The New Girl-20

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, Please read the previous part here ( The New Girl-19 ). Now let’s continue

I reached the entrance of the room and looked inside from the corner of the curtain which was serving as a door. Mom was on all fours and Aslam was pounding her butt from behind.

I looked sideways and saw two more men also sitting there naked stroking their cocks watching the live sex action. I was trying to make sense as to who the two men were and if mom going to have sex with them also.

I didn’t have to wait for too long to get my answers. Soon Aslam stiffened and released his load inside mom’s butt and continued thrusting till the last drop. He pulled out and sat on the floor alongside mom.

Both were panting heavily. I saw today Aslam was wearing a condom which he removed and threw away now. Then the two men got up and went towards mom.

Aslam said Sonia meet Thakur and Irshaad. Thakur said “thank you Sonia for the wonderful live show, here is your money”. I don’t know how much it was but looked like a lot because it was a thick pile.

Mom took it and kept it aside next to her clothes. Irshaad said “Sonia if you let us fuck you now we will double it”. Mom said “double is nothing”, he said “ok, triple”.

Mom said “still not enough”, Thakur said “ok, quadruple is my final offer for your middle aged used holes”. I was shocked to see him openly insulting mom.

Had I been in mom’s place I would have kicked his groin and walked out”. Mom instead smiled and said “you have a deal, but with condoms only”. Looking at it all I was not sure if Aslam was pimping her or mom herself asked for this.

She collected the money and kept it next to the rest. Both men removed their clothes becoming naked. Aslam got up and took a seat watching them. Both came closer to mom and she held their cocks stroking them.

Thakur looked at Aslam and said “why don’t you leave? We will call you when we are done with this bitch”. Aslam said “this is my place, I will sit right here and watch. Next time when you take her to your place then I will not bother you”.

I was more shocked to hear that this was not a one-time thing, but a long term arrangement. Meanwhile Irshaad shouted “we are not paying you so much money to use your hands bitch, use your bloody mouth”.

Mom expertly took his cock in her mouth sucking him while continuing to stroke Thakur’s cock. Thakur went behind her and ordered her to stand. Mom obediently stood up.

He said “now bend and suck his cock”. Mom did as ordered and started sucking Irshaad’s cock. Thakur pushed his cock into her from behind in one hard stroke.

Mom jerked and shouted “stop, not without a condom” pushing him back. He did not let go and continued pounding her. Now Aslam angrily shouted “stop this was not the deal” and stood up.

Thakur stopped looking at Aslam getting up and let mom go. Mom was now sitting on the floor looking at them. Thakur took a condom from his pocket and put it on.

Then he signalled mom to get back in position. Mom stood up bending over like earlier while he pushed his cock in resuming his pounding. Irshaad placed his hand on her head pushing his cock deeper in her mouth.

After about 5mins Thakur let out a groan cumming inside her. He let go of mom and sat on the floor panting. Now it was Irshaad’s turn, he made her lie down and after wearing a condom mounted her.

He straightaway pushed his cock in her and started fucking her. He was mauling her boobs roughly, mom screamed “stop you are hurting me”. Again Aslam shouted “go easy or I will throw both of you outside”.

Irshaad fell in line but the he was still fucking mom with very hard strokes. Now Thakur crept close to her face with his cock touching her lips. Mom opened her mouth taking him in.

He held her face and started fucking her mouth. He started off slowly but became rough soon making her gag on his cock. Mom was frantically hitting his thighs and Aslam saw it too.

He got up and pulled Thakur back grabbing his neck. Thakur fell on his back and shouted “why the fuck are you interrupting? She is a whore and we are treating her as one”.

By now Irshaad also stiffened and released his load collapsing on mom. Aslam shouted “if you can handle her like gentlemen then ok, or else get out right now”.

Thakur got up in a huff and put on his clothes, he looked at mom and shouted “give me my money back bitch”. Aslam shouted “you fucked her so no refund now. Get out”.

Thakur looked at Irshaad who was sitting on the floor, Irshaad said “you leave, I am not done with her yet”. I quickly ran and hid behind the sewing machines.

Aslam emerged from the room with Thakur in pursuit and saw him out. There was some heated exchange of words. Aslam shouted “get out you bastard, don’t show your face ever again”.

He came back after that and went inside the room. I tiptoed back to my place peeping inside, Aslam was back in his seat still fuming while mom was giving a blowjob to Irshaad.

Aslam said “don’t you ever bring that bastard again to my place”. Irshaad calmly said “don’t worry, I will handle it. When he gets horny he sometimes becomes an animal”.

Aslam said “now next week I am also coming with her to your place to make sure this does not repeat. If I see that bastard, there then you will not be able to have her”.

Irshaad nodded ok and patted mom to turn around. He used a condom and pushed his cock in her butt. He held her hips and resumed pounding her with hard strokes.

Now mom was also enjoying it letting out soft moans. Irshaad said “Sonia meet me more often and I will make sure your husband climbs his career ladder quickly.

Between moans mom said “I am ready to come to you everyday but please don’t let my husband know that I am enjoying sex with you, his boss”. He laughed and said “that asshole will never know that his wife is warming my bed, if you come to me every day then I will make sure you will not regret it”.

I was shocked to hear that Irshaad was dad’s boss. I decided dad has to know about this. Anyway soon Irshaad released his load inside her and sat down breathing heavily.

He looked at Aslam and said “you surely got me a very hot piece of meat, now make sure she is everyday at my place at 5pm. Don’t worry about the money, I will pay the same every time she comes”.

Aslam said “I will bring her everyday but only on one condition, I will be there all the time till you finish”. Irshaad said “fine by me. Even her husband is going to benefit from this arrangement after all”.

Irshaad got up throwing the condom aside, he started wearing his clothes. Mom collected her clothes and went to the toilet leaving the money behind. I hurriedly got behind the machines thinking if I should wait or leave when I still have a chance.

Aslam emerged from the room followed by Irshaad and saw him out. He went back inside and I too got back peeping inside. Mom was standing hugging him saying “thanks for being there, otherwise I would have regretted my decision of listening to you”.

She took the money lying there and gave some to him, Aslam said “sweetheart I did not do this for the money, I did this only for you”. Mom insisted he keep it pushing it in his pocket.

I saw the time it was close to 9 and I knew it was over, so I quietly scooted out from there going straight home. Dad answered the door grinning at me, he asked “so you had your fill”?

I said “no dad, but I found out about mom and your boss”. Dad gave me a wide eyed look, he asked “what do you mean”? I said “lets go inside and pretend to be normal, mom will be here shortly. I will tell you later tonight”.

Soon mom came home looking very tired. She had done up her messed up hair but it clearly showed she had been up to something. She was carrying a large cover in her hand, I knew it was the money she just earned by selling her body.

After freshening up in the bathroom she changed into her usual nighty and went to the kitchen. I too followed pretending dumb. I asked “mom why are you looking so tired”?

To be continued….

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