First time with my bhabhi

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Friends this is my story and i am going to narrate my real life sex experience my elder brother’s wife. I live in Himachal Pradesh while my age is 45 years my Bhabhi is 48 years old. Since long i wanted to fuck her but could not muster the courage to tell her about my feeling. With the passage of time my lust for her grew stronger and finally i started to seduce her by showing my interest in her.

My name is Andy (not real name) while Bhabhi’s name is Manju (not real name). Last year in June, my brother had gone out of town for 15 days for business purpose leaving me and Manju alone and i took this opportunity to fuck her. Two days after my brother left us alone, during night while watching television i told her about my feelings for her.
Initially Manju was shocked and said she has two grown up children, son 26 and daughter 24 and both working in other state, and she never thought of me like that but i told her how i suppressed my desire for her and cannot live without her. But without saying a word she left me alone and i thought i lost the chance. Next day we did not have much discussion but at night again she raised the topic and asked me why i fell for old lady like her while my wife is also a good looking woman.

I told Manju that i once saw her fucking brother and the way she was bouncing on his dick slapping her ass hard made be horny for her. Hearing this from me, she felt shy and started blushing. Seeing an opportunity I started touching her and after initial resistance, Manju stopped resisting and this gave me signal that she is ready for the action.
I pulled her towards me and started kissing her. After remaining silent for a while she also responded and soon we were nude and kissing each other passionately. As this was my first time with her i did not waste time in foreplay as her pussy was already wet and simply inserted my dick and fucked her for around 12-15 minutes and came inside her.
Seeing her pussy dripping my cum from her pussy made me hornier and i licked it good and which left her surprised and later on my repeated request she licked my cum from my lips and which left us excited and we ended up having another session which was slow and passionate this time.

After our second session when Manju finally had a good look at my dick, not extraordinary long like many boast of in their stories, which is just 6 inch long and 2.5 inch thick and said she was satisfied with my performance and would love to have regular sex with me and this really left me elated.
Manu and me slept nude in each other’s arms that night and next morning we work up to have another round. For next around 5-6 days we had passionate sex and i even fucked her asshole then which initially caused pain but at the end left her happy and horny. Manju said thickness of my dick has left her wanting it more.
One day we decided to visit Rohtang Pass. Weather was clear till Manali but after that it suddenly changed it started raining. During bad weather, area beyond Rohtang pass towards Leh does not have much crowd so we preferred to find a secluded spot to spend time alone inside the car. While sitting inside the car i told Manju how life has become happier since both of us started having sex. She said she too is very about the development.

While recalling how things started between us, we two got horny and decided to fuck inside the car along the roadside. Manju was excited with the thought of getting fucked along the roadside but at the same time she was scared with of thought of someone catching us doing it.
I assured her to keep watch on the vehicles coming closer to us while fucking her so she got assured and agreed. I found a bit secluded place bit away from main area at the Rohtang top where i could keep a watch on both sides for the vehicles coming near us.
Manju was wearing a saree so i asked her to remove her panty first. Once panty removed i asked her to lie down on the backseat and expose her pussy for me. Out of excitement her pussy was glistening as it was oozing out juices i liked it quickly which made her more hornier and she started moaning loudly.

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