My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 16

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Please read the previous part here ( My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 15 ). Now let’s continue

Mom smiled and said “ok, take what you want”. He quickly got on top sucking her nipples like mad. Ranbir too added “why should I be left out aunty, I also want more”.

Mom nodded yes and he nudged Akshay to the side and took her other boob in his mouth. Now both of them were sucking and pressing one boob each while mom lay with her eyes closed enjoying the pleasure she was deriving from both.

Her hands were in their hair pressing them to her boobs. Bhatti sat on the stood beside her enjoying the live show just like me. Ranbir slipped his hand to her pussy and began rubbing it.

Within minutes this made mom wriggle her body with another orgasm. She opened her eyes while Ranbir still continued sucking her boob and rubbing her pussy.

Even Akshay was still sucking her nipple hard. Mom looked at me lustily. I knew she was now eager to take things to the next level with both of them. I opened her purse and took out two more condoms, she naughtily smiled biting her lower lip while looking at me.

She patted Ranbir and said “go take that and come to me”. Now Akshay said “what about me aunty”? Mom said “don’t worry, you are next. I will take care of you also”.

Ranbir came to her after wearing the condom, she got on her knees. Bhatti yelled at Ranbir “what are you waiting for asshole, she is waiting for you to fuck her”. Ranbir got behind her but was unable to put his cock in her pussy because of mom’s height.

Mom spread her legs wider adjusting herself to match his height and guided his cock inside. When his dick dived into the depths of her pussy Ranbir let out a loud moan and so did mom.

He tried holding her waist while trying to fuck her, mom guided his hands to her hips. She said “now hold me and start pumping hard”. Ranbir followed her instructions because clearly he was a novice.

I think this was his first time so within a few minutes he came inside her and sat down panting. Mom looked at Akshay, she said “now you are next”. He quickly took the condom from me and entered her from behind.

Surprisingly he lasted for a long time before cumming inside her pussy. Thanks to him mom too enjoyed another orgasm before he came. He too sat down exhausted on the mattress.

Bhatti said “thank you Pooja for taking their virginity today”. Mom looked at him and they both laughed. Bhatti said “if you don’t mind Pooja can we do once more” pointing at his erect cock.

Mom said “wait Bhatti, I need to take care of my friend here first”. She got up and came to me, she took her purse from my hand and put it down. Then she pulled me to my feet and locked in a passionate smooch and embrace.

Her hands were already on my belt unhooking it along with my trousers buttons. In no time my jeans were at my feet, she got on her knees giving me a blowjob. I was already on my edge watching her live performance so came within seconds.

She swallowed my cum and continued sucking me trying to get me hard again. I gasped and said “pooja please give me some time to get ready again”. She got up and smooched me.

She whispered in my ears “I kept my promise to give you a good show, now get ready quickly because I will not be completely satisfied till you fuck me”. I nodded in affirmative.

She turned around and went to Bhatti taking one condom from her purse. She gave it to him and got on her knees on the mattress. Bhatti came behind her pushing his dick inside her fully in one stroke.

Mom let out a loud aah when he entered her, soon he started humping her like a horse going full speed. Both Akshay and Ranbir sat there watching their uncle in awe ravaging her pussy like an expert.

Ranbir asked “aunty will we also get a second chance”? Mom looked at him and said “don’t push your luck very hard kiddo, feel lucky that I gave you one chance just because he told me” pointing at me.

She said “I am back here in a few days, then we can surely do it again”. Akshay said “what about uncle, you gave him a second chance right”? She replied “first you become capable like your uncle, then talk to me”.

Both of them frowned at their lost opportunity, mom said “come closer to me”. They both crawled closer, she took Ranbir in her mouth while stroking Akshay and kept switching between them.

A while later both came in her mouth which she spat out followed by Bhatti cumming in her pussy. This time she did not get an orgasm and I was surprised. All of them lay panting on the mattress.

I thought mom was done and tired but soon she proved me wrong. I was sitting on the stool with my rejuvenated erection watching her. She came to me and straddled her legs on either side of me.

She guided my cock inside her love hole and started riding me right there on the stool. She smooched me again and said “didn’t I tell you, no one satisfies me like you do”.

I asked “so you didn’t enjoy with all of them”? She said “I did but I always need you to do the honours like the icing on the cake”. We hugged tightly while she rocked her bottom on my cock.

This being my second time I was able to last longer. Even before I came she had an intense orgasm hugging me tightly for support. Neetu whispered in my ears “thank you son, I desperately needed that and only you could give it to me”.

I grabbed her buttocks and started giving reverse thrusts because I was also close to cumming. A few minutes later I released my cum inside her and saw a fully satisfied look on her face.

We looked behind and all three of them were looking at us. They were surely hard looking at the tent in their pants but they were not going to get any more action today from mom.

Bhatti took us to the bathroom where we cleaned up. I got dressed while Neetu remained fully naked and asked Bhatti “do you want to finish taking my measurements now”?

Bhatti came with his tape and measured her, he said “pooja your boobs have outgrown the old bra by a big amount. Come with me, I will give you the correct size which will suit your magnificent boobs perfectly”.

They went towards the counter and I followed. He showed 3 different styled bras saying “this is all that I have which will fit you. Give me two days and I will get more varieties”.

Still she wore the bra and I hooked it from behind. Mom turned to me and asked “how is this darling? Do you like it”? I said “yes Pooja it suits you well”. She grabbed the matching panty and put it on.

She said “bhatti pack the rest, I will try them and come back to you in two days if or not I like them”. He gleefully said “yes Pooja, please feel free to come back and I will exchange them for you if you don’t like them”.

Mom went back to the special room and wore the rest of her clothes. Then she joined me at the main counter. She looked at Bhatti said asked “so how much do I need to pay you”?

He exclaimed “no Pooja, you don’t have to pay anything. You please keep coming here regularly and everything in my store is free for you”. Mom thanked him with a kiss, she also gave one kiss to Akshay and Ranbir making them all very happy.

Then we left from there and quickly had lunch in a restaurant because we were both very hungry after enjoying so much sex. I asked “mom if you are feeling tired then we can go home now”.

She said “Lets meet Rafiq so he can stitch some new blouses for me and then we will go home”. I asked “you only said he also lusts for you, do you have the energy to handle him”?

She said “yes dear, he only does foreplay with me while he fucks his wife, I can handle that”. I drove following Neetu’s directions and we reached Rafiq’s place. This was not a shop but a house.

We went inside, we were greeted by a lean old man with grey hair and his beautiful young wife Aisha who was nearly half his age. She was equally fair as mom with an identical busty curvy figure like mom.

To be continued….

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