Mom’s submission: Sex with son – part-5

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It’s a continuation story as all previous stories have been narrated in true sense ,just keeping personal identity secret.myself Nancy ,a 36 years married as well as matured lady is in great sexual relationship with young guys as I have put blood relations in dustbin as I have forced my son Rohan for sex with beautiful face,tall figure of 5’7 feet with lovely boobs as well as round dome shaped buttocks and slim figure makes each and every guy as my hubby came from office in the evening,we both mom and son have done a lot of work in a day light satisfying eachother’s sexual hunger (read previous story “Mom’s submission:sex with son” & it’s parts).now it’s a nice evening with my hubby after a week as he was out of City for some work,so my hubby as well as son Rohan with me are sitting in terrace as maid is cleaning utensils in looking at me,Rohan said……….

“mom need a cup of tea
(Dad)yes but a strong coffee is required,I am too exhausted as I have restless night and than lot of works today.”and I walked away as I am thinking of hubby’s going in rest very soon,so after a while,I came back with cup of coffee and tea and we three have it it’s 06:45 pm as darks have prevailed and my hubby left us as I followed him ,so he frisked into washroom as I know he will have rest for an hour or I came back in kitchen as maid have completed her household works,going to leave home soon and than as she left ,I locked the main door and walked to terrace to see my son Rohan.He is sitting there alone and I sits behind him as I smiled…….

“Rohan today night also we can enjoy
(Rohan)sure but who will make my dad cum “and than he put his hand on my boobs to squeeze as I moved my chair closer to I am wearing a black nightwear ,my upper parts are nude as brassiere is not on my soft boobs,Rohan have hold it as he is pressing it harder and I put my hand on his berumda on bulge of penis as I am screaming

“oohh aahh press it hard but who will prepare meals for night
(Rohan)let give the order for it to a local food plaza.”

And he hold my back as he took me on his thigh,while sitting on sons string thighs,he is kissing my lips to face and my hand is moving on his back,so Rohan holding me in his arms took my lips in his mouth and started sucking as I am bit his penis is growing harder as my hand have hold his bulge and than I took out my lips as Rohan opened his mouth,I took out my tongue and put it in my son’s he is sucking it and my eyes are closed as I am breathing heavily,my left breast is pressing hard on his chest and he is sucking my tongue hard ,so getting hotter on son’s lap is like a dream come mouth got the taste of son’s saliva as his penis is straight in his bermuda and I have hold it’s bulge as I am making myself but Rohan left my tongue as I sits on chair,my figure of 36-30-38 is quite impressive as my vagina is reddish with black mounds on hole,a sign of lot of looking at me,Rohan put his hand on my gawn and started lifting it up but I have different ideas,so I ask him to provide me my mobile and than I ordered for meals to a local food plaza.

So I walked to my bedroom and I can see my hubby sleeping soundly as it’s 07:30 pm and I walked out of room .so moved to terrace and called Rohan to walk with me to rooftop as our house is built on ground floor only,roof top have a store room only with a wooden bed in it and as we reached there.I sits on bed and it’s a room without doors ,so Rohan sits on my legs and I stretched my legs wider as I put my hands on back just to keep my body balance like I am in semi sitting or semi sleeping Rohan hold my gawn and moved it to my waist as I have covered my vagina with a black half panty,he put his nose on it to smell harder and than he started pulling my panty to thighs and legs,there my vaginal parts become nude as Rohan looking at me,put his lips on it and started kissing ,my labias are well apart as I am in sexual relationship for last 19 years and he is making my cunt my legs are getting wider as my vagina is dry and hot,he put his finger on it as he widend its hole ,now pushed his one finger in my vagina and started fingering it fastly but his tongue is also licking it ,as my clitoris is getting hit with his tongue ,I am screaming in joy”oohh uuhh my son fuck fuck my vagina”and on roof top ,natural light is coming there is no bulb and than he is fingering as well as licking my vagina and I am well hot,so my one hand is on my breast as I am massaging it hard.later on ,Rohan took out his finger and sucked my fleshy vagina,so my vagina is feeling much sexier as it’s a nice pleasure inside it.later on ,Rohan left my cunt as he stood infront of me,he is pulling down his bermuda and now his long thick penis is nude as I hold it and started moving it’s glans on my soft face to lips ,lastly put it’s glans on my noseand smelt its natural my son hold my hairs and than looking at him,I opened my mouth as I swallowed his penis,now put my mouth closed and started sucking it with my face movement his penis is getting a warm welcome in my mouth as he have hold my hairs tightly ,now my son’s cock started growing hard in my mouth and like a horny guy ,he started fucking my getting fucked with his penis in my mouth,I am sounding sexy

“uuhh aahh uumm”and his glans is hitting my deep throat as my body is in full sensation, so after a while,Rohan took out his wet penis and than it’s my tongue that’s licking it hard and fast.rohan is standing with his one leg on bed as I am tasting my son’s cock and than he hold my arms and make me stand as I am on wooden bed like a dirty bitch ,it’s a doggy position and I love it as cock gets hitting it’s depth harder but my son’s cock is 6-7 inches long and only 2 inches thick ,so it’s his longer time span inside cunt that make me as I looked to him,he hold his penis and started rubbing it’s soft round glans on my vagina,it’s like making me wait for his cock and like sc horny lady,I am waiting for him to fuck but his penis is still out of my vagina and than I screamed louder

“you mother-fucker fuck soon what the hell you are doing on cunts hole” and he pushed his cock inside as it’s still dry as i always cums late due to my matured vagina with a long experience of he hold my waist and than fucked me hard ,so my sounds remain inside mouth but my teeth is on my lips,feeling his hot tool inside,I felt my burning vagina getting an immersion rod to boil the water and than he started fucking me with speed and power ,so I am in joy as he is going hard and I am shouting”fuck fuck you dog ,will cum soon “and as he hits my vagina for 2 minutes ,my vagina started pouring it’s juice ,tastes better than milkshake and Rohan is still fucking my wet vagina but lastly he took it out as he put his hand on my ass and than started licking my wet cunt,so he is tasting his mom’s cum ,while I am too hot .so Rohan hold his penis again and put it’s glans on hole as my vagina is well lubricated,he pushed his penis hard and than gave me a hard jerk as his penis vanished inside,he is fucking me like a whore and I started moving my buttocks fast,like a hungry women for cock,I am swinging my bum and his penis is hitting my vaginal walls,so it’s a hot and dry cunt after his penetration for 5-6 minutes and than he is screaming louder”oohh you bitch have my cum soon and enjoy it” so my son’s cock is getting hotter and after a while,he poured semens in my vagina and I am still like a bitch on wooden bed,so he took out his penis and than put it in my mouth as I sucked it and tastes my son’s cock’s cum.our sexual affairs are at a new height,so we put our clothes intact and moves inside home.

Added by Nancy

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