Now am I Your Girlfriend? (her brothers’s perspective)

Now am I Your Girlfriend? (her brothers’s perspective)

There she was, leaning over me, her sweet, tender nipple grazing my lips. My cock was deep in her ass, and I’d just bathed her rectum with my cum, but still she ground her cunt on my pubic bone until she arched her back, again, and came convulsively. In a few moments, catching her breath, she asked me the same question she’d often ask; “Now am I your girlfriend?”

This time, my answer was different. I was so overwhelmed by the reality of the two of us, together as lovers for over a year, yet still so young. I said, “No, my beautiful little sister. You’re not my girlfriend. You’re my wife, now and forever.”


How did this come to be? I was fourteen years-old. She was twelve, and literally, my little sister…and I was aching for her hand in marriage. She lay down on me, her lips brushing mine, one little tear on her cheek. “Yes,” she said.

I’m not sure how it all started. We’d always been close, as kids go. She was so pretty, even as a young girl of nine when she’d first asked me that question. I was eleven, walking home from school with her, and for reasons completely unknown to me, I took her hand in mine. I think she was a little startled, but she blushed sweetly, and just barely lifted her eyes to me. “Am I your girlfriend now?” she asked. It was so cute, and she was so pretty, I couldn’t help myself in answering, “Maybe…maybe someday.”

For a few days afterwards, I was a little rattled. Every time I looked at her, she would gently smile, and I found myself more drawn into her beautiful eyes. I would think about her in my room while tossing around trying to get to sleep. Girlfriend? She’s only nine, what does she know about girlfriends and boyfriends? All I knew was I couldn’t get her or her question out of my head.

I did take to regularly holding her hand while walking either to or from school. She’d always sweetly blush, and even giggle a bit when I took her hand in mine. Then, one day, when we got home and I’d closed the door behind us, I was looking at her and bent down to kiss her cheek. It was the first time I’d kissed anyone.

It was the most intense experience I’d ever had. Here my lips were brushing against her face, feeling the textures of her slightly olive skin, taking in the scent of her. That kiss on her cheek lasted a long time.

She asked, “Now am I your girlfriend?”

“Maybe…maybe someday,” I responded.

Not another day went by without me kissing her face. I was mesmerized by the feel of her skin on my lips, her scent, and her wide eyes when I drew back. I remember just lightly grazing her mouth while kissing her, until one day my lips met hers and stayed there. Oh, god, it must have lasted at least a whole minute, and I was hooked. I couldn’t put my finger on what was actually happening, but I knew I wanted to do this with her whenever we could find some private time.

With a sweet smile, she again, “Now am I your girlfriend?”

Trying to hold myself together, I responded, “Maybe…maybe someday.”

What did I even mean by that? Was I trying to figure out my own feelings? Guys weren’t supposed to kiss their sisters, and they certainly weren’t supposed to like it. Girlfriends were, you know, girls — not your sister.

All I know was that sleep was even harder to come by that night. The vision of her beautiful face haunted me. Her large, deep eyes haunted me. Her sweet, soft lips haunted me.

Sleep, or no, we continued the after school routine, until one day I actually put my arms around her as I kissed her. A moment later her arms were around me. Our kisses were long, but gentle, loving, even, if I couldn’t even understand the term.

Again the question, again the answer, “Maybe…maybe someday.”

Even with that answer every time, she just kind of smiled, and if I paid enough attention I would have seen the slightly mischievous smile she’d give me whenever I said, “maybe…”

Of course, by the time I was twelve, I’d picked up enough “talk” from the other boys at school about girls. It seemed so crude. I couldn’t possibly think in terms of “cock” or “cunt” when it came to my sister. She was too beautiful, and we were…we were different. It never occurred to me to attempt anything that would either frighten her or destroy the sweetness of what we had. However…

One day, while my arms were around her, and we were gently sharing our kisses, my hands dropped onto her beautiful round behind. I was being driven by what, I’m not sure…but I started gently squeezing her cheeks through her little girl shorts. She broke a kiss and giggled, then looked up at me. I was staring pretty hard, trying to gauge if I’d upset her. I saw her blush, just a little, and in the next moment our lips were locked again…perhaps more insistently.

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Soon afterwards, after our walk home, we were together and I was just holding her. She was wearing a loose blouse and my hands found their way underneath. Oh, my God, I was touching her skin under her shirt. Her scent was rising, and she seemed to melt into me. My hands, once again found their way to her lovely ass and gently squeezed. I kissed her on the top of her head, breathing in her scent, and taking it all in.

Soon enough, our afternoon reveries led to her room. I wanted so badly to touch her bare skin again, so I very slowly started undoing the buttons on her blouse. She just watched with wide eyes, but didn’t try to stop me. When her blouse came off fully, I had to catch my breath. I had, by now, learned enough to know that I was in the territory of sex. But it wasn’t like what the boys at school talked about. My heart felt like it was bursting, but there wasn’t any real urgency…just her beautiful face looking up at me sweetly. It seemed we both knew we were in new territory, but as we held each other’s hands and kissed, it felt perfectly…perfect.

