The Great Sen Family : 17

Just for readers’ convenience, I think it would be better to introduce the main characters of recent developments ( even in upcoming incidents ) once again.

1.Munmun/Mona : 28 yrs, actress
2.Manish : 30 yrs, businessman, Munmun’s husband.
3.Chitradevi : 48 yrs, Munmun’s mother
4.Prankrisno/Kesto : 25 yrs, Munmun’s Odisan Cook/Driver,/Gardener… all in one
5.Parveen / Paru /Mala : Maid, Prankrisno’s wife
6.Fatema : 38 yrs, Mala’s widow mother
7.Hafiz : Mala’s brother, student of class-VIII
8.Aparna/Rina : 38 yrs, actress/director, Sanjay’s 2nd wife
9.Sanjay : 40 yrs, Aparna’s 2nd husband
10.Kamalini : Aparna’s daughter
11.Suman : Aparna’s stepson/Sanjay’s son
12.Sanjit : 19 yrs, actor
13.Pallabi/Poly : Sanjit’s sister
14.Supriyadevi : 49 yrs, Veteran actress
15.Soma : 29 yrs, actress
16.Rahim : 22 yrs, Soma’s husband
17.Rahamat : 40 yrs, Rahim’s father
18.Sandhya : 35 yrs, childless actress
19. Tarun : Sandhya’s husband
20.Probhaboti : 48 yrs, Kesto’s widow mother
—–‐ —‐—‐ -‐—-‐-‐‐—- —‐–‐‐ –‐—– —-‐— ——– —
“Oh Rahim Sona, you’re going to tear me… do you know you’re longer than your father?” Probhaboti gasped as her pussy deep-balled with her stepson’s long cock. Yes, he was aware of that as he continued to fuck her without giving importance of her plea.

“Yes…. I see you fucking several times by my father…. so I guess you may feel uneasy.” He then asked, “Want me slower?.”

“No, Goddammit….. harder…. don’t hold back, give it to me harder. I love it, I love you,” She hissed in desperation and with a painful effort. She then brought her hips off from the bed and clamped her ankles behind his back.

Thar sent him into a frenzy of jack-hammering state. His cock now seemed to be attached to a pile-driving mechanism. He held her by the hips and relentlessly hammered his cock into her. With great power, he started plunging into her…..deep…. deeper……

He continued thrusting at her….. hacking at life….. splitting her wide with his fury. He plunged…… rutting with a rage that drove her to a sweaty convulsion. She started squirming and screaming slickly beneath him…… trying to encompass and hold his frenzied thrusts. And to stop her screaming, he put one hand over her mouth to stifle her screams.

She enthusiastically received his ten inches long black cock into her…. taking his steel-like meaty rod deep into her cunt. She tried to match with him….. returning his thrusts joyously….. lifting her hips with a synchronized rhythm….. and working her pussy onto his big plunging cock. She wept with plea….. urging him from crudity to cruelty….. calling him her….. like “Sex-Guru, King, Master etc.”

Her pussy gushed her wetness as his mammoth cock filled her cunt again and again….. opening her wide and filling her beyond belief….. penetrating so very deep.
—– ———– ——-‐– ——– ——- ——- ——– ——-
“Oh God,” Rahamat could hear his wife’s scream, “Don’t stop now, Sona. That feels wonderful.”

He realized that his new wife liked her sex hard, and he could tell she was getting from his son just what she liked. He could see her panting and gasping as her pussy-juices running down from her pussy….. down the crack of her ass. She humped and bucked against his son…… taking his nigro-cock deep within her….. to the depths of her womanhood. She was grinding on his manhood and crying out her pleasure as he thrust deeply into her.

Rahamat was hypnotized by the sight of his son’s 10 inches long cock invading his wife’s pussy. He plunged his long member deep into her cunt, stretching her, filling her to capacity…. then withdrew, wet with her pussy-juices, only to plunge again, driving deep into her excited pussy.

Again and again his long cock pumped into Probhaboti as she wantonly surrendered heerself to her stepson…… taking his ten inches of shaft deep within her hot Odisan cunt. As time passed, he increased his pumping……. shoving his big cock harder and faster into her pussy as she continued to cry out in ecstasy.

At first her legs were in the air…. bouncing up and down in rhythm to his powerful thrusts. Then they were wrapped around his thin waist as he positioned her legs over his shoulders and pressed them down on her chest for maximum penetration.

Probhaboti’s ankles were now pinned to the mattress beside her ears and her pussy was being pounded heavily by her stepson’s huge cock. The mewling sounds of pleasure coming from her throat were completely new ones to her second husband Rahamat.

