Mom’s submission: sex with son

It’s a story about my son Rohan and her mom Nancy,incidence happened 4-5 years back as my son was a teenager ,in his 18 th years as his charming face with nice physique have made me to think about sexual pleasure with him,but how a mom can invite her son on bed? As it’s my pleasure that my physical appearance’s seems like a hot model as I am a married lady of 36 years with my whiteish complexion and tall figure of 5’7 feet ,my boobs are still too tight as I put gels on it to keep it in shape and my sexy ass is too big but like a dome shaped round buttocks,so my thighs are strong with my vagina in good shape but it have got dozens of penis inside for last 19-20 years ,so it’s flexibility with its depth are at as my hubby have gone for business trip ,I am feeling alone in my home as I am a member of a lady club in Faridabad,I have an addiction for red wine as well as guys it’s a nice evening ,too hot in the month of mid May,I moved in my bedroom as I called my friend Sampada and now I removed my clothes in bedroom ,while putting my doors open ,who will see me nude?,only my teenager son can as he is in dinning space watching t.v and I took out a black leggings as well as sleeveless kurti from wardrobe,now I am standing infront of a large mirror ,as doors curtain is in halfway ,my son Rohan can see me semi nude from behind ,so I removed my brassiere and panty also,now completely nude as I hold my other undergarments and started putting it on my body,I got reflection of Rohan in mirror ,as he is looking at my great assets from behind the curtain,so let him see my nude body and he is watching my back nude as my front parts are nude reflecting in mirrors ,so he can see me complete nude as I give him 3-4 minutes only and than I put my dress as I walked out of my having my purse and mobile ,as Rohan is sitting on sofa ,I said………

“I will be back after an hour
(Rohan)ok mom.”and I walked out of my home as I moved to parking lot and than starts my Scotty ,going to club to enjoy some nice time with my friend Sampada and it’s 07:00 evening as we both are inside lady club,so we ordered for drinks as we both are sitting on chairs and there we started talking about last week sexual programs.Sampada is also in love with guys as I can say it’s our extramarital affairs that have made our lives much satisfied,my hubby have little time for me ,so just putting my fingers or vibrator inside cunt can’t make me/us we both started drinking wine and Sampada took out a packet of cigarette as we both lit ciggarates and started drinking wine while smoking our talks are all about sex session happened last week and than as Sampada said……..

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Nancy I have made a sin last week ,now want your opinion on it
(I smiled)oh let me say your sin
(Sampada)last week actually I was in complete drunkun State in my home
(Nancy)oh than what happened?
(Sampada)I was bit unconscious ,so I ask my son Vinit to give me body massage
(Nancy)then what wrong in it
(Sampada)as he touched my body ,my mind become firesh and body too horny and I have hold him like my lover and than
(Nancy) oh I see ! Than you have enjoyed sex with your son ,isn’t it?
(Sampada)yes my dear ,now we both are feeling guilty
(Nancy)what happened was due to circumstances ,but if you don’t want to feel guilty ,than
(Sampada)than what we have to do?
(Nancy)go ahead with your affairs ,as we both will enjoy it also and your guilty thoughts will be changed to lust
(Sampada)oh but have you done it with your son?
(Nancy)no never but will do it at the earliest.”


And as we both are completely drunk,I started my Scotty and moved to my home.Its 08:45 pm as I stepped near door and knocked it,later on as doors opened ,I started losing my mind intentionally ,giving my son Rohan a chance to hold me and as he moved closer ,I started showing my fully unconscious Rohan have put his hand on my waist and back also ,as he is moving me inside home and make me sit in dinning space on a sofa as he stand there………

“mom why you have put lot of wines
(Nancy)sorry my son,please took me to bed.”and he hold me again but this time I am not putting my legs even on ground,so he put his strong arms under my waist as he took me on his lap as I put my hand on his neck and he took me on his lap,as we both moved inside he put me on bed and sits near my face ,while my hand hold his wrist ,he said…….

“mom let me prepare lemon water for you
(Nancy)ok but please remove my clothes first as I am feeling too hot.”

And my son Rohan is well shocked as well as surprised to listen my words but as I hold his wrist and put his hand on my tummy ,he hold my kurti and took it out of my feeling bit shy as my lovely boobs are in brassiere only,I said …….