I stroked her stomach, kissed her stomach, her shoulders, her neck, her lips…and yes, bent my head to give her sweet tiny nipple a lingering kiss. My hand went lower, just teasing her waist and the snap that closed her shorts. She was guiding me, no words spoken, to where she wanted to be touched, gently moving herself to where she wanted my hand. I was in awe at the moment.

Of course, over time, both of our shirts came off…and my hand found its way below her waist…and under her panties. I laid my hand gently over her “cunt” as the boys at school called it, gazing in her eyes, and again hoping I hadn’t scared her. But she just smiled and asked again, “Now am I your girlfriend?”

“Maybe…maybe someday,” I said. And she just smiled again.

My hand meanwhile had begun teasing along her cuntlips, and after a few moments she started pushing her cunt into my hand. Our kisses became more insistent, until I slipped my tongue out over her lips. She opened her eyes for a brief moment before opening her mouth just enough to let my tongue slip in. I think we both pretty much passed out then, because I woke to find myself raising my head and seeing her with her eyes closed, gently snoring. That is, I’m sure, the moment I fell completely, helplessly, and totally in love with my sister.

Things progressed further over that summer. Mom was at work, and we’d have entire days together. We’d shed our clothes entirely and lie together just taking each other in. Kissing and touching. One very fateful day I found myself kissing her right where her cunt started its gentle rise below the sweet swell of her lower tummy. She was stroking my hair, and I was so nervous. But her scent, and the fine, tiny hairs on her cunt felt so sweet, I knew I just had to taste her.

I must have spent an hour between her thighs. I remember flattening my tongue, trying to take her sweet cunt cunt into my mouth, almost whole. I ran my tongue up and down along her silky labia and found, without knowing what I was doing, the “key to her kingdom.” My mouth slowly closed over the tiny hood of her clitoris, my tongue gently licking as I sucked. She started to lift her cunt to my face, pressing it into my mouth, until she suddenly went completely tense, moaning my name, and saying, “I love you” over and over.

When she finally calmed down I crawled back up to face and kissed her, sharing her scent and taste with her. She looked like she was ready pass out, so I slowed down, and just rested my head on her shoulder while she stroked my hair. In all of this, I never felt like we were doing something “dirty” like I’d heard the boys as school tell it. It felt sweet. Calming and perfect.

A few days later she was lying on her stomach while I gently massaged her back. My eyes kept being drawn to the sweet swell of her ass. Slowly, my hands moved downward. Gently squeezing those beautiful cheeks, I bent in to kiss her there. Again there was the intense feeling of her skin against my lips and the scent of her. Oh God, her scent just made me insane. I could never get enough.

My tongue started trailing the crack of her ass, while my lips would close on the edges of her cheeks, Soon my tongue found her way to her anus. Completely without thought, but with real desire, my tongue traced the tiny wrinkles of her tiny hole. I was lost in it. I started to gently probe her sweet rectum with my tongue, and then would back off for a moment before continuing my gentle probing. All of the sudden, her ass raised up to meet my tongue, and my tongue slipped deeper into her ass. I pushed my tongue further and felt her come…and she came like crazy. I could barely pull my tongue free, her anus was clutching it so tightly. When she calmed down enough, we again shared a deep kiss.

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The odd thing is, we never talked about these specific “deeds.” What happened between us was just…us. Of course, after mom came home we were back to normal, although we were closer than ever. We just shared small touches and sweet glances between us.

At night, while in bed by myself, I had to masturbate. I was so in need of sexual release, but I hadn’t wanted to try to be inside my sister. First, I didn’t want to do anything that would scare or hurt her. Second, I’d heard enough from the boys at school about pregnancy. My sister never knew, and I didn’t tell her…until one day I had to.

One warm summer day we were lying together in her room. And something was different. She was kissing my chest, and moving down to my stomach. It was the first time she’d “taken the lead,” so to speak. She kept moving downward until she was face to face with the exposed head of my cock. I didn’t quite know what to do, but I was hard as steel, and aching for relief.

Then I felt something I’d never dreamed of. Her mouth gently closed around the pre-cum slicked head of my cock. Her tongue started tracing the ridge, as she sucked, ever so gently. She seemed to savor my tastes and textures as much as I savored hers. But it didn’t take long for me. My cock kicked in her mouth and pulsed it’s cum on her lips and in her mouth. She never pulled away. She softly kept sucking and licking all around my cock, cleaning up my cum. When she brought her face up to kiss me we shared the moment…another first for me; the taste of my cum from the girl I loved.

She didn’t ask what happened. She somehow knew, instinctively, that I had just “orgasmed” as she had on so many occasions. And she knew what I was feeling — bliss. I didn’t push the issue, but I did feel it necessary to explain to her what cum was, and how it could lead to pregnancy. But this may have been the only time we ever discussed what we were doing as “specific acts.” There was no other conversation that I can remember about “didj’a like it?” or anything even approaching the things we were doing. We just seemed to be, well, perfect together.

The only real question she ever asked about it all; “Now am I your girlfriend?” Followed by my usual response…which got harder and harder and harder. This back and forth, was at first for me, a little tease…but my feelings for my sister were so deep, I didn’t know how long I could keep this little game going.

