The New Girl – 6a

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts so you can enjoy this better… The New Girl – 5

I walked back to the main gate recollecting all the events of today where I was fucked 6 times by two real men including once together. I reached the gate where I met Khan smiling at me saying “Lagta hai ki aaj Pillai sir ne jam ke tumhari chudai ki kasarat ki hai”.

I refuted saying “Khan mai unko kuch zaroori kaam se papa ke paas aur phir mummy ke pass leke gayi thi”. “Jab tum mere paas ho toh mujhe kisi aur ki kyun zaroorat padegi”? Listening to my last words he placed my hand on his erect cock.

He said “Gudiya, yeh tumhare liye bahut bechain hai, isko apni gaand ki garmi se shaanth kardo”. I pleaded to him “Khan, aaj mai bahut thak gayi hun sara din bhag doud karke, kya hum please kal Karen? Agar tum chaho to kal mujhe kam se kam do baar chod lena”?

This seemed to have no effect on him and he said “Gudiya school chutne mein abhi 15min baaki hai aur mai das minute mein tumhari gaand chodunga aur kal jaisa tum chaho tumhe jitni baar chaho mai tumhe phir se chodunga”.

I quietly followed him to his cabin and he bolted the door. I opened my salwar and panties and pulled them down to my knees getting into doggy style on the edge of his bed. He applied saliva liberally on his cock and my butt hole and started inserting his cock.

He entered smoothly and holding my waist began fucking me hard. He said “Gudiya kya kamaal ki teri gaand hai, jitna mazaa teri gaand marne mein aaraha hai itna teri chut mein bhi nahin aaya”. I replied “Khan tumhara lund bhi gazab ka hai, meri kunwari gaand mein isne ghuste hi aag laga di”.

He got more excited and was fucking me harder now. I said “Aajse meri yeh gaand sirf tumhare lund ke liye hi rahegi”. I saw we had less than 7 mins for school closing so I said “Khan jaldi se chodo mujhe, sirf 5 min baaki hain”.

He was fucking me like a bull now and soon released his cum in my butt. I knew I did not have the time to clean-up now so I grabbed his kerchief and stuffed it in my butt hole and got dressed. He was staring at what I did.

I kissed him and said “mai tumhare ras ko apni gaand mein hi rakh kar uska aanand uthana chahti hun kyuni tumhi ne meri gaand ki seal todi hai aur jaise maine kaha meri gaand aajse sirf tumhari”. He was thrilled and we quickly headed back to the gate.

A minute later the bell went off and Hardeep came out and I asked him if he had any sports activities today and he said no. He said he wanted to talk to me about everything that happened. I told him to shut his mouth and quietly go home and not talk in public.

On the way home, we met the boys from our colony and we stopped to meet them. Some surrounded me and quickly pressed my boobs and ass and whispered I was very sexy. I smiled back at them and they stopped when Hardeep turned to me.

All this happened quickly behind Hardeep’s back and we were normal by the time he turned to us. We picked up our bags and went to Hardeep’s house. Once we got to his room Hardeep asked what happened after he left Pillai’s place.

I told him “nothing much happened because after Pillai escorted you out I passed out and woke up around 2pm. He served me lunch and fucked my ass and then I took a bath and he dropped me off around the street to the school gate just 5 mins before the bell.

There was no way I was going to tell him about all the sex I had with Pillai, Prakash and Khan, I felt the lesser he knew the better. I told him I was going to use his bathroom and then we could go out and play with the boys.

I quickly went to his bathroom and removed the watchman’s kerchief from my ass and cleaned up. When I went back Hardeep was lying on his bed stroking his cock with his hand. I told him not now. We needed to go to my place so I can change my clothes and then we can play a little.

We will come back early today and enjoy sex after that. He agreed and we both headed to my house, I stripped in front of Hardeep and wore a white blouse top with a long maroon skirt. We went out to play with the boys.

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