Maid from Heaven – Part 19

Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 18 ). Now let’s continue

She said “I wanted to but he took very long to finish the second time”. We locked in a long sensual kiss now, I asked “so did you enjoy it”? Uma blushed and said “why do you ask when you already know the answer”?

I asked “are you still horny”? She herself took my hand and slipped it inside her nighty touching her wet pussy. She asked “what does this tell you”? I rubbed her pussy hard and said “I cannot wait to enjoy with you” and started dry humping her with my now fully erect cock.

She said “save your energy Krishna, you are going to need all of it very soon”. I asked “what do you have in mind”? She said “hold your horses and you will find out soon, now go back and sit with papa mummy”.

I went and sat at the dinner table for a few minutes for my erection to subside and then went to the hall. Uma served dinner and waited around to serve us. Mom asked “why don’t you also have dinner now Uma”?

Uma said “I will have after you all finish mummy”. After we finished Uma sat down for her dinner after clearing the table. Soon everyone retired to their rooms including me.

Uma went to my parent’s room to give them drinking water for the night. Mom asked “why don’t you also go and sleep”? Uma said “mummy I still have some cleaning to do, I will sleep after that”.

“What time will you wake up in the morning mummy so I can be ready with morning tea”? Mom said “we normally wake up by 9am but because we are tired today due to travelling, we will wake up later than that only”.

Uma went back to the kitchen and finished her chores. Then she called my mobile and said “Krishna come to the kitchen quietly”. I went there and found Uma sitting on the kitchen counter stark naked with her nighty on the floor.

She was already fingering her pussy, I asked “isn’t it risky doing it here”? She said “yes it is, I wanted to go to my room and do it but if in case your parents call for anything then I will not know”.

She got down from the counter and started giving me a blowjob after pulling down my tracks. The element of risk was adding to our thrill. Soon I made her bend on the counter and in a hurry entered her butt.

Uma whispered “no Krishna not there, please fuck my pussy only”. I was surprised but as long as I was getting a hole to plunge my cock into, I was happy. Surprisingly fucking her pussy was again as pleasurable as earlier, no more looseness etc.

The thought that she had fucked twice with Rizwan in her room while I was downstairs with my parents pushed me to last longer than my usual time. After a long and exciting fuck session I emptied my balls in her mouth.

Then she sucked me clean, we saw the time and it was nearing 10pm now. Uma told me to wait here while she put on her nighty and tip toed to my parent’s room. She slowly opened the door to check if they were sleeping or not.

After having confirmed that both were in deep sleep she came back. She said “Krishna they have slept. We can safely go to my room now”. We both went to her room and got on her bed after removing our clothes.

We were lying in each other’s arms. She said “Krishna I want to ask you for something”. I said “yes darling, please ask”. She said “I am nearly out of condoms”.

I burst out laughing, I said “there are two more boxes in my drawer, take it tomorrow”. She nudged me and said “what was so funny to laugh about”? I said “I was expecting you to tell me about your sexcapades with Aslam and Rizwan, instead you spoke about condoms”.

She innocently said “I was going to tell you about it next because I know you will get very excited and fuck me like mad after that”. We both naughtily laughed. She held my flaccid cock and started talking.

In Uma’s words from here:

After you left in the morning to the airport I called Aslam home. He was already waiting close by because while you were getting ready I had called him to be ready to come at short notice.

He came within 5 minutes and I took him straight to my room. We both made wild love on my bed. Then after resting we made crazy love one more time. Then you called that you were leaving the airport.

Then I got up to clean up and get ready when he begged me to do once more. Because he is so good and I find him irresistible, I gave in easily. The third time was the longest pushing both of us to our limits.

Then we rested for some time and then he left. I took a shower and got ready. I saw there was hardly 30minutes left for you to arrive so decided not to call Rizwan.

I went down to the kitchen doing my work. Then you called that you were ten minutes away. I quickly made sure everything was in order and waited for you all to arrive.

Then you arrived and soon we had one quick round in the kitchen while your parents were getting fresh. When you told me about not enjoying me like before, it hit me hard and I decided not to continue with both of them.

Then you still persisted that I continue with both of them. Then while I was preparing dinner Rizwan called. I wanted to tell him it is not possible today but he said “I am already waiting on the terrace outside your door madam”.

I saw that I had already completed the major dinner preparation so I decided to go meet him. I told you to manage for me and went to the terrace. He was there, I yelled at him “are you mad to come here when everyone is at home”?

He said “I am sorry madam, but I could not control anymore. I have been waiting all day for your call”. Before I could say anything, he hugged me and started kissing me.

I panicked if anyone saw us in the open terrace in this compromised posture, so I quickly took him inside. He quickly removed all my clothes and his. He made me lie on the bed and got on top doing foreplay.

Then he was about to push his cock inside when I told him to stop. I gave him a condom and said “from now on my pussy is only for sir, you can only fuck my ass if you want”.

He said “madam, thank you. I too enjoy fucking your ass more than your pussy anyway”. He flipped me on my chest and entered me. He fucked me for a long time in various positions before cumming in me.

After that I got up and drank his cum from the condom before throwing it away. Then I went and cleaned in my bathroom and put on a normal nighty which you bought for such occasions.

Rizwan was still lying on my bed stroking his hard cock. I said “Rizwan please leave quickly now, I have given you what you wanted”. He came to me and said “madam, I am not satisfied yet. Please let’s do once more”.

Even before I could say anything, he quickly pushed me to the wall raising my nighty to my waist and pushed his cock again in my butt. I kept telling him to stop but he did not listen and continued pounding me.

His action triggered my arousal again so soon I too stopped resisting and was fully enjoying with him. He continued in this same position only for a long time. Then he made me bend kneeling on the edge of the bed and resumed.

I was derelious with the repeated orgasms he was giving me. After pounding me even longer that the previous time he finally filled my ass with his juice. Then we went to my bathroom and cleaned.

I said “Rizwan I don’t like to be forced, if you repeat this then I will never meet you again”. He grinned and said “madam you are talking as if you did not enjoy it”.

I did not have an answer because he was right. He asked “can we meet again tomorrow”? I said “Rizwan I have guests this week, so meeting again this week will be very difficult”.

He said “madam even now you have guests, but we met right”? I said “you have no idea what a big risk I had to take only because you were already here. So I will try to find a safe chance and then call you”.

He said “ok madam, as you say. But please try harder”. I said “I will, now you leave quickly without making any noise”. He left and I came down to the kitchen. Rest you know.

To be continued….

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