different as she was annoying and did not keep to herself. Now my cousin who was 15 at the time is blonde somehow yet no one in her family is blond. She also is built like her mom with big 34d cups and a decent size round ass. She stuck to her parents rules but you can tell that when she leaves the house she will not live anywhere near her parents. She is still pretty prude which is why this surprised me so much. Anyways here is what happened.
*the names in this story (including mine) are changed to protect the identity of everyone involved.*

My name is Billy and at the time of this story I was 17 years old. I am 6′ 3″ and slightly overweight. I had a girlfriend in middle school to beginning of freshman year but the most we ever did was oral so at the time of this story I was indeed a virgin. My cousins name is Abby and at the time of this story she was 15. The first time where I figured out that my cousin liked me was at a resort in Florida where both our families were staying with my step moms parents. We were walking in to dinner when Abby’s younger sister Emily began to say Abby has crush on me. Abby jumped in quickly to quiet my cousin but I never thought to much about it and figured it might just pass at some time. At the time I never really thought about my cousin in a sexual way.


Anyways a couple months later my cousin adds me on snapchat and she becomes one of my regular snap streaks that I keep. But as the days go on her pictures become more and more sexually suggestive. Once she sent me a picture of her in a towel after the shower. Then a week later she begins sending me of pics in her bra every night. This was when I began to get sexually attracted towards my cousin.

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Abbys family party comes around the corner and it is held at my other cousins house in the summer because they have a pool so the party is for both of them. Our family is always late so when we come to the party everyone is already outback by the pool. We move the house and greet everyone. When I get to my cousin she nods and smiles. I do the same in return and begin talking to Abby’s older brother Jared. Jared and I have become actually pretty close so we usually just sit in the corner at the party’s and talk about life.

So as my family settled in I went into the pool with Jared and we treded in the deep end talking about high school. Other people were in the pool swimming around but almost all of my cousins are very young so they were in the shallow end. As we talked Abby walked over in her bathing suit and sat down dipping her feet in the pool next to us. She asked what we were talking about. I began to answer but Jared quickly shot back and told her to shut up. She got mad and began to walk away. I gave her ass a quick glance as she walked away.

As the party went on Jared and I both got out and sat down near the appetizers. As we grazed we went on our phones and did not really talk much. As I responded to snap chats one came in from Abby and I was suprised. I scanned the area to see if she was around the pool and to my suprise she wasnt. But she was at a family function so I thought nothing of opening the snap while my phone was visible. As I opened it a picture of a beatiful blonde with her tits shoved up in her bikini came on to my screen. i quickly reeled it back as my heart pounded looking to make sure no one saw and it seemed like no one did. So I looked back at the phone and starred at her tits before reading the text which I will never forget what it said, “I really wish we could talk”. I got out the snap and replied asking where she was, she said she was in the house cooling off.

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Quick little thing about me, I am not a big fan of attention and I am actually a little bit of a pussy when it comes to girls and just talking to strangers in general. To be honest I do not know how I got such a large friend group or how I got that girlfriend in the first place but somehow it happened. I kinda of shorten up and get awkward when I talk to a girl I like even though I know they like me back, I know this sounds like a childish thing but it is true. However on this day when I walked through that door, went past the kitchen and into the family room I was not nervous and I did not feel awkward. For years I thought about having sex and when I realized this might be my moment I actually kicked my emotions to the side and went straight for the girl.

I walked into the family room and saw just Abby sitting there alone. I sat in a chair nearby and began to talk to her. At the beginning we talked about what was going on in life and any big events happening but as things progressed it headed towards a different direction. She actually asked if I had a girlfriend and I told her not at the moment so I asked her the same question and she replied no. Anyways we kept asking more personal questions before Abby walked over to the chair and sat by my feet asking for me to give her a back rub. (So cliche I know but its true).

It had been 15 minutes at this point and I was getting a little scared someone might notice like Jared and he would come looking for me but once more I pushed that to the side and began to rub the back of my stunning step cousin. She even let out a couple of moans as I rubbed her back. I was beginning to get hard and I just could not let it in any longer. I lowered my head towards her ear and actually asked if she wanted to have sex. My heart raced as I asked the question but she looked back at me in a massive smile and said please. This time my heart raced and bodied tingled but in a different way, I was so fucking happy. I did not think about the fact she was my step cousin I just thought about how this attracted girl just said yes to having sex. She began to get up but I told her to go outside and talk to everyone real quick so that people did not come looking for her as she had been in here the longest. I told her that if anyone asked about me to tell them you saw me go into the bathroom. The main reason I actually made her do this was because I had a massive hard on at the time and it would take forever before it went down.

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