Little sister’s vagina : part-5 (Group sex)

Hi friends, It’s a nice experience with my younger sister Lili as we both are enjoying oral sex (read previous story “Little sister’s vagina” & it’s part) and it’s a great weekend also as I have had sexual relationship with my stepmom Cathy,so I got the hole of a 28 years lady.she is my dad’s … Read more Little sister’s vagina : part-5 (Group sex)

Sex with wife’s friend – part 2

My cock was rock hard as Tamara worked her mouth up and down my shaft. (Read part 1) My god I wanted to cum it felt so good. I reached for her pussy and found a hole in the crotch of her yoga pants. 2 fingers quickly found her pussy as she moaned on my … Read more Sex with wife’s friend – part 2

My Step Cousin (true story)

Ok I would just like to start this off by saying this is actually a true story about my step cousin and I. Im sorry if this is slower than other stories you have read but since this is true it does not have all the fantasy aspects. Background (skip this if you don’t care): … Read more My Step Cousin (true story)

The Saviour

Hello all… This is my first Real life sex story happened in Bangalore. Continuation of the first part will be done depending on the readers encouragements. I was staying with my mother in a 2 floor house. One day some police officer and family accommodated the ground floor. My mom said me about them. They … Read more The Saviour

Erotic bed time with blonde sister

Hello everyone, this is true incident which took place between me &my sister ,so lets began. I am 5’10” tall ,handsome with fair skin, weight 65 ,having pleasant personality, age 20. My sister has god gifted face wow, she looks hottest in the town believe me, she is 19 , 5’8″ Tall, her pink lips, … Read more Erotic bed time with blonde sister

Hot sexy in Bangalore

About Me: I am a rishi of 23 years, 5.7 tall, south Indian complexion, broad shoulder, and a well-built body. I basically from bangalore Coming to the story. A guy named Lohith approached me telling me that he had liked my narration especially on infidelity which is more common these days. He was a happily … Read more Hot sexy in Bangalore

Story of My Life – 1

This is going to be really long excerpt from my life. Those expecting for a quick jerk off material then this is not the story you’re looking for. For novel readers, I did my best. I have given detailed description of events that happened, just for my love of writing. More importantly I haven’t cooked … Read more Story of My Life – 1

Fucking by my dad

There is no better feeling than waking up on that first day of summer vacation. Being a sixteen year old girl on the California coast, you live for these days. As I hop out of bed the first thought that enters my mind is catching a wave. I go in the bathroom to brush my … Read more Fucking by my dad

Wife swapping

My name is Brad,40 years old married to a gorgeous woman, Ana,37 years old. My best friend Georges, 41 years old and her also gorgeous wife Costenza.Georges and me are friends since we went to college and were both 12 years old..During our college and University days, we fucked a lot of young or mature … Read more Wife swapping