Fucked virgin trainee Usha

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Hi to all Readers. Hope you all are safe and sound. This is varun 28 from Chennai back after a long time to share my experience with my colleague in office.

This incident happened around 3 years ago when I was working in Bangalore with my Trainee. She was 22 at that time and just finished her PG. She was 5.8 feet Tall with Dusky Skin tone. She had a great boobs 34D. Her Ass was too plumpy like a Cherry which is about to pop. Usha joined as a trainee in my team, Usha was very jovial one and we became good friends real soon.
One day we had to travel to Mumbai (head office for a training) for a week. My manager selected me, Usha and one more person. We travelled to Mumbai and for the first 4 days the training was crazy. We didn’t have much time to have food. So we planned to stay in hotel for a day and take complete rest.


At that time Usha came to my Room and asked for my tab to see movies and I gave my tab to her. After some time, she came and gave the tab to me. Usha didn’t even say anything and ran to her room in hurry. It felt very odd at the time but didn’t pay much attention and after some time I realised that all my stories are in the tab and she may have read the stories. I checked my tab and the stories folder has been opened.
I felt so embarrassing to face her. I thought I should go and explain her about this. It was our Company Bungalow where I was staying in the Master bedroom and she was staying in he guest bedroom. I went to her room it was not locked and she was in bathroom. I knocked but she didn’t respond so entered into her room. I was hearing some kind of weird sound from bathroom. I though she was locked herself in bathroom by mistake and she was making noise so I came around the house and looked through the window.

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When I peeked through the window, she was wearing the headphones and watching porn. She couldn’t control herself so she was masturbating and loud. As she was hearing head phones, she didn’t realise that she was moaning loud. I was shocked and became horny, my dick has started tearing my pants. I was excited and wanted to fuck her immediately.

I waited for her to come out of the bathroom and I went to her room again, she saw me and got little nervous and I asked can we have lunch. After lunch we sat in couch and watching TV I was very tensed to ask her about this. After gaining some courage I asked her if she read my stories, Usha initially said that no she didn’t read your story but later told she read the stories. I too told her that I peeked into her bathroom and saw her masturbating. She got very angry and went to her room and slammed the door.

I felt very bad and texted her sorry. She replied ok and I felt somewhat relieved but I couldn’t get her masturbating from my head time passed and it was 10 and we both are alone in the house. She was sitting in couch and watching TV. She was wearing a Shorts and a red T shirt. I Slowly went and sat near her and asked her if she liked my story and she gave disgusting look so I dint speak any further and sat in silence Suddenly I felt something in my dick. When I looked down her hand was in my dick I was stunned to see that but didn’t react she was smooching my dick and it was tearing my pants.

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