As their hips and groins smashed together and her head began to be slammed against the headboard, Probhaboti dug her nails
into her stepson’s back and groaned, “Oh Sona, I’ve never been fucked so deep or so hard even by your father….. you’re my real husband.”

Hearing those, Rahamat obviously felt jealous for his son but at the same time, he got excited too. He started to rub his twitching cock through his loosened trousers…. watching his wife being fucked like this. They had been at it for twenty minutes as his wife was fucked by his son’s huge shaft with abandon lust.

She was in ecstasy….. approaching another orgasm….. thrashing her head from side to side as her thick black hair was flying. Her body was damp from the perspiration of her passion as she thrust her hips…. taking his 10″ long cock deep within her pussy.

Her pussy was now slick with her juices….. gushing out profusely and making wet sucking sounds like ‘Puch-Puch’, ‘Phach-Phach’ ‘Phachat-Phock’ etc as her stepson pistoned his raging hard-on deep into her roughly. She cried out, “Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oohh, yes! Don’t stop, Sona! Don’t stop now! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum! I’m goingg too cummmm!”

Rahim continued to drive his cock hard and deep into his stepmother’s mature pussy as she began to cum. She was delirious, yelling out, “Ohhh Yess! Ohhh God Yesss! Ahh! Ahhhh! Yes Baba! Ohhhhuuunng…. ghhhhh! Ohh Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”

He obliged her plea…. driving his glistening cock relentlessly deep into his stepmother’s ravaged pussy….. pumping and pounding his hard, thick rod into her throbbing cunt. She was endlessly cumming… yelling and crying out….. and thrashing frantically. She thrust her hips over and over against his loin as he drove his long cock to the depths of her cunt.

It caused her body to shudder as wave after wave of orgasm crashed her mature body. She was making guttural sounds as her stepson held her by the hips….. fucking his entire length and girth deep into her convulsing pussy.

Probhaboti was experiencing multiple orgasms for the first time in her 48 yrs old life. Her pussy throbbed…… contracting, sucking, milking his invading rod as he fucked her relentlessly. She was continuously moaning….. thrashing her head from side to side….. delirious with orgasm. And for several minutes her stepson continued to pound his big cock into her.

As Rahamat watched his wife getting her brains fucked out by his son, he was amazed at the intensity of his wife’s orgasms. She was cumming and cumming…. and screaming for his son to fuck her harder and deeper. He was amazed at how his wife’s pussy stretched to accommodate his son’s nigro-like cock….. accepting it….. swallowing it completely.

Probhaboti’s cunt now clamped her stepson’s cock tightly….. taking his length and width deep within her tight folds. Their pelvic areas were drenched with the wetness overflowing from her pussy.

And her perverted husband watched in awe through the window as her stepson kept driving his huge shaft deep into her pussy….. over and over. He thrust madly…… driving, pounding without any pause…. causing her to scream as she climaxed again and again. Her cunt throbbed…… quaking, gushing her wetness as his rock-hard cock pistoned deep into her…. causing her to experience multiple, shattering orgasms.

At one point, Rahim slowed his pace until he was languidly stroking his hard and bulging member in and out of his stepmother’s soaked and ravaged pussy as she slowly calmed down from her multiple orgasmic pleasure. She was now as limp as a rag doll and her breathing came in ragged, panting gasps. She was still moaning as the last of her orgasms ebbed from her body.

Rahim then slowly slid his cock very deep and completely into her cunt…. causing her to moan loudly in pleasure. In that position, ( pelvis to pelvis ) his ten inches hard cock buried completely within her. Now he reached with his right arm under her and around her waist…. lifting her and holding her as he rolled over onto his back.

Probhaboti was now laying full length on top of her stepson’s hard chest with his big cock still buried deep into her pussy. She then slowly pushed herself up to a sitting position as she leaned slightly forward and propped herself up with her hands on his chest.

She tilted her head back and cried out in pleasure suddenly as she leaned back and sank further down onto his meaty rod. Her plump body squeaked in orgasm once again as her tight pussy once again started to convulse….. contracting around the stiff rod filling her so deeply.

As her orgasm subsided within few minutes, Probhaboti began to ride him again slowly….. raising slightly off from his huge erection. And next moment, she sank back down upon it…. taking him deep into her cunt….. grinding down onto him…. milking his young marvelous circumcised muslim cock by her mature Odisan cunt.

“Oooh, yes Sona,” She cooed, “Your cock is so fucking big! It’s so long….. the cockhead pokes in my womb with each downward thrust….. Ohhhhh it’s so… good!” She was now moaning quietly with her head thrown back as she gently rode her stepson’s skyward steel-like pole.

