My semi incestuous relationship with my grandmother

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Hi my name is thiru.
I’m here to narrate my experience. It’s about my semi incestuous relationship with my grandmother. Please try to imagine the situations I were in. It’s a bit length and being first time sorry for my unknown mistakes.

A little background. I live with my grandmother. My mom and grandfather died in an accident when I was young. My father left me with my grandmother who is my mother’s mom. She was married young and had my mother young. She is around 58 years of age. She is my only relation and for her it’s only me. So we love each other so much. We live in a typical village setup. A house surrounded by field. As I said earlier it’s semi incest there is my attempt to sex in my next part from your feedback only. Hope you like it.

My grandmother used to take care of me since my first year. Her name is Lakshmi. She doesn’t wear bra and panty.I don’t maybe her stats are 38-36-40. She has big boobs and ass. She used to wear her panty only during her periods during her younger days. Now she doesn’t. We both used to take bath at the same time as we have a large bathroom with two attached toilet western and Indian. We bath each other till this day. Mostly during our bath and while sleeping. It’s not new for us to be naked in front of each other. We kiss a lot. At least I give hundred kisses a day to cheek face lips . Guys and girls I suck her boobs and Cum on her body but she doesn’t say anything. There are reasons behind this.

My routine is that she wakes me up. As we have two toilets I use Indian and she uses western as she has knee problem. It’s an awesome feeling to be shitting with other person also with us. She sometimes finishes first sometimes me. If she finishes she cleans her and wait for me to complete. If I finish first I used to go sit along with her in the toilet seat with her legs spread and I used to lean on her boobs. Those are awesome guys Eventhough it’s little saggy. I used to ask her various questions. I still remember that day. I asked her “Grandma why you have big chest and me not and why I have penis and you not???”She gave a typical answer “Because you are boy and me girl that’s why!!!!” and from that day I become a little curious about the opposite gender.
She bathes me and I bath her. She used to have a stool in which she sits and I too sit in another tool. While she washer her upper body I take care of her thighs, legs, back even vagina just wash it only. She then washes my whole body. She opens my penis foreskin and cleans inside my penis. It will be paining. I like kissing. She knows that so during my pain she kiss me in my penis and in my lips one or two time. Sometimes I fake paining to get kiss from her.
During my 7 th standard I started growing hair in my genitals. As I have seen my grandmother’s hair I thought it was natural. But I asked her to confirm. She said to not worry. Then it all started. My penis was hard almost all the time when I was with my grandmother. I told her this problem. She said it’s because I’m grown and it’s common for young boys to have hardon. So while bathing my penis become hard. She just rub my penis to clean it and then leave it. But while she cleans it all boys know how it would feel. It went on for a year and it started increasing.
One day while bathing the pleasure was awesome and I Jerked in her hands and boobs. I was heavily breathing and she smiled. I was confused and asked her.
Me : what is it grandmother???
G : it’s nothing beta. It’s just similar to pee but it brings life to the world.
M : what??? life??? How does it bring grandma???
G : you have time for this to know. Now first take bath.
M : but grandma I need to know how this makes life
By taking the sperms from my grandma’s boobs I showed it to her.
G : I’m saying know. There is time for that. and she started bathing me and cleaning herself.
I was left wondered. And after that I used to Cum one or two times in a week while she gives bath that too on her boobs and hands especially. Sometimes it falls on her face she used to wipe it with her wet hand. It’s wonderful to watch guys. So when I clean her back I playfully rub her back with my penis and sometimes Cum in her back for which she used to give little slap on penis and say naughty boy. Those words are wonderful to hear from any female. This goes till today she baths me like her little son and I bath her but all out of love and affection or maybe more than that.

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