My brother seduced me and breeded me

I’m 62 year old live in Denver Colorado and I have a very high sex drive for my age

I haven’t had sex in eighteen years I’m so freaking horny and looking for a laid back horny male with a nice cock to suck and ride on

I started daydreaming when my brother Rusty seduced me and breeded me

I was fourteen and always horny

My brother and I shared rooms

One night I looked over to Rusty and he was masterbating

My cock started to get hard and I started masturbating I guess I was a little loud because little did I know Rusty was watching me

I had my eyes closed when I felt Rusty crawling in bed with me and said what are you doing

He grabbed my cock and said you are horny yes have you ever had sex

I said no Rusty said let me show you something I learned in summer camp

I said ok I laid down Rusty took my cock and put it in his mouth and started sucking my cock

I closed my eyes and took it all in

I started feeling a finger pushing in my ass

He slowly started fingering fucking me

I started to moaning then felt two fingers fucking me

Rusty said lay down spread your legs I did

Rusty got on top of me and started to slide his cock in my ass

I told him it hurts ( my brother was around seven eight inches long and thick)

He slowly pushed it in (it was the worst pain I have felt

Rusty’s cock was finally all the way in

He slowly started fucking me after a few it started to feel good

I started quietly saying your cock feels so good

I started moaning fuck me bro fuck me harder by this time he was fucking my brains out

After about fifteen minutes he started saying I’m cumming and blow his load of seed deep in my ass

I was masterbating and started cumming shooting on my chest and stomach

My brother turned me around and started sucking his seed out of my ass

I’m licking my cum

Well little bro what do you think

I replied can we do it again

I grabbed his cock and started sucking it my brother just laid back and enjoyed it

He said your pretty good at this his cock started growing in my mouth it got hard

I stopped and said fuck me bro

My brother spread my legs and starting sliding his big cock in me and started fucking our brains out and he cum in me again..

My brother saying little bro I think you milked me dry.

My brother and me fucked all summer before he went to college

That was the only time I been fucked by another male

I so horny and my ass is itching for a nice cock to fuck my brains out

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