Few moments later, she rose slightly, just an inch of his long rod….. withdrawing the cockhead from her tightly clenching womb’s mouth, then taking a deep breath, she slammed down hard upon him. It’s huge mushroom size cockhead once again slide in her womb. It massaged the inside of her womb as it penetrated and she shrieked from the exquisite pleasure his long cock gave her.

For a long time, Rahamat’s wife rode her stepson like that, being fucked and fucking so deeply and completely. It was incredible…… seeing his wife so wanton, so intoxicated by sex….. so taken over by lust and animal passion. And all these made Rahamat turn on like he had never been turned on before.

Gradually his wife’s riding pace began to increase. Her strokes were still short, but now faster, more insistent. And lying beneath her, his son reached up….. squeezing his wife’s bouncing tits in his strong hands. His fingers pinched her erect nipples as he thrust his cock upward….. deep into her wet pussy while she grinded down upon him.

Probhaboti’s pussy-juices started flowing from her cunt in a torrent. She leaned forward… pressing her tits into her stepson’s hands… moaning continuously as she rode his raging cock. She panted as her strokes became longer and longer until finally the full ten inches of hard cock was pummeling in and out of her drenched cunt.

Lying below, Rahim rammed his huge erection hard up into his stepmother’s squishing cunt as she slammed down upon him. His cock drove hard…… pounding deep into her tight pussy. His toes were beginning to curl as his stepmother danced upon his skyward cock.

Probhaboti’s cunt gushed and slurped as his giant rod rammed into her again and again. She started bouncing on top of his big cock now from the great force of his thrusts as she cried out “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh….. my sweet Sona!”….. every time he rammed his ten inches home. She was now a wild woman. She couldn’t get enough of his big cock as he pounded it into her.

“You like that don’t you Maa?” he asked, teasingly….. holding her by the waist as he slowed the pace, “You love getting fucked by your stepson while your husband isn’t home, don’t you Maa?”

“Ohhhh…” Probhaboti tried to respond, “Yessssssssss…… Sonaaaaaa….. , please…ummmm… feel soooooo…. good!”

“You like that, eh? You like my big cock, don’t you, darling Maa?”

“Ohhhhh… yessss….. yesssss…. ooooohhh… I love it, Sona! Give it to me baby, give it all to me. Your father has never been that deep in me….. I mean entering in my baby-room. That part of me belongs only to you! Keep fucking me baby!”

Without hesitation Rahim again picked up the pace and complied with his stepmother’s wishes. By now Probhaboti had no trouble of handling his long cock. And watching their frenzied fucking through the parted window, Rahamat couldn’t realize how long all this continued. However that’s when, his son informed his wife that he was about to cum.

“You about ready, Maa?” Rahim grunted, “I’m almost there!”

“Ooooohh…ooooohh….yessssss, my lover son…….,” Probhaboti moaned, “I just remembered, I’m currently off the pill, and I’m ovulating too, so don’t.. ummm…… pull out ….. ahhhh….. when you cum! Please cum inside me….. ummm… and make me pregnant.”

“Yes, my darling Maa, you know Soma is already pregnant,” Rahim panted, as he continued to thrust upward, “I’m gonna cum inside you… I’m gonna make you pregnant like her. Now I want to be a father and brother of our baby….. you ready? I’m going to come in your pussy, I’m gonna make you pregnant,” He groaned….. thereby increasing his thrusts harder and faster.

“Yes Sona, I know that and I’m trying also to be pregnant by your father. But he is incapable of doing so….. now you’re my only hope….. will you fulfill my dream too…… yes Sona, fill my cunt with your potent cum,” Probhaboti urged her stepson.

“Yes Maa, I’m going to shoot my baby-making sperm up your tight fertile cunt, and fill your tummy so full of sperm, you’ll be walking bow-legged from carrying my child. And not one child, I’m going to keep your belly full of my babies until you’re too old to get pregnant any more. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Maa?”

“Oh yes! Oh God yes! Oh yes, yes, yes! I want to feel your cum! I want you to cum in me! Oh, yes, fill me with your hot seed! Shoot your load up my pussy, my king,” Probhaboti continued…. urging her stepson.

“Yes Maa, although I’m not your real son, it’s my obligation to fulfill your wishes too… yes, I must obey” Rahim panted as he increased his pumping even more.

“Go…. ummmmm……. go ahead…… make me pregnant………. ooooohhh….. now I’m not your Maa….. I’m your wife! Oh yessss! I’m cumming tooooo…. give me a baby in my womb….. oooooooooooohh….. don’t
stop…… not yet…… ummmmmm…. ummmmmmmmmmmmmm…..” Probhaboti practically screamed as her stepson’s back arched and he began the final thrusting for his orgasm.

“Where do you want me to deposit my seed?,” he asked with a sly smile.

