My homely Colleague Srividhya

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Hi All ,

My name is Ganesh , 35 Male medium built working in Stockholm . This is a real incident between me and my beautiful colleague SriVidhya who came onsite three years ago . We had multiple encounters so will split them one by one in a different post . I have been working in Sweden for last 4 years and most of the colleagues were staying in near by places , Srividhya also got an apartment new to my house . She was from a different team so I never knew her name or spoke to her while in India .


Coming to her how she looks , her name is Srividhya Chebolu and is from Andhra . I am also a Telugu guy but from a different place . She is decent tall stats of 34B – 30 – 34 and fair as a milk . Very traditional looking and her hair is until her waist , which was a turn on to anyone looking at her . Since we were in same area we started saying hi in the bus and as days progressed we started talking on and off in the bus to office . Our hi and bye led to good friendship and she started taking help from me on small things like shopping , where to buy things etc and we continued in good morning good night texts as well .Srividhya always wore decent dress fully covered , and left her hair open once in a while making her homely but awesomely sexy .

One day she messaged that she needed help in fixing a light as it was broken and I went . She was dressed in a night dress , nothing revealing but revealed her perfect shape and her long hair was free as she had just kept oil and was about to bath . I had to fix the light in her bathroom and since she was about to bath , she had kept her inners and dress ready there . The inners were black in color and she noticed that I saw it and hid them in hurry. All this gave me an instant boner but couldn’t do anything and fixed the light and came home .After one hour she sent a text saying thank you and I replied I should only thank you . She asked why ? And I replied with a naughty wink emoji . She kept asking what it was and I told I saw what you hid from me and she went silent . I waited for one hour and she never replied , so I gathered courage and went and knocked the door . After few minutes she opened and peeked outside asking what happened . I said I am sorry if I had offended , she said no she had gone for bath and hence didn’t reply and asked me to come in .

Srividhya had just taken bath and water was still dripping from her hair . She was wearing a white t shirt with grey night pants .Since she had just come out of bath her white t shirt was clinging to her wet body and dark inner . She was un easy a bit so I asked if I should leave , she said its ok as she had no plans to do anything else and said we can watch a movie together . We sat next to each other and she was drying her wet hair slowly and I could smell her freshness . While we didn’t speak much and were watching movie I slowly held my hand out asking her towel and she for some reason after two mins gave it to me . I smelt the towel , and looked at her … She smiled shyly and looked away .
Me : Vidhya can I dry your hair ?
She : Noooo are you playing ?
Me : Please for few mins ..
She : Okay but you wont tell to anyone right
Me : No I wont tell anything to anyone in our friends gang and everything will remain between us
She : Everything means ?
Me : Nothing can I dry ? And she nodded her head
I went more close to her and started using the towel and slowly moved towards her shoulders ,she was silent . Since her hair was till her waist I could move all the way to her hip and slowly moved towards her body and rubbed her breast over her t shirt . Since there was no resistance I left the towel down and started playing with her hair from her neck , to shoulders and when moving over her breast pressed softly . I noticed that she was nervous and was not stopping me . The next time I pressed her breast over her hair little more and she held my hand and asked em chesthunnav – what are you doing in Telugu . I said stop me if you don’t like and took her hand and kept on my lap . I leaned on her and smelt her neck and kissed her neck and then her ears . I took her face in my hand and kissed her forehead and eyes and cheeks . She had closed her eyes by then and I kissed her soft lips . She didn’t resist but didn’t open mouth as well . I moved both my hands deep in to her hair and she opened her mouth with a soft moan…Without speaking any word we were kissing hard and I inserted tongue in her mouth which she reciprocated with a gentle tongue fight as well .

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