Stepmother Creampie

Jason woke up on the sofa at his father’s house, and the first thing he realized was that he was desperately horny. He had been dreaming about sex again, and his eighteen year old cock was painfully erect. Idly, he listened for sounds in the house as he reached beneath the blanket covering him to … Read more Stepmother Creampie

My Step Cousin (true story)

Ok I would just like to start this off by saying this is actually a true story about my step cousin and I. Im sorry if this is slower than other stories you have read but since this is true it does not have all the fantasy aspects. Background (skip this if you don’t care): … Read more My Step Cousin (true story)

Fucking by my dad

There is no better feeling than waking up on that first day of summer vacation. Being a sixteen year old girl on the California coast, you live for these days. As I hop out of bed the first thought that enters my mind is catching a wave. I go in the bathroom to brush my … Read more Fucking by my dad

Best days of my life

Hey everyone. This is my first time I’m writing a story here. I’m an Engineering graduate who lives in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. I’m an athletic guy with fair complexion. The story is a true incident happened with me and my gf. Coming to the story, it was all happened during my final year. The heroine … Read more Best days of my life

Co-passenger’s love for me on train

Hello readers, Enjoy reading my true stories as I have written too many stories of my life , some true and some imaginary. I am married for 2-3 years as I am of 25-26 years with a height of 5’5 feet and lovely face ,my white complexion as well as figure of 34_26_36, make me … Read more Co-passenger’s love for me on train

Untold Stories of the Indian Railways – Part I

The Waiting Dec 23rd 2016 read the date. The holiday season had already begun and the railway stations have started to get crowded as people planned for long weekends with family and friends. A festive feeling was seen in everyone’s face because of the upcoming Christmas and New Year. That was really pleasing to watch … Read more Untold Stories of the Indian Railways – Part I

Satisfied neighbour (aunt)

Hello guys, This is the real story which I am posting (not fictional) My name is karan ( name changed) live in Ahmedabad. I am regular reader of stories on this website, and this is my first write up hope you like it, so here is my first big band😉 story I am excited to … Read more Satisfied neighbour (aunt)

First encounter with an escort aunt

Hi everyone.myself tejas,and am from bangalore. I love sharing my this is my first time narrating a sex story of mine,I request everyone to please read it and encourage me to write more stories which I have done. Sooo coming to the story without wasting anytime. this is a little long story I request … Read more First encounter with an escort aunt

First adventure

Hi, Let me introduce myself, name X, Let me a take a pride in describing my first adventure with a different lady in Bhubaneswar. Iam 34 year old working in a very good position from Hyderabad, This adventure has happend on 12th of November 2018 when i was travelling in Falaknama express, I have boarded … Read more First adventure