“In my cunt,” Probhaboti replied….. riding madly on Rahim’s rock-hard cock for all she was worth.

“I can’t wait,” She screamed at him. “If I don’t feel you pumping my womb full of your baby-making seed in the next minute or so, I’m going to scream! So, now get on top of me, get your cock fully inside me, and fuck me hard until you squirt inside my womb with full of your potent cream. Let me feel you squirting your baby-batter up inside my belly where it belongs.”

Rahim complied gladly….. and grasping his stepmother’s shoulders, he flipped them both over until he was on top again. He was now straddled between her fleshy thighs in a deep squatting position. Feverishly, she guided his jutting monstrosity down toward the wet, gaping core of her femininity. She then rubbed the head of his giant cock up and down the weeping furrow of her pussy.

And holding his cock at the base in his right hand, he pushed it back into her cunt and re-entered her again with a long, slow, skewering thrust. She moaned thickly and her fingers scrabbled at the sheets, as his enormous cock burst into her wet flesh.

“You’re insatiable, my Sona,” Probhaboti moaned.

“Only with you, my lover Maa, only with you.” He answered lovingly.

Then sliding his hands under her body, he twined his fingers in her long gold necklace which he presented that day and scraped the chain over her stiff nipples. Beneath him, she whimpered joyously as her body succumbed to his needs. He then started pumping his circumcised slab of meat….. in and out of her wet flesh.

He now possessed her totally and utterly….. subjugating her flesh to his desire. He closed his eyes and plunged into her with a mighty thrust….. hurting her as she screamed for mercy….. begging him to stop.

Probhaboti’s chest was heaving and her breath came in sobbing gasps as he continued to pound her cunt savagely without any mercy. Her head began to slam against the headboard as his thrusts speeded up.

“Now just think about yourself Maa,” Rahim panted between thrusts, “A demure mother with a cock stuffed up deep inside her pussy….. wanted him to fill her sexy tummy full of the thick sticky white stuff and make her a mother. I would be proud….. if I could make you pregnant! Well, I’m gonna do just that….. as I already said. But what a horny woman you’re….. your big belly swollen with your stepson’s child. Wouldn’t you like that, my slut?”

Hearing his obscene words, and feeling his big cock slip-sliding inside her, was too much for the Odisan mother-wife. She began to cum again. And her second husband Rahamat watched her as she writhed underneath her stepson…… her body dissolving into another delicious orgasm. Her head whipped from side to side on the pillow as little screams of pleasure came from her lips.

Between all the hot action and their dirty talk, Rahamat could guess it wouldn’t be long before his son would be squirting jet after jet of thick white baby-making cum right up inside his wife’s unprotected womb.

“Maa, you know I want to plant a baby in your tummy, but tell my father it’s his baby?,” Rahim panted….. fucking her hard as the sweat poured off him.

“Oooooooh, yesss, my real husband! Plant your seed in my womb, make my belly get big with your baby inside me. I want to feel our child squirming and kicking inside me, when I go to sleep at night with your father. I’m sure, your father would be pleased to know my impregnation. Yes, make me pregnant, my King,”

Probhaboti moaned as she continued begging,”Shoot it up my pussy, let me feel your baby growing inside me. Oh Sona, you’ll be a father and brother at the same time. And if possible, make a little girl in my tummy, so that you can fuck our little girl when she grows up. Make me pregnant, baby! Oh please, please make me pregnant!,”

“Ready for that baby, love,” Rahim growled, and his stepmother again begged him to impregnate her.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, let everyone know that I’m fucked by my stepson’s horse cock and made him cum in me,” Probhaboti screamed. “I want to feel your baby come out…… pushing from between my pussy-lips, I want to have your baby.”

Suddenly, Probhaboti stiffened and screeched as her cunt started to convulse uncontrollably, then she screamed in a shattering climax. She could feel her stepson’s huge penis quivered and started swelling. And next moment, he started erupting within her…. exploding, throbbing, jerking and pulsing as the hot burning liquid spurted from his scrotum.

From outside the room, Rahamat could easily understand that his son started splashing his hot cum inside his wife’s cunt …. spraying his virile seed to the very depths of her fertile, unprotected womb. Her cunt was throbbing….. pulsing….. contracting…. clenching around his cock as his son sprayed load after load of his thick, whitish juices deep within his wife’s quivering cunt.

His ejaculation was huge as his cock throbbed….. jerking and pumping torrents of hot cum….. fertilizing her womb. For more than a minute he continued to cum….. yelling and yelling…… pumping jet after jet of white gooey sperm deep into her womb. And that sent her into another orgasm as his sperm charged from his cock and spurted deep, deep inside her. Rahim was no brass-monkey; and the amount of white sticky baby-batter he squirted in his stepmother’s belly would surely have made a Nigro proud.

