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We post alot of stories from our past. 99% of all of them are true. The 1% thats not true is names changed and places. You never know who is reading.

My personal experiences all started with my dad back when i was 5. Then my mom, my uncle, my female cousin all before i turned 11.
Then jack came into my life when i was 14 and added his dad, 3 of his cousins and his brother in law, plus his 2 step neises. A few guys from the club and several other strippers.

Family members it seems like to start messing with me when i slept and then went to blackmailing me or just flat out forceing me. At 5 ft even and 95 lbs it wasnt hard. And no in the begining i did not tell jack anything for fear of his reaction. When i finally did tell him i was surprised to his reaction and should have told him sooner.

Now, jack on the other hand didnt loose his virginity till he was like 13 and it was with his male cousin. Then 2 of his female cousins, then couple little girls in some apartments he lived in, we met when he was 17 and i was 14. After that our sex life opened up. We even introduced my step daughter into family fun.

If you have read any stories posted by sleepygirl then you already know.
Stories posted are. Not in any order so read and we hope you enjoy. More stories coming soon

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