Open Instagram profile to closed room

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Hi, I am Ramesh from Bengaluru, Working in an IT company. I am 29 years, 5.6 height with an athletic body and handsome.

This is my first story (real experience). This story is about how my open insta profile led to have sex with a beautiful lady from Mysore in a hotel room.

Coming to the story it happened 5 years back.
I was in the office and I received a friend request on Instagram from an unknown girl and I accepted it. I was curious to know about her so I texted her in the nifty 9 pm and our chat continued till 1 am. After a few days, we exchanged numbers and also did a video call sometime. We both started to like each other, we exchanged our pics and also did sex chat sometimes.She was from Mysore and she was looking for his friend on Instagram but by mistake, she saw my profile and liked it.

Let me tell you about her, her name is KAVITA 22 in age with 5.2 height and 50 kg. .She is Very cute and beautiful. She maintained herself Very well. She also works in an IT company..

We decided to meet up over the weekend. I booked a Bus and also a hotel in Mysore. She arrived around 11 a.m. We immediately hugged each other on meeting and I gave her my favorite chocolate. She was more beautiful than she look online, my dick started to erect after seeing her figure. Her stats are 26-32-30. She was in her T-shirt and short. She had massive tits of 32. Those melons are very round in shape as i can see from the t shirt. I felt so happy seeing her. I praised for her beauty and she blushed. I was not able to control it, Immediately we moved into the room and we hugged for a few minutes. Later we had a generic conversation.

After some time I went behind her hugged much tightly from behind and started to bite her neck with my lips. She turned her head and we started kissing, our lips were locked and playing with our tongues. She was sucking my lips as though she going to eat me. We kissed passionately for some time it was an awesome feeling. Slowly I kept playing with her breasts and scratching her back.

I removed her top and pushed my face deep inside her cleavage. I unbuttoned her bra and started playing with her boobs. I started biting the nipple and sucking it and at the same time I squeeze the other boob. She was screaming ahaahaa hmhmhmaa aahhmmh

She pushed me on the bed and pulled my T-Shirt and pants off. she started kissing on my whole bod. She sucked my chest and then she moved down. she took my cock out and she grabbed my cock and caressed it with his soft hands and felt it for some time and after that he started sucking the cock with her mouth like a slut and licking like lollipop and I was enjoying the movement and I was moaning Oh…. she sucked it for 10 minutes. Next, my turn I removed her panty and I kept my tongue on her clit. I started to lick it so gently. She was moaning hmmm yes, I could see that cum is dripping out her pussy.

Then I wore the condom and I slowly pumped it into her pussy it was a bit tightly since it was unused. After a few strokes, it went completely inside.She screamed very hard because of the pain. After sometime she started to enjoy it. She was moaning, “Huhhh huuuuu hhuuuuh hmmmm baby yes yaa yes hah hah hah yes yes yes haaaaa fuck baby yes omg yes haaaa”. I was switching between sucking on her nipple and smooching while fucking her. She is enjoying my dick. After a few minutes, She went on top of me and guided my dick into her pussy. She slowly increased her pace and started riding me. We fucked for a couple of minutes in the same position and we both came at the same time. We collapsed on the bed and then we hugged each other.She felt happy and satisfied. We slept for some time then She took my cock and gave a blow job. I insisted her to go for a 69 instead. We were sucking like there was no more chance. My cock went deep inside her throat and i was pushing her ass to get her vagina deep inside my mouth.We were in ecstacy and she was mourning with her mouth closed as she was sucking my cock. After a while we are in peak and unable to control i ejected my cum and she too had her another orgasm. She was happy and keep on sucking to take my last drop of cum. She had a taste and liked it. We were exhausted, lying naked and took some rest.
Later we directly hit the shower and started exploring our body in water. Her hands over my cock and our lips are busy kissing each other. Love and lust were flowing though the water. We were super hot. Inserted my fingers into her vagina and gave a nice hand job. She cant control her feelings and she keep on asking me to do it faster. She got really hot and we wanted to fuck badly in water. I fucked her in bathroom. Later She took my cock and gave a nice blowjob.

We went out for lunch and I returned to Bengaluru in the Evening.

Thanks for reading my story guys. Hope you enjoyed my first experience. In the next story, I will tell how this incident turned my sex life. If any Bengaluru woman or couple wants to contact me then you can mail me at [email protected] or connect in hangouts.

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