Realizing that, Rahamat was sure that his son had ejaculated enough seed in his wife’s belly to keep her pregnant for the next twenty years. He felt sooo happy and proud to watch his son let that stored-up load of pregnancy juice go for his devoted wife. Wave after wave of raw sensations swept through the lucky father’s body, as he watched his wife’s impregnation.

Looking at his wife’s distended vaginal lips from which Rahim’s seed was oozing, Rahamat knew that millions of his son’s sperm were already wriggling their way up inside his wife’s thirsty womb. It was almost enough to make him want them to start all over again.

It seemed Probhaboti could read her loving husband’s mind as she said happily, “Whooo, I’m sure you’ve made me pregnant now.”

Even as she spoke, Rahim’s seed was still oozing out and Rahamat could guess that millions of his son’s virile sperm were seeking refuge in her fertile womb. And sensing that taboo fact, suddenly his cock started to jerk…… almost climaxed again. Actually the very thought of his own son making a baby in his wife’s womb was more than sufficient to reach a shattering climax.

Meanwhile, inside the room, the pair slowed down and finally stopped, Rahim lying with his head between his stepmother’s heaving tits as she played with his mussed hair. They both lay there…. panting…. almost sobbing with pure delight as their bodies attempted to recover from the great thrill they had experienced. Mingled juices were oozing out of her cunt all around his cock, down the sides of her legs…. running down his cock. Both their crotches were soaked in mixture.

“Was it good, Maa?”, Rahim asked his new mother, as he withdrew his now-flaccid cock and flopped down on the bed beside her.

“Delicious, darling,” Probhaboti whispered, stretching her legs, “That was worth waiting for.”

As Rahim withdrew his cock from her cunt, great wads of mixed cum flowed out…. running down into the crack of her ass….. dripping onto the bed. Probhaboti kissed her stepson deeply….. thanking him for his potent sperm.

That’s when Probhaboti noticed his husband’s presence through the opening of her bedroom’s window which startled her greatly. But within seconds, she checked herself and continued her slutty activities with her stepson as if nothing was happened.

However Rahamat was oblivious about his wife’s discovery as he could see his lovely wife’s smiling face with his son’s cum seeping from her ravaged pussy….. a freshly-fucked look on her face. His wife lay there with her eyes closed….. beaming like a satisfied woman….. realizing to be able to become a mother…. second time in her life.
_____ ______ ______ ______ _____ _____ __

Few moments later, Rahamat went back to their guest room silently….. toally forgetting to take his tiffin. He then laid down on the bed ….. keeping his eyes shut….. being really happy about the prospect of becoming a father once more. Few minutes later his wife came to their guest room to check her husband. She noticed him sleeping there and fell beside him without disturbing hin….. with a wicked smile on her face. She looked at his face thoughtfully…. thinking whether she would confront him about his spying and fell asleep immediately.

Later, in the evening,, his wife and he played cards, but his mind was elsewhere. The images of his wife writhing under his son seared into his brain continuously. It was too much for him to take. He feigned a headache and went to the living room. He masturbated repeatedly into the night as his brain re-played what he had witnessed that afternoon.

Finally, gathering some courage, next day, he disclosed to his wife about what he had witnessed. He had expected her to break down and say she was sorry for her slutty behavior, and that it would never happen again. He had believed that his wife would be repentant and that things would be restored back to normal again.

Was he wrong! His wife called him a shameless, perverted voyeur and said that he ought to be ashamed of himself for spying on her! Not only that, she told him bluntly that she intended to keep her new relation with his young son because she wanted to be a mother once again.

Above all, as a perfect mummy, it was her responsibility to keep her stepson happy who had to spend restless nights whenever his wife Soma went out for outdoor shooting. Rahamat couldn’t counteract hearing his wife’s logical explanation but he never disclosed the fact that he wasn’t mad about the possibility of her pregnancy.

“OK…. I understand, but if you want to get pregnant, why is it with my son?” he uttered meekly like a submissive husband.

“Well, what do you suggest I do?,” Probhaboti asked her new husband in a calming voice and tried to persuade him. “Although I’m a mother of a young son, but after my marriage with you, I badly want to be pregnant once again. Yes, I could have achieve that with someone else…. but there’s every possibility of leaking out my extra-marital characteristic which surely would damage the reputation of both the families. And I’m sure not only you, your son would support that too. So I decided to seduce your stud son…. and you too could realize now that he is too good for that.”

After that, with a bit relenting, she told her husband that now she would be very discreet in her relationship with his son, and promised to tell him everything whenever they were together. And, being a devoted wife too, she didn’t want to do anything without his concent.

