My homely Colleague Srividhya

Hi All , My name is Ganesh , 35 Male medium built working in Stockholm . This is a real incident between me and my beautiful colleague SriVidhya who came onsite three years ago . We had multiple encounters so will split them one by one in a different post . I have been working

Horny lady cop

HORNY LADY COP Hello everyone I’m Arjun from Bangalore 19 years old young guy with a slim body And with a good stamina this is my first story and hope you guys will love This incident happened last month as I was on my way to Mumbai to attend my friends brother wedding I couldn’t

First adventure

Hi, Let me introduce myself, name X, Let me a take a pride in describing my first adventure with a different lady in Bhubaneswar. Iam 34 year old working in a very good position from Hyderabad, This adventure has happend on 12th of November 2018 when i was travelling in Falaknama express, I have boarded