Joy with daughter – Part 2

Hi, this is Vipul again. I hope you would have read my previous story- Joy with daughter – Part 1. I have explained in that part that how I developed my sexual relationship with my younger daughter- Sarita who is a Medical student.
I proceed from there to a new experience.

I was having a very healthy and satisfied sexual life with my younger daughter Sarita who was giving me the happiness of a new wife everyday at night. Our personal time started at 11pm and she would leave my bedroom at 4am next morning so that we dont come under doubt. Everyday was a new experience. I liked sucking her 32inch boobs and squeezing them. I would suck her brown vagina. She would suck my 8 inch long penis and give me a great blow job. I used to fuck her in different styles. Some times in doggy style. Some times she was under me, some times she used to fuck me from the top.

In the summer, my elder daughter Sweta who is married, came to see us for a week. She is married, but She does not have a kid. As usual, She shifted to Sarita,s room on 1st floor. During day time, She would look after the mother with nurse. At night, We would have a family talk before dinner. I used to go to my bedroom at 10 pm after watching some TV Program with the family. Now, it became very difficult for Sarita to come to my room at night. Both of us were missing the sex.


One night she came to me for half an hour and said- Daddy, I dont know how to manage to sleep with you. I can live without a sex with you. Suggest me the way. I said, we can go out and book a hotel and have sex. But she did not like the idea. She was not comfortable with sex outside the home. I left the option to her. Next night She came to me for 10 minutes and said- Daddy, I can live without sex with you. Please find some other way.

As I was not having any clue, I kept silent. Next night, Sarita entered my room at 11pm and closed the door. I said- We may be caught red handed. Sarita said- I have told Sweta that I feel fear at night some times, so I sleep in Daddy,s room some time. So, there is no problem today. I was very happy. I embraced her and at once started to suck her lips. My hands started to play with her boobs. Her hand was playing with my penis under my pyjama. Now removed all her clothes. She removed all my clothes. My hands were slipping all over her body and I was kissing every inch of her body. She was also getting hotter. Now She started to suck my penis. It was well erected. Then I started to suck her pussy and She started to moan. Her vagina was wet. I was drinking her vagina juice. She was moaning. Now I put my erected penis into her vagina and started to give mild strokes. She started to moan louder.

We were very occupied with our intercourse. All of a sudden, some one was knocking at the door. I was quite helpless. I wanted to release my sperm into her vagina but knocking door was disturbing me. So, I said to Sarita- I am wearing my dress. You too do the same. Open the door. Let us check who is there. Sarita opened the door. My elder daughter Sweta was standing and was looking into the eyes of her sister with a question mark. Sweta- what is going on here. Some thing is doubtful. I was hearing the sounds of moaning. Then She came to me- Daddy, I know you are not a sleep. Open your eyes. I can understand what is going on here. I can smell the fragrance of vaginal juice. Do you people enjoy sex with each other? I was speechless. My eyes were down. Sarita was also speechless. Her eyes were also down. Now, Sweta told Sarita to leave the room because She wanted to discuss some thing with me. Sarita left the room.

Sweta says- Daddy, what are you doing? You are fucking your unmarried daughter. Do you feel, it is good?

Me- Sorry beta, I was sex deprived for last 3 years due to your mother,s illness. I was very hungry.

Sarita also wanted to enjoy sex with someone who could keep the secret. So, We got attracted to each other. We started to enjoy with mutual consent. Sweta- Daddy, you would have taken the help of some prostitute to satisfy your hunger. Me- there was risk of sexual disease. Sweta- Better, you would have made arrangement with the nurse who looks after Mom. She is also young. Me- Then who would look after your mother, while the nurse would be enjoying the sex with me on 1st floor bedroom? So, I have already thought over all the options. Sex with Sarita seemed to be the best option. Now, I dont know, what more to say? Sweta started to think. After few minutes She said- Ok.

Now I will visit you every weekend. Better you do the sex with me. Your Son in Law is a very good human being. But he is unable to give me a child in last 3 years. It will solve our purpose. You will get sexual pleasure and I will get a child. Is it ok with you? Me- Yes, It is ok. Sweta- Then when to start? Should we start now? Me- When you were knocking, I was half way. Sarita was also half way. So, I want to finish my course today, with Sarita. Then I can start with you. Sweta- Wow Daddy, you are so caring. I love you. Then Sweta went to Sarita,s room and brought her to my room. Sarita was quite depressed, because we were caught. Sweta to Sarita- Dont worry Sarita, Daddy has explained to me everything. It seems a good decision to have sexual satisfaction at home. So, please go ahead. Today, I will also accompany you. After you are finished, go to your room. I will give company to Daddy.

Sarita was hesitating to open in presence of Sweta. So, I started the move. I removed all my dress and was standing nude in front of them. Sweta was shocked to see my erect penis. I started to kiss the lips of Sweta and started the press her boobs. I removed her gown and started to play with her boobs under bra and with her Vagina under panty. Now She was a warm lady. Then I removed her bra and panty also. I realized, She was more beautiful then Sarita. Her figure was 34- 30-34. She started to play with my penis. She was sucking it with joy. When She became quite hot then I stopped her. I told her to make Sarita warm. I wanted to fuck Sarita in presence of Sweta.

Sweta removed Sarita,s all clothes and told her to lie on the bed. Now, Sarita was holding my penis. She was sucking it. Sweta was sucking the vagina of Sarita. Sarita also became hot. I was on cloud nine because both my beautiful daughters were completely nude and ready for sex with me. Once Sarita became hot, I came over her and inserted my penis into her vagina. I was stroking slowly. Sweta was pressing her boobs. The room was full of sexual fever , with sweet moans. My strokes started to become harder and harder- Sarita was moaning. Fuck me hard Daddy, fuck me hard. Sweta- you bitch, you are getting fucked by father. Give him full satisfaction. After few hard strokes, Sarita started to come. Her Vagina juice was coming out. I was very wild. I also came out. Sarita,s vagina was full of my sperms. We kissed each. Now, Sweta was wild- She started to drink Sarita,s vaginal juice along with my sperm. She cleaned my penis with her lips and Sarita,s vagina. Now, Sweta was damn hot. She wanted to get fucked immediately. Sarita stopped her.

Sarita to Sweta- Daddy fucks only his wife. I have become his wife by marrying him when Mom was hospitalized. If you want to get fucked, are you ready to marry him? Will you be comfortable with two husbands. Sweta was extra hot. She wanted immediate fuck. Sweta- I cant have two husbands. If you are his wife, then I automatically become his Sister in law. I am happy to be fucked as his sister in law. Now, he can fuck you as his wife and fuck me as his Sister in law. Are you happy now? Sarita smiled. Yes, it is the best arrangement we can think of. I was feeling as if I am in heaven. Sarita started to suck my penis again. I was tired. She started to give mild hand strokes. After some time, my penis was hard and erect again. The She told me- Daddy, enjoy with Sweta now. I was lying on the bed. Sweta came over me and started to fuck me. She was moaning. I was also moaning. Now I came over Sweta. I started to fuck her hard. She was moaning high. She was saying- You bastard, fuck me hard. Make me pregnant. I want to give the birth of you child. She was getting wilder. I was stroking hard and hard. She screamed. Her vagina discharged the fluid. I also screamed and discharged my sperms in her vagina. Then We started to kiss each other. Sarita came forward and started to clean my penis with her tongue. After that she kept her lips on Sweta,s vagina to suck it. Sweta stopped her and said- Dont clean my pussy. I want to become pregnant with this bastard. After that all of us kissed each other.

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