Then she persuaded her husband with the logic that she had come to a cross-roads in her life, and that she needed something to provide her with a meaningful existence. And for that a baby of her own was very much essential… she wanted to have a second child badly and that she intended for his son to sire the baby in her.

Rahamat now felt himself relax to some extent after realizing his wife’s explanation. However he requested his wife for the last time….. trying to make her see another way out, but to no avail. He could feel there was no stopping her now. For the next three months, his wife and son spent every possible minute….. with his massive cock buried to the hilt in his wife’s tight cunt.
—— ——– ——– ——— ——— ———- ——- ——
Next morning Probhaboti told her stepson about his father’s discovering them together in bed….. even she disclosed her conversation with his father. Rahim’s face glowed with a satisfying smile and decided to go further.

He noticed his father was reading the newspaper in their drawing room. He came to him with his father’s wife and smilingly asked his permission for sex with her….. in which he just stared at them blankly. However with great enthusiasm, his wife jumped into his son’s arms and usher him into their bedroom.

Immediately his son embraced his wife and started fondling her big ass in front of him….. he was helpless as long as his wife consented. Soon they disappeared into his bedroom, and his wife’s groans of passion started to resound through the house for hours.

After that, every afternoon his wife would lay beneath his son…… begging him to impregnate her, as his son spread her legs wide and slowly pumped his big cock deep into her dripping pussy. His wife was all in molten heat….. seeking his son’s brutality…… clutching him….. moaning and calling him as she always did….. her “lord,” her “real husband,” her “master,” her “ruler” etc.

His son would remind his wife of what it felt like to be a real woman. And his wife seemed to love exciting his son with her naked body…. to feel his hands caress her tits….. squeezing and pinching her erect nipples. Meanwhile, his long, hard prick filled her cunt completely….. his narrow hips thrusting powerfully….. pounding her juicy, quivering cunt into a mass of creamy froth.

Rahim continued fucking his stepmother from orgasm to delicious orgasm. It seemed Probhaboti was finally getting the kind of sex she had always desired….. hard and thrusting deeply.

Her second husband had never been into rough sex, and she had often fantasized about rough sex with younger studs. She dreamed about those who would fuck her hard and long….. ramming her horny, wet cunt with their massive cocks till she passed out with pleasure.

Now, to her utter delight, she was getting that in her home….. without creating a scandal which would have to create various disputes. And realizing that her husband was also powerless to stop her slutty activities. Actually the fact that it was his own son who was giving it to his wife…. made it all the more exciting.

Now they started fucking every afternoon, and his wife resolutely refused to use birth control. It seemed that his wife’s shaved vaginal area was almost continuously dripping with thick white goo; which ran down her legs in obscene drools. And she loved it.

On the other hand, her husband was becoming sexually obsessed… and loving it. He kept thinking back over his own sex education and fantasizing about the power of his son’s ejaculating power….. filling his wife’s cunt….. inseminating her. What a turn-on!

It was the same story….. every time his son approached climax while fucking her….. his wife would whisper hotly in his ear, “Cum in me lover, put your life into me.”

By this time, Rahim was fully into it. If his new mother wanted him to squirt in her tight mature cunt full of his greasy, potent cum, then he would. If she wanted him to knock her up, then he would.

So it went on. Each day Rahim would send bolt after bolt of his rich creamy seed sputtering deep into his stepmother’s womb. Spent, he would lie on top of her, and she would whisper in his ears.

“You’ll make me pregnant, won’t you? If I don’t get pregnant this time, promise you’ll keep trying until I do?.”

His stepmother’s plea turned him on to a great extent and he obliged….. spraying his virile seed into the depths of her fertile womb at least twice every day. She would react by saying that she loved the feel of his hot semen….. splashing into the depth of her cunt.

It was inevitable….. she would be pregnant and her stomach would be swollen with her stepson’s child…. growing inside her.

One evening, Rahim was in bed with his stepmother….. making vigorous love to her. They were now so brazen that they often left the bedroom door open a crack, so that Rahamat could watch his wife getting her pussy pounded by his son’s huge cock.

Rahamat watched his son wiggling his hips from side to side with each thrust….. causing his wife to buck and writhe sensuously beneath him. She jerked her flaring hips high up off the bed….. thrusting her pussy up at her young lover’s pounding cock like a bitch in heat.

Naturally, Rahim loved it! Lustfully, he gazed down at his stepmother’s gooey wet pussy… enjoying the sight of his long, thick cock, slicing deep into the welcoming tightness of her hairless cunt. The more she squirmed and bucked under him, the harder he fucked her….. returning her wild abandon lust with equal vigor.

