Unexpected encounter of aunty in bus

hi am abhi cool person loves travelling.6.ft athletic body fair and handsome. This is my own experience happened to me while travelling from Hyderabad to vizag.

This happend in 2016 when i was going to my home town. that was a super luxury bus i boarded the bus at MGBS bus stand i was sitting in the right side in the middle.i saw around all were old people sitting here and there, i was disappointed i cant see any girls and there was one aunty middle aged about 40 years sitting quite opposite my seat on the left side she was traditonally dressed saree with full bangles in her hand and was very much traditonal looking .

I gave one look and ignored and i took my mobile and started listening songs. The bus was about to start a old couple and an attendent with him came and they asked the cunductor weather they have seat as they dont find any bus. the cundoctor gave them seat in front of the lady which i said. Actually after that i came to know that one of the old couple is patient and they are coming from hospital.Now the story starts bus travelled 1 hour the cundoctore came for checking the passengers as all boarding points completed and he is cross checking and counting the numbers, suddenly he found out that the patient is not moving and he asked his wife to wake him up,but she is crying the cunductor understood that he is no more and he stopped the bus and it was shocking to every one that the person is dead and the dirver denied to take them as its agianist the rules to carry a dead person in the bus.

But already we are in the middle of the highway where they cant found any thing.Now the driver informed to higher authorities they told to call 108 and let them go in it. but when they called to 108 they said it will take 2 hrs to come there so the driver enquired for the nearby hospital and it is in 30 km distance so he started the bus and stopped at the hospital and they arranged ambulance and went.Now after all this when we boarded the bus all were in fear and i was about to sit in my seat the lady with saree next to me asked weather i can sit beside her as she is in fear and she did not see such instances and she was very afraid,i siad ok and sat beside her and touched her hand and said not to be afraid.she did not notice that i was touching her hand after few min she removed her hand and moved back.

I started asking her about her details and every thing and while talking i saw her from close and all beauty is closed by her saree and i was watching all her shapes more clearly and the knoty boy in me woke up and i use to touch her navel with my forearm as and when bus jerks and she did not say anything. after one hour i asked her to shift to my seat as it is more comfortable . at first she said all will see and what they will think and i some how convinced her that that dead patient is just before your seat and after turning off lights u will get afraid and she said ok and moved to my seat .

I gave her window seat and make her comfortable after few mins the lights went off and i put my hands on her hand and asked how you are feeling she said now its ok. she was medium coloured with good physicqe .after few min i started caresing her navel first she removed my hand and said she is feeling shy then i told it will be good and started caresing now she felt happy and i moved on to her melons they were big enough than what i thought as i was not able to figure it out from saree she is wearing .

I pressed her melons form outside only after few mins i opend her blouse and she was telling i dont know whats happening i am travelling for first time alone and too many surprises.she said she is very traditional like women and every thing and i was doing my job . my 6inch tool was erected and eager to come out . i took her hand and put it on my tool and she was tempting then i thought its the right time to kiss and gave a lip lock and she was pressing my tool from outside then i took out my tool and gave it to her she saw and said that its like snake and she took it in her hand now she opened her bra and i now able to press her boobs they were stiff and i licked them one by one for 15 mins meanwhile she was stroking my tool.

I asked her to give the blow job but denied as she did not do and she was not comfortable in the bus and promised she will do when we have fuck outside. After one hour it was nearly 3 am we slept un knowlingly and suddenly wake upt at 4.30 in the morning as lights were on my tool was in her hand we realised and laughed at each other and i put everthing inside and she put her blouse on. later she told about her family and i was pressing her boobs from outside. we exchanged our numbers and she promised me to meet when she come back to hyderabad.
i wll tell you the continuation and more experiences if you like. since it is first time am writing if any grammatical mistakes excuse me.hope you enjoy it.

if you like my story any girls wants to chat pleas mail me at [email protected]

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