Pondicherry Trip with office colleague

Hi, this is Praveen and this is my one experience. I am here to submit my own experience which happened 3 months ago. After reading the story, please give your suggestions without fail. Now, let the story begin.

I currently live in Bangalore as I work in Bangalore. I used to go out on weekends. Once it was a long weekend and I was very bored at home. I was chatting about this with one of my friends. Her name was Kirti. She felt the same way too. In fact, she was very upset about something else. So, we planned to go to Pondicherry. As soon as both of us agreed, I booked the room online.

We left Bangalore in our car on Saturday evening. It was around 7 pm then. As it was getting late to reach Pondicherry, we had food on the way, bought Bacardi Lemon Breezer at a place in Tamil Nadu and continued our journey. Throughout the journey, we talked about work, and life and often made jokes.

By the way, my friend had a selfie craze. She often held my hand while taking selfies. It was 11 pm when we reached Pondicherry. We took some snacks and went straight to our room.

Then my friend told me that she had a headache and wanted to get a tablet. So, we went out looking for a medical shop. We found a medical shop. When I went to the shop to get the tablet, she sat in the car. As I was purchasing the tablet, I saw a chocolate-flavored condom packet there. For some reason, I bought it also along with the tablet. But I had no desire to have sex with my friend.

We came back to our room and freshened up. We put on shorts and t-shirts and settled on the bed. I connected my hard disk to the TV and watched a movie.

While watching the movie, we started drinking the rum we had brought and taking the snacks. Kirti then put her legs inside the bedsheet and asked me to do the same.

Now, we both were drinking, watching TV and talking about this and that. We got into our fourth round and by then, it was too much for her. It was a little too much for me as well.

Then I wanted to smoke, so I went outside. Kirti also came out saying that she was also coming. It was not going well for her and she was holding my shoulder. I was holding her waist.

Until then, I had no sexual feelings for my friend. She was a little curvy but had a full mast body. She had as much fat as needed in any place.

We came back to the room after smoking. This time, Kirti sat on the bed and hugged me like that. But I had another idea in my head. She had come so far because of her faith in me. I felt that I should not take advantage of such a situation. That was why I remained a little decent.

Again, we had 2 rounds of drinks. Then my friend started telling me about her love affair. She started telling me how her break-up happened without any reason. She wanted to get the phone and scold her lover at that time.

The phone was next to me. I consoled her while she was picking up the phone beside me. Suddenly, she lost her balance and fell on me. I woke her up and let her lie down. But she was not ready to sleep.

Then she asked, “Am I not sexy? Why did he leave me?”

To that, I said, “You are sexy…but that is not the only thing that is needed in love.”

Suddenly, Kirti hugged and kissed me! I stopped her.

“If I am sexy, why aren’t you kissing me back?” she said.

I said, “You are in another state. Please sleep..”

But she was in no condition to oblige. No matter how hard I tried, she wouldn’t get over me. So I hugged her like that. She seemed to be fine and was sleeping now. But she also hugged me and started touching my back and chest. I was rubbing her back. I wanted to do it.

Kirti never slept. She kept trying to kiss me again and again. After some time, I also lost control and kissed my friend back. It took 45 minutes for me to kiss the horny girl. She then unbuttoned her t-shirt and lay on me in just a bra. After seeing that, I wanted to feel her body more.

It had been a year after my break up, so there was no female touch for a year. Hence, I couldn’t stand it either. Then she extended her hand and called me. I also unbuttoned my t-shirt and hugged and kissed my friend. I kissed like that for almost 15 minutes non-stop. Then my hands were crawling all over her body. Her stomach part was also touching to me. It was flat and she had a small navel.

After playing with Kirti for more than half an hour, I felt like I wanted more. Her shorts were untied again. She had short hair on her forehead. I went to her thigh, kissed her and started the game. She couldn’t control herself and kept pushing my head against her lap. I gave her a kiss and she jerked.

Again, I put my finger on her thigh. I already knew that my female friend was not a virgin. I put my finger on her nipple and played back and forth, pinching one of her nipples and squeezing the other nipple. She orgasmed within 15 minutes.

After that, she got on top of me and unbuttoned my shorts again. Kirti was shocked to see my penis and said that her boyfriend’s penis was smaller than mine. She shook it a little, put it in her mouth, and gave me a blowjob. That was the best blowjob for me. I squirted my juice inside her mouth after 5-10 minutes. Then she pasted it all over my dick and cleaned it again.

Again she asked, “Come over me. Have you brought anything like condoms?”

I took out the condom from my pants and showed it to her.

“Ok, come over me fast,” she said.

Then I said, “I have never fucked anyone before…” I said.

Then she smiled, took the condom and put it on my erect dick and pushed me onto the bed. She came on top of me, put her pussy on top of my dick and started bouncing up and down. She was enjoying it so much. I was also enjoying watching her boobs flying and started sucking them for the first time. Thank God, I had cummed earlier. So, my dick stayed harder for a long time.

After some time, I rolled and got on top of her and said, “Now, it’s my turn…”

I fucked my friend in doggy style first and then in missionary style. Finally, I cummed inside her pussy again. We both were tired and went to bed.

The next morning, she hugged me. It was 6 o’clock. Then we started our 2nd round. It went on for a long time. We slept again. We both didn’t have any sense of time but we were glad that it happened. She was glad that I did not use the situation. She also told me not to tell anyone about this. After this, we had sex 3-4 times.

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