As Probhaboti’s moans of pleasure became louder, her stepson thrust more strongly…. moving his cock back and forth inside her pussy with the power and rhythm of a pile-driver. He gave her everything he had….. panting into her shoulder as he fucked his gigantic prick relentlessly in and out of her wet pussy-slit.

She grimaced with pleasure as her stepson started to give her the fucking, she so desperately craved. Her gushing pussy contracted wetly around his rock-hard cock as she humped up eagerly to meet his jarring downward strokes. Locked into a savage, rhythmic coupling, they were soon fucking each other like rutting animals.

“Oh, Sona!”, Probhaboti gasped. “Oh God, my darling, that’s so good! Ummmm, yeah…. ram it into me baby! Keep fucking me baby!”

With her slutty urging, her stepson hunched his hips with all his might….. driving her ass deep into the bed with every powerful stroke. Her juice-filled pussy was steaming as her legs splayed wide open and the heady odor of hot pussy permeated the air.

Probhaboti’s dripping pussy slurped obscenely each time her stepson plunged his cock into it. Their savage fucking filled the room with the juicy wet sounds of heavy fucking. He was fucking her almost brutally now, and with every thrust, his enormous prick seemed to pierce her wide-open pussy-slit even deeper.

The big hairy balls of Rahim smacked repeatedly against the puckered little rosebud of his stepmother’s stretched anus. It created an obscene slapping sound which reverberated loudly in the room. She squeezed his bunched ass-cheeks and pulled his pumping cock into her weeping pussy even more.

Probhaboti squealed and whimpered with forbidden passion as her stepson fucked her relentlessly. His thick, ridged cock-shaft plunged repeatedly between the tender walls of her fleshy pussy. It excited her immensely….. as the cock pushed and stretched the juicy, pink flesh to it’s maximum. She passed out from the incredible waves of shuddering ecstasy that raced through her quivering loins.

At one point, Rahim disengaged and flopped down on the bed beside his stepmother….. her eyes were closed and her hips were swaying. He reached for her distended clitoris and began to stroke it gently, as his tongue danced in her mouth. He continued stroking her cunt as his fingers flitted over her pubic mound.

He applied steady pressure to her clitoris in which his stepmother groaned, “Oh, darling, darling, I’m wet all over”.

Rahamat watched the couple from outside the room as his son gently inserted a digit between her flared pussy lips, and began working it in and out. He moved down on his wife and rubbed the tip of his nose in her pussy folds. He laved her vaginal lips, gently….. sucking on her clit.

“Oh God, don’t stop, I’m almost there…”, Probhaboti moaned.

Rahim moistened a finger in her pussy and gently inserted it into her anus, as his tongue twirled inside her cunt. His stepmother moaned as she came with a shudder and a sigh. And a third time. And a fourth. Finally, she was done, and came into his arms, as he held her close.

Probhaboti began laving her stepson’s chest slowly as she told him about the wicked and delicious things she wanted him to do to her in bed. She finally summoned up courage and announced, “I’m going to have a baby,” as her stepson looked at her.

“Yes, I’m pregnant,” she declared again, “And the baby is definitely yours.”

He stared at his stepmother and hearing that news, his cock grew as hard as an aluminum baseball bat. She told him again about what she had learned, then continued laving his cock as he stared at her, stunned by her words.

She whispered, “Now I’m glad I’ve got your baby growing inside my belly. Pretty soon my stomach will swell with your child….. I mean our child. Thank you for making me pregnant at this age, Sona….. Ohhhhhh my sweet Janemaan.Thanks for allowing me to have your baby.”

With that, she began to lick her stepson’s cock clean. He gasped when he felt her warm wet lips suddenly wrap around his super sensitive prickhead.

And from outside the room, Rahamat could see his wife’s lips pressing against the sensitive flesh of his son’s now-hardening cock. The tip of her tongue played over his tingling pisshole. He saw his son’s cock growing larger as she licked and tongued it….. and the prickhead started swelling with hot pounding blood.

Probhaboti ran her hands up between her stepson’s legs and grabbed his hairy balls….. wrapping her fingers around them and squeezing gently. She sucked on his pulsating cock…. making it fill her mouth.

“Oh Allah! Oh, Amar Sonamoni Maa! It feels so good! Suck it, darling! Don’t stop, Maa! Please don’t stop!”, her stepson pleaded…… grabbing a pillow and digging into it with his fingers.

She began sucking up and down on his prick, his silky cockhead rubbing against the roof of her mouth as she bobbed up and down on it. Her fingers continued to work busily between his legs as she sucked him. His legs began to quiver as the intensity of his passion increased. It wasn’t long until Rahim was writhing in pleasure.

