Me and my friends in resort with sister- final part

This is Pradeep, I will be writing the continuation of my previous part (first ever sex with my sister) of having threesome with my sister rithika in an resort. That night we all 3 started to drink, Sai has dropped the viagra tablet in soda and closed it so tightly, Rithika was wearing an white tee, and orange shorts.

Sai was sitting between me and sister, he poured some whiskey in 3 glasses and we started to drink, she hesitated first then she tried to drink and gave an awkward look saying it tastes like shit,then I told her to drink a sip of soda after drinking whiskey and voda she followed it. I was nervous that whether she might find it out or not, but she didn’t. I was happy seeing her taking Viagra more, he then asked my whether im okay with sleeping with them and can sai fuck rithika. She said hey shutup, I replied ya its okay, but can I see you both having sex?. She said what are you mad, I cant ..I said its okay, I am your brother I cant enjoy like you but i will be happy seeing you both having sex. She said are you a really a virgin, I said yes…

She didn’t spoke anything more and complete silence..4pegs have gone and in the middle she went to bathroom to vomit out, and sai said that he will seduce her before me and told me to stay casual. I said okay, she came back and she looked dowsy and horny, sai hugged her from the side and asked her are you okay baby?, she said mmm,smiling for the comment..I too smiled at them, then he asked her to give him a kiss, she hesitated and I said okay give let me see how good you are..Then he took her and made her to sit on his lap and kissed her,she too did and I was watching at them, she kept her eyes closed because of my presence and I too wanted to give them space so I went to the balcony and came after 5mins, he took her to the bed,I saw them both lying on the bed and she was above him, he was hugging her and signalled me to go and sit on the sofa, she thought I was still in the balcony..

He removed her tee,after so much of resistance from her, but he said its okay he wont tell anything. I saw her with just a bra,it was a pink bra and she was so horny and active on bed, guess Viagra started to work, then he removed her bra too, her nipple were erected and he made her to lie and he was above her kissing and sucking her nipple, that I was the moment she saw me and was shocked and pushed sai away and she covered her breasts, I went near her and said its okay rithika, im not your brother here,treat me as an friend don’t worry and continue doing I am so eager and I said you are so beautiful and you have sexy boobs,she smiled with an cute shyness on her face and I sat next to her and told him to continue,I removed her hands and she did, he was sucking her nipple, and she started to moan now, I too touched it,..She saw at me, I said please I too want to enjoy just today, she didn’t said anything..

Wow,it was so soft and her nipple was pinkish brown in color, I told him to stop and I will suck now, she closed her eyes and was biting her lips, I kissed it and was sucking her nipple ,I saw her feet rubbing eachother and nipple getting erected, I gave him signal to remove her pants, I sat in her side and he was between her legs and started to unbutton her pant,she told “no”, no way enough..I told leave with an signal, then he inserted his hands in her panties and said its wet, I carecassed herhair and smiled at her, she too did. Then at the right time,she was in the peak of pleasure, he tried to remove, we both requested her, she told to sai that you too get nude before my brother, then I said sai to remove all his clothes then he did, I saw his dick it was 7inch and brown one, she too obeyed and stopped resisting him and he removed her red panty too, she didn’t opened her legs, I saw her pussy in live for the first time after her puberty, it was neatly short trimmed.

It was wet and I understood that her already got her orgasm, I went to bring facewipes, and gave to sai her cleaned it, she was giving me uncomfortable expressions, I asked her can I touch it ,she said okay, I did and sai made her to widen her legs and told me to kiss her pussy, I removed my tshirt in an second and kept my face and licked it,it smelled good, not bad, and she didn’t like me doing that but she want me to enjoy, so she accepted and let me to do, I kissed her for 5mins , then I fingered her too, she and sai was totally nude and I went to give condom to sai, he wore it and made her to widen her legs and started to insert it and fucked her for 5mins, she was moaning and hugged him so tightly to her body , I made her to keep her head on my lap, and was seeing her expressions, he cummed and then he took out his cock and removed the condom ,he told my sister to give him a blowjob, she said no not today leave da, inniku venam vitru.

He forced her then she sucked his cock for 1min, then I signalled him that I too need,sai told her and I removed my pants, her eyes were fully narrowed to my crotch area, I removed all, I showed my 8.5inch cock, she smiled and said this big you have, I have seen you in childhood, but its grown now. Then I pulled her and kissed in her forehead and said thanks even before you gave blowjob, she licked first, I was in heaven now, then I pulled her head and made it to go fully into her mouth, her lips are great, she did for 1min and I asked her again she said its big, I cant give an blowjob, I said no you are great di, please one more…

She did, then I said can I insert it in your pussy, she said no that’s wrong, idhu podhum da,sai will fuck me nu, I said no, nothing is wrong and I made her to sleep in missionary, I took an dotted condom and insterted my dick, initially she winked both her eyes out of pain, she said slow va pannu da, sai instructed me and I did , it was so warm, I was in cloud 9, then I fucked her for 5mins, I cummed, I was sucking her nipple and kissed her, she hesitated first but then she too responded well., then I made her to do doggy, I changed the condom and fucked for 3mins, then sai continued fucking her,…..

to be continued..

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