Me and my friends at resort with sister

Hope you all are doing good, this is Pradeep with an new encounter with my sister rithika.As you all know that my friend sai have fucked her in my home with my permission and showed pics to me. I was so happy after seeing those pics even though I haven’t fucked her yet and in other hand im jealous of sai, but guys patience is more important in these cases and every girl is different and they require different strategies and style of approach,so keep this deep inside your mind. So days passed away,they were in touch texting,videocalling and having sex when no one is there in my home.

Sai also gave her an hint that I might know whats happening and she replied him oh god,what if he tells my parents,he replied that he asked me and he told me that he doent have any problem with it and told me to keep it safe within us and not to tell anyone else and since, im his childhood Pradeep trusts me than any of your bf. She smiled and asked him really?,he replied yes, you can even ask your brother if you want, she said no im already shivering and I don’t know how to react for this. Sai told don’t worry he is your brother what will he do, act normal to him and on the same evening I told this thing to Pradeep and he asked me how she reacted I said normal da. Then I went inside rithika’s bedroom and started an conversation with her ,

Me – Hi enna panra.
Rithika – Nothing just lying im tired now.
Me- I went near her and told,see I now that you and sai are in physical relationship,its okay but just be safe and use condom, he is good at it I need you to be happy but don’t let anyone else fuck you. Okay?
Rithika – seri, but promise me that you wont tell to amma and appa.
Me- promise, then I hugged her from side ,I could feel her boob getting crushed and she asked me whether I have fucked anyone? I said no, but I want to fuck someone ,but I couldn’t find any partner.
Rithika- ohh don’t worry you will find someone soon.
Me- I will fuck you if you give me a chance to.
Rithika – are you serious?, you are my brother to me.
Me – I said that’s okay don’t consider me so, only once?
Rithika – I will think about it, when I feel okay I will if not no.
Me- I sadly said okay your wish, then I left her room. I narrated this to sai, he smiled and convinced me that she atleast told you that she will think r8, so don’t worry I think she may agree if not im there na I will convince her to give a chance for you.


After hearing this I was so happy, later next month my parents were about to leave for my relative’s function in my native,so they told me 4 days prior and rithika is in 12th so she has to study for her exams, then I told them I have practicals so I cant mom told okay takecare, I told this to Sai and to arrange an trip for us, I told him to tell rithika to join us and we can fuck her there,he asked me is ECR fine for you? I replied anywhere is okay but I want to fuck her that’s it, then he said okay I will bring my dad’s car we three will go, later next day morning he confirmed me that he convinced her to come and she said she can stay only for 1day max, I said okay that’s not an issue, so in the evening we discussed our plan and told him to book a single room with two kingsize cots, he did and I asked rithika to pack nice dresses and shorts for swimming too as we are going to beach resort. She asked me are you sure what if our parents finds this, I replied that I will takecare don’t worry I want to make you happy and even sai is with you its safe we 3 will be staying together only. She askedme why single room?, I replied that since its weekend we got only one room so ..!!

Guess she got an doubt here, I told him to buy 3 big packs of condoms, lubricant, and Viagra. So, my parents left in early morning and we started to pack our stuffs by afternoon and by evening 3pm we reached our resort, then we went to swimming pool, we saw her going to dressing room, she came back in tight red t-shrt and black shorts, she smiled at us and sai said you look hot, I said ya too sexy,I don’t know that you are this sexy. She blushed at us and got into the pool,till her neck part got drenched I could see her black sporty bra getting wet and her 32c cup boobs jingling in water,I saw sai holding her waist and took her to the side of a pool, she was not comfortable me being there,I went near them and told them you both be comfortable consider me as your bestfriend till we 3 get out of the resort and we are here to enjoy as you stressed a lot in studies, she was happy and said okay da, I then went back to swimming they were enjoying hugging and kissing inside water. We almost did for 2 hrs then I signalled to come to room, we then dressed up, she went to the bathroom took bath and came out in towel, we both saw her and my tool was in shock, I winked at sai, but she acted as if she is not seeing her and she changed to white tshirt and blue capri, then we went to have our snack then I told them we will drink this night, rithika said no I don’t want, but convinced her please try it will be good you have to enjoy along with us, we want to make you happy and enjoy, then she said mmm, then we went out to buy some drinks, while driving sai got an message from her, she asked will we be having sex this night, he replied of course we will. She asked what about Pradeep, I said let him be, we will enjoy don’t bother too much, we will invite him too, she said what,he replied with a smiley then we got 2bottles of vodka and whiskey, soda and food. We both reached our room at 8:30, I told him that try to distract her so that I will drop Viagra in her drink,sai said okay I will do. I went in and changed out clothes and told her to change to night mode by winking at her,she slapped my shoulder and changed to tight shorts, we all 3 sat together….

To be continued in next part.. Me and my friends in resort with sister- final part

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