“Are you about to cum, Sona?” Probhaboti asked….. letting his engorged prick slip from her sucking lips.

“Oh, yeah, , Maa! Yeah! I’m gonna shoot it if you don’t stop sucking me!”, Rahim groaned in a frenzy.

“Oh, yes, lover! I want you to do just that! I want you to empty the load of cum you have in those nice fat balls of yours, darling! Your cock and balls will feel just wonderful while your cum is shooting out through your hard prick! I want you to feel good, darling! I want you to feel free to do anything that makes you feel good! You do want to shoot your load now, don’t you, lover?”

“Allah, yeah, baby! My balls are aching! I wanna do it! I, I gotta! I need to!”

“Oh, my real husband! Yes! Yes! Yes! Come in my face! Oh, God, yes! I love it, my Lord! Squirt it on my cheeks! Squirt it on my lips, in my eyes! Squirt it on my forehead! Cover my face with your hot thick semen!”

Rahamat was so much absorbed in the watching of the debauchery of his son and wife that he didn’t hear or notice the person who was now right beside him.

“It’s pretty fucking hot to watch them, right Baba?” a female voice said right next to his ear.

With a small gasp, Rahamat jerked back at the sound which came from behind and stumbled a bit with his pants around his feet. Instantly he felt a pair of hands on his back attempt to keep him from falling. His eyes shot back and forth and he took in a woman….. it was his daughter-in-law Soma.

“‘B….Bou….. Bouma….. you!,” he started to stammer in shame and tried to cover his deflating cock with both hands as he tried to explain. “I… I….. But Bouma……”

“Your son is doing the greatest job in the world….. to impregnate a woman. I think you should be proud of him. But you naughty…… you’re jerklng off to that blue show! I mean your own son and wife! How perverted! How hot!”

Soma looked down at her FIL’s semi hard cock and then up to his eyes. Quickly she reached around his hands and put her fingers around his thick flesh, right where the ridge of his glans met the shaft. Her hand began to slowly move up and down on his rapidly arousing cock….. as he shivered in a new taboo feeling.

That’s when in the room, with a loud groan, Rahim started to spray on his stepmother’s face with his scalding cum. And noticing that, within second Rahamat’s highly excited prick started to ejaculate in his Bouma’s expertly moving hand. Although he tried to keep himself silent, a low gurgling sound suddenly escaped from his mouth.

“Allah! I’m doing it! Oh, fuck! Fuck yeah! Here it comes! Beat me off, baby! I’m shootin’! Ahhhhhhhhh!” Rahim cried in ecstatic bliss as his hot, thick cum juice started spewing from his cock. He shot a huge load that flew several inches into the air before covering his stepmother’s face and tits.

“Ohhhhh!” Probhaboti gasped as the first hot spurt hit on her chin.

She began jacking her stepson’s cock swiftly. She raced her fist up and down….. making him come and come and come in a giant explosion. The squirts of hot cum-juice sputtered onto her cheeks, her nose, on her forehead and in her hair.

She made soft mewling of pleasure as she jerked her stepson off. Rivulets of his white creamy juice gushed from his jerking, exploding cock. She moved his spraying cock slightly down so that the cum-juices now splashed onto her chin, neck and eyelids…… drenching her face with the creamy wetness. Her forehead, her nose, her cheeks, were now plastered with her stepson’s cum juices. At one point she closed her eyes when his jizz suddenly spattered on them.

Rahamat and his Bouma both watched from outside in great fascination as spurt after spurt of sticky cum shot from the head of his son’s cock and covered all over his wife’s beautiful face. His wife then parted her lips and was just moving her tongue forward when his son sent a scalding spurt onto her bottom lip and tongue.

With a anguished wail, his wife began to lick….. tasting the sweet hot cum-juices of his son’s balls. She swirled her tongue about the head of his cock….. with her thoroughly cum-coated face. The stuff was dripped from her face in little rivulets. She flicked out her tongue and licked her lips…. smiling wickedly at his son.

“Your cum tastes so good, Sona! And there’s so much of it! I want to suck every last drop of cum from these darling balls of yours!” Probhaboti cooed….. engulfing her stepson’s oozing prick with her warm wet lips.

Rahim’s cock was very sensitive after he shot off. Rahamat saw every move of his wife’s tongue and lips against his son’s prick head. His wife continued to suck at his cock gently….. tried to drain his remaining flavoured jism.

A lot of cum had dripped from his prick onto his balls. She was soon busy licking his balls…… running her tongue down his rapidly-softening cock to his balls. Slowly, she moved them around in her mouth….. one by one….. washing them with her tongue and lips. She sucked one of his balls into her mouth, then the other.

To be continued……

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