“Rohan ,now go and call to a local food plaza for our dinner .” but Rohan is sitting on bed as I can see him eyeing my sexy boobs and as he hold my leggings,I am bit happy and he pulled it I am in my undergarments only as he is looking my sexy body and while sitting there ,he called to a local food plaza as he put his other hand on my tummy,now I am well horny with my son’s desires as I have shown her desires and while talking his hand moved on my 36dd size boobs and he started massaging it hard as I showed my resistance………

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“Rohan what are you doing ?you are mad ,leave me I am your mom
(Rohan pressing my boobs)my mom ,showing her sexy body ,you will be punished soon “and I need my son’s punishment as I am feeling his hand on I put my hand on back as I unhooked my brassiere,now as I removed it from my boobs ,he sits near my chest and started pressing both of it with his hard feeling too horny as I am screaming

“oohh aahh Rohan you are hot “and than he leaned his face on my boobs as he hold one and took my boobs maximum portion in his mouth,sucking it hardly while massaging my other breast .so I got my son’s love as my intentional drama have worked ,now he is sucking my breast hard as I put my hand on his back just slapping his buttocks hard.lastly,I hold his Bermuda and pulled it down to legs,his penis is nude as he have been without Rohan took my other breast and started sucking it as my sucked boobs is reddish and it’s nipple is long and hard now.rohan is sucking my boobs as I have hold his penis hard and as Rohan left my boobs,he hold my hairs and pulled it as he want me to sit on bed.we both mom & son are nude ,so he hold my back as his lips are kissing my lips and than as his lips is moving on my face ,he made me sit on his lap and my both legs are wrapped on his he took my lips in his mouth to suck as I have hold my son too tight ,my boobs are on his chest,no matter he is my son ,now he is my fuck buddy and I will get fucked with him as I took out my lips and kissed his lips………

“mom you are so sexy ,I can’t think
(Nancy)my intentional drama worked as you get trapped
(Rohan)oh I see.”and he started kissing my neck to face but soon ,he took my tongue in his mouth as his hand is moving on my back ,I am feeling his long cock hitting on my waist .so my sexy voice”uuhh aahh need your fuck”is making him horny,he sucked my tongue for a while and than pushed me on bed.

Nancy is lying nude on bed as my legs are well crossed and he put his lips on my thigh as he is kissing it frequently and my legs are moving away as he kissed my both legs and thighs ,now as my legs are wide ,looking at me. ……

“get ready for love” and he put a pillow under my sexy ass as he put my legs wider,so he put his face on my vagina and started kissing it on labias,his nose is even rubbing my hole as I am feeling too aroused and lastly ,he widend his mom’s hole and started licking my cunt with his long my son is rolling his tongue inside my deeper widesh vagina and his hand have hold my waist hard as I am screaming

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“oohh uuhh great fuck fuck me soon”but like a strong guy he is still working hard in my cunt.later on Rohan took my vagina in his mouth as he is sucking it and now his hand have hold my boobs as he is pressing it hard and my moans”uuhh aahh fuck fuck me “is making both of us horny. Now I pushed my son’s face and freed my vagina as he smiled to me ,now I will suck his penis as I pushed my son on bed.while sitting near his waist ,I hold his little penis as it’s semierected and than put my lips on it,it tastes like a sweet food for me and he is screaming”oohh mom suck suck it”and I started rubbing it’s glans on my face to lips ,so he hold my boobs to press hard and I opened my mouth to swallow his penis,it’s a 5-6 inches long cock but it’s a hard one ,so I started sucking it with my mouth still and than Rohan hold my hairs as he started fucking my mouth with his penis ,it’s growing harder in my mouth as I am feeling it’s heat and after 3-4 minutes ,I took out his wet penis as I put my tongue to lick Rohan is in fire as he is sitting on bed and I have bend my face downwards as I licked my son’s penis for a while .

It’s my vagina getting hotter as it’s itching also and than I knelt on bed and Rohan is on my back as he hold his penis and pushed it in my dry hot vagina.He have hold my waist as he fucked me hard and I shouted”oohh it’s hard my son,fuck fuck hard”and Rohan is fucking me with speed and pleasure as I started moving my ass fast,his cock is hitting my vaginal walls as I am feeling horny and now he hold my boobs as his penis is penetrating hard my cunt and he screamed louder as I also……….

“mom I am cumming ……yes my son my vagina will also be juicy” and it’s a nice coincidence that both mom & son ejaculated their cum at a same time as my son took out his penis and started licking my cunt ,I sucked his penis and got it’s cums we both got mixed cum to taste.

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