Joy with Daughter

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This is a story which I write to show that sex has no age and relation barrier. My name is Vipul. I am GM in a big Company. I have three members in the family. My wife Radha age 46, my married daughter Shilpa 26 and my young daughter Sarita Age 23. I had a very pleasant family life.

My eldest daughter Shilpa is MBA and married in an Industrialist family. Younger daughter Sarita is doing MBBS. I live in my own house in which has 3 bedrooms- one at the ground floor and two at first floor.

My wife was ill for last 3 years and she was accompanied with a nurse at ground floor bed room. I was really sex deprived and wanted to do sex at night.I was not finding any solution. So, most of the nights I was doing hand practice to release my tension. My daughter Sarita used to study late night in another bedroom. slowly and slowly I started to feel sexual attraction for Sarita and I used to think about her while masturbating. One fine day when she was not at home, I checked her vital stats from her undergarments. It was 32 – 30 -34. some times I used to praise her that looks exactly like her mother. She would be very happy to hear it. After some time, there was a change in her nature. She started to wear her mothers Sarees whenever she was happy. I was always happy to see her in mothers dress. One day, condition of my wife was bad.

I hospitalized her. The nurse was there to look after her at night. I was quite tense and decided to go to a Bar to have some drinks. I reached home at 9pm. Sarita opned the door. After having the dinner, I went to my room. As usual, I was planning a hand practice to remove the tension of my penis, but I slept. I was in my under garments only. I forgot to close my room. At night, I felt that Sarita entered my room. She was wearing her mother,s dress. She was very afraid and did not want to sleep in her room due to some fear. I asked her not to worry and sleep in my room. She came on the bed and slept like an innocent child. I woke up at 2 am and was surprised to see that she was in her mothers dress and was wearing her mother,s ornaments also. I had a very strong sexual desire and I wanted to satisfy my desire this night. I kept my hand on her boobs and started to feel. Sarita was asleep. There was no reaction.

Then I came close to her body and put my legs on her body. Agian there was no reaction. My confidence increased. I opened the hooks of her blouse. I put my hand on her boobs above the bra. there was no reaction. Then I opened the hooks of her bra and started to play with her boobs. Suddenly she woke up. I was quite nervous. I acted as if I am drunk. She slept again. I was unable to resist the temptation to fuck her. So, slowly and slowly my finger reached to her vagina and I started to play with it. By the time, she had become a bit hot. So, She did not resist. Now, I removed her saree and my fingers were playing with her vagina. Then I removed her panti also. Now, I wanted to see her boobs. So, I removed her bra and started to play with her boobs. Suddenly, she opened her eyes. She asked me- Daddy what do you want? I asked her- Do you have a boy friend? She said – No.

She wanted to concentrate upon studies. She had no time for Boy friend. She switched on the light. Now, in the open light She found me nude with my erect cock of 8 inch. I was clueless what to do. She was also nude. She switched of the light and sat on the bed holding her head with her hands. I went out of the room. I was not knowing what would be her reaction. All of a sudden, I went to ground floor. I took my wife,s sindoor. I came to bedroom. I put Sindoor in her mang on head and said- Your mother looked like you in our Suhagrat. I am lacking sex since last 3 years. There is an opportunity. We can have a Husband- Wife relationship. No, one would know about it. She did not speak any thing. She took her cloth and went to her room. I was already drunk so I slept again. She did not speak to me next morning. I left for her Medical college. I also left for office. Both of us had different sets of house keys. While returning, I visited hospital to see my wife. I took my dinner outside. Reached home late. Sarita did not speak to me. I went to my room and tried to sleep. I had not closed my room because I felt Sarita may not be able to sleep in her room due to fear. At around, 1 am at night, light of my room was switched on. I opened my eyes. Sarita was wearing her mother dress with a number of ornaments. She was full of fragrence. She looked very attractive because she looked like a bride with sindoor on head and mangal sutra on her neck. I was clueless. She asked me to get up.

Sarita- Go, have a bath. Wear your Kurta Pyjama just like a bride. No arguments please. I followed her instruction. When I came back to my bed, She removed the Mangal Sutra and said- Ise mujhe paihnao. I followed her. Then She showed me a wedding ring which She had purchased for me. She put that ring in my figure. The She said- Now, I am your wife. Give me the joy of Suhagrat. I wanted to marry only after finishing my studies and working for 2- 3 years. I will take atleast 6 years from now. But, if I get an opportunity to have an active sexual life without fear of getting exposed, I would like to enjoy my 6 years also. Be sure, I will not have any sign of sindoor or mangal sutra during day time or in any one,s presence. Let us keep this relationship a secret. I embraced her. I played all the games of Suhagrat which I had played with my wife long ago. After doing heavy sex in the night, I slept long. She came to my room before leaving for college- She was the same unmarried girl in Jeans and top with beautiful smile on the lips. She said- Daddy, you are a wonderful husband. You changed my life. Go to your office now. Will meet you in evening. Since then I never lacked the sexual pleasure of a beautiful women. Se too never felt the need of any other male before the finish of her studies. My wife is back to home now. As usual she is accompanied with nurse at ground floor. I have a peaceful sexual life at 1st floor which starts at 11pm. Sarita goes back to her own room at 4am every morning.
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