Wife gang-bang plaything

While sex with multiple guys (and the occasional woman) is almost always a primary feature of these stories, they also contain explicit aspects of bondage, S&M, and other general kink. Sales Lead With a skeptical look on his face, the guy asked, “What’ll she really do?” How did I come to be thousands of miles from home,

Supernatural investigation leads to son fucking

LOCKED TOGETHER WITH MOM, Supernatural investigation leads to son fucking The Lady was a tall, graceful woman. Her wealth came from being a distant relative of a European royal family, but her power came from being beloved in the community since moving to America. In those days, men ruled society, but she was a notable

Wife Anne Chooses Her First Lover

My name is Anne. I am 23 years old. I am 5’4”, petite muscular, 34DD, long brunette curly hair, and hazel eyes. My husband’s name is James age 50. We have been married for two years. He travels internationally for a large corporation. He is gone most of the time. I am alone a lot

Mom in Bus

Hello Everyone today I would be sharing one of my incidents with my aunt on the bus. I am a 19 years old boy with a 6 inch thick tool in my pants.. Now let me describe my aunt. My aunt’s name is Sheela and she is 35-27-36 a perfect milf material. At first I

My mom honeymoon with another man – part 1

My name is abhi you have read many story of my mom .. this story is also intresting story about our family vacation in Maldives . Thoda who don’t no my mom my mom name is bani . Mom age is 35 but still look vey young and sexy she has a papaya like big

The hotel group sex

In previous story, as you know I had my urges fulfilled, sex with my best friend only to find out moments later that my life was going to be very difficult. After I fucked Mamatha, and was hitting on Amrutha, i found out Amrutha was infact my half sister. The next whole journey went on

seen my friend fucking my mom

My name is raghav and i am from delhi. My mom is very sexy and her name is neetu jitender garg. she is so sexy that i can tell you about her in words. she wear saree and kurties. actually my father skin colour is very black and my mom is white so she dont

Gives virginity to daddy; daddy takes it hard

I enjoyed writing this one and can’t even count how many times I had to stop to masturbate! I really appreciate any and all feedback. Please vote and comment 🙂 ***** Crystal laid spread eagle on her father’s bed, wearing only a pair of light pink panties. Her nineteen-year old body writhing atop the mattress,

My teen daughter and I;Crystal and Daddy:

My teen daughter and I;Crystal and Daddy: I was masturbating as I was licking Crystals dirty panties, The thick creamy spot on her panties was delicious . Tasting My daughters juices . I came so hard . I didn’t realize that she’s watching me,in the bedroom. She just smiled and walked into her room.I went

I am a cheater and I can’t help it.

Hello there! I am MACAR a 37 years old married woman with 34b, 30 and 36 frame, high octane when it comes to sex my closets friends call me piruja, only they know what that means. I have been a extremely horny bitch since my early teens, I remember I used to get my underwear

Awakening my son

I am a 42 yr old MOM of 3 kids, almost all grown, girl 21 boys 20 15. This is the start of our summer season, we have a small cabin northern Ontario .WE open it up on May 24 weekend This year was no exception except the only ones were myself and my 15

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