My Hot Punjabi Mom-13

Please read the previous part here ( My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 12 ). Now let’s continue Neetu said “Isn’t this robe enough? After all he is only coming to fuck me and this will be faster to remove and fuck”. We sat in the hall talking about the day’s events. I made sure I … Read more

My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 12

Please read the previous part here ( My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 11 ). Now let’s continue Mom said “you are such a shameless bastard, what will she think about me”. He said “why do you even care Pooja darling, she envies you because you are far more sexier than her”. Mom went to the … Read more

The Great Sen Family – Ep.2

Episode : 2***********Characters of 1st Sen Family :-1. Munmun, 28 yrs, Film-actress,2. Manish, 30 yrs, Businessman,3. Chitradevi, 48 yrs, Munmun’s mother, renowned actress,4. Parveen, 18 yrs, Munmun’s maid,5. Prankrisno, 25 yrs, Munmun’s Cook cum driver cum gardener.6. Probhaboti, 44 yrs, Prankrisno’s widow mother. Characters of 2nd Sen Family :-1. Aparna, 38 yrs, Actress cum Director,2. … Read more

Indian housewife dallies with elderly neighbor

Indian housewife dallies with elderly neighbor This is a true story of my beautiful wife’s affair with our disgusting, elderly neighbor. It has been well over four years now but their appetite hasn’t worn off. The story has been dramatized to make it presentable to the reader. The majority of the story and the acts … Read more

Tolly Queen 5

Koel ignored Kader entirely….. not in really….. but in mockingly. Too much…. her husband Nispal thought, ‘she was trying too hard’. Ironically, it was the first sign Nispal had that she might go for it if he persuaded a little. That’s when the band started to warm up. Kader didn’t know the others well, but … Read more

Tolly Queen 4

( 2 yrs ago, Nispal & Kader’s partnership collaboration in Tollygunge Film-Industry ) After getting invitation more than once from Koel and her husband Nispal, Kader decided to meet with them one day….. without any intimation….. just to give them a surprise. So one sunny day, with his new BMW car, he arrived in the … Read more

Punjabi married girl and Mumbai’s bachelor boy (Part 1)

“wait…wait…are you confident about ourselves?” She asked. “Of course I am” I said. Then she spread her legs, I slided the panty from her hole and inserted my cock in her pussy, which was waiting for her approval. She betrayed her husband and was not at all feeling guilty. She was satisfied by me and … Read more