Perhaps the most meaningful day started out the usual way, which for us, as brother and sister, probably wasn’t so “usual.” We were, of course in bed together with my face firmly between the cheeks of her ass. I loved tracing the outline of her sweet anus, and it was unspoken how much we both loved the intimacy of it all. But I was watching her and could tell she was fully relaxed. I stopped kissing and licking, and a moment later, started running my thumb over her anus. I was probing, but I wasn’t sure why. The sight itself was beautiful enough; her tiny anus, with the sweet little ridges around the edge. I pressed a little more firmly, and the tip of my thumb was swallowed by her sweet ass. She moaned and lifted her butt closer, fully swallowing my thumb in her rectum…and she came with a loud moaning of my name. God it was so sweet to watch her revel in her pleasure.

When she finally calmed down, she turned over, and looked me dead in the eyes with a wanton look I’d never seen on her before. But she wasn’t angry. She pulled me up to her and touched my face, gazing lovingly. I felt her legs open, and soon I was between them. She reached down and gently grasped my aching cock. Pulling me closer, she aimed my cock right at her tiny anal opening, and stroked herself with the head of my cock. I was a little panicked. Was she going to take me in her cunt after all this time? God knows I wanted desperately to be inside her, but the chance of pregnancy always kept me away.

But she kept running the head of my cock over her anus. Pulling me closer, she started gently pushing my cock into her tight opening. It was clear, then, what she wanted; something which had never occurred to me — a way to be inside her without risking pregnancy. And then it started to happen. Her anus slowly opened, just enough to fit the head of my cock. Her face never once registered anything but pleasure as I slowly sank into the soft, buttery walls of her rectum. Soon my balls were touching the cheeks of her ass, and I knew I was fully inside. I was overcome with emotion as I felt her rectum clutching me.

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I started slowly, and gently fucking my beautiful sister all the while gazing into her eyes. All I saw was love…and need. For me, the need to be inside her was just as great as her need for me…and for us to be joined as one loving creature. There was one tear that flowed from her beautiful eyes, but I knew what it was; not pain, but joy.

I didn’t last long. When I came it was like one never ending jet of semen, filling her, coating her rectum for what turned out to be the first of many, many times. I held onto her as if my life depended on it, kissing her beautiful face, drowning in the pleasure of us. Slowly my spent cock started slipping out from the warmth of her ass, and I felt my cum following, pooling below the sweet crack of her ass. I raised my head to look into her eyes once again. She smiled so sweetly I almost cried. We didn’t feel a need to talk about the experience. It was just us — our love.

A year later, we were back at the beginning of my story. My cock deep in her silky rectum, which I’d just coated with a load of semen. I felt it pooling around the base of my cock. And there she was, pushing herself to another wrenching orgasm. I knew there was nothing left to do but pledge my life-long love. She was not my girlfriend. She was the only wife I would ever know.

Somehow, she wound up on birth control shortly thereafter, but never told me much about it. A month or so following, she guided my cock into her cunt for the first time. It was staggering in its implications for both of us. She knew that whether or not the laws of the land would permit it, she would be my wife. And when I slipped into her cunt, it felt like the wedding ceremony had just taken place. God, she was tight. She was only twelve, with her breasts just starting to swell with puberty. The fine downy hairs on her cunt, just starting to fill in. Of course she was well-lubricated – I’d spent a long, long time indulging in my love for her delicious cunt.

It was like a velvet vise. She was below me, and I swear, we never lost eye contact, not even to kiss. I think we were both so overwhelmed by the moment. I felt my cock rubbing against the tender spot on her upper cunt wall that I now realize is her g-spot. When she started to meet my thrusts, it was with ferocity, but still her eyes only showed love…until they quickly shut and I felt her cunt clamp down even tighter. She let out an almost unearthly moan, and suddenly began crying.

Thinking I’d hurt her, I slowed down.

“No, oh God, no, please don’t stop,” she said, “please cum inside me. I love you so much, and I want your cum inside me.”

When it happened, much like the first time I came in her ass, it felt like one long, powerful stream. But this time, my cum was bathing her sweet cunt with my promise of undying love, and she knew it. Afterwards we held each other for nearly an hour, with light kisses, and light dozing.

For years, I’d always wondered how we never got caught. Our mom, though she was pretty engaged with us, never seemed to know about how much my sister and I loved each other or how often we made love. It wasn’t until about a month after mom died suddenly, that my sister finally told me the truth. Our mother knew. She’d watched us the day my sister accepted my marriage proposal.

“Christ,” I thought. Mom saw us with my cock in her daughter’s ass and didn’t flip out? She and my sister talked about our relationship only a couple of times, and it was my mother who made sure my sister got on birth control all those years ago.

Most parents would’ve screamed like banshees about us, particularly after watching a their daughter with their son’s cock in her ass. But apparently, our mother seemed to have implicit trust that neither my sister, nor I, were forcing anything on the other. We were, simply in love.

Now we’ve been together twenty-some years as lovers. We live as husband and wife, but no one really knows much about our private life. We’re just another “couple on the corner.” We just happen to have vaguely similar looks.

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