I fuck my friend Shalini

My name is Shankar. Age 30, living in Chennai..I am working as an engineer in a cyber-security company..One day I got a call when I m in work. I took and saw mobile. Shalini is calling.Hello Shalini, how are you,.Shankar. I want to talk to you aboutits very important.Tel me Shalini,.“Can’t say over the phone. … Read more

Suprise sex with celebrity 🥰😘

Hello All.I am 24 years old with good physique and handsome guy, let’s jump into the story soon….. In my Insta I’d one fine day, i received a msg “hello” shall have your massage service?!??, and have seen her profile and reply her , and we have discussed our package and place every thing and … Read more

It’s a shame dreams aren’t real

Everyone’s fantasies are different and everyone can imagine what his or her depraved mind allows. Even the sweetest and most attractive girls can turn out to be real demons at heart. Marusya V., going to bed, imagined a gym where her dirtiest fantasies could be fulfilled. For example, a toilet with glorichol, where after a … Read more

Open Instagram profile to closed room

Hi, I am Ramesh from Bengaluru, Working in an IT company. I am 29 years, 5.6 height with an athletic body and handsome. This is my first story (real experience). This story is about how my open insta profile led to have sex with a beautiful lady from Mysore in a hotel room. Coming to … Read more

Sex with wife and step daughter

Hello readers, I am new here. So, pardon me for my mistakes. This is completely hypothetical story but full of fantasy sex and if you are obsessed with incest then don’t read it. I was living in the London in a hostel and I simultaneously searching for a sharing flat. So, I search the availability … Read more

I lost my virginity to my best friend in college(Real Incident)

!! “This is exactly what happened in real life,no twisted ,no spices added in this story” !! My name is Shubham and this Happened during my college days in my early 20’s , I am kind of a Shy guy who is afraid and shy to talk with girls ,in my first year I barely … Read more

Intimated with elder sister in manali – part 1

Hi everyone I’m the new on this site I would like to share my story with you guys how I enjoyed in manali with my virgin elder sister. So I’ll be narrating this story in hinglish because my English is not so good. So this incident happened few months back in 2023. I tell you … Read more

Insta Nundi Oyo Dakka Velli Dengichukunamu

Welcome back my dear lovers reader… Hope every one was doing great. My name is Praveen and I am 24 years old from Hyderabad. Indulo nenu instagram lo parichayam ayina married girl tho ela relation started ani chepthanu. Name Lucky (name changed), height 5.3” age 26 white colour sizes vachi nearly 34 28 30 vuntayi. … Read more

Online lo dorkina peda guda

I’m 26 male from Hyderabad online lo ammailani vethukuthu dorkina vala pooku guda pagaladenguthu untanu read my previous stories also hyderabad lanjalu evarkana secret ga dengichkune intrest unte TXT me lockdown mundu chala mandini denganu.kondaru money ivaleka just room book chese valu.kondaru guda pagaladengi satisfy chesinandku pay chesevalu lockdown tarvata andaru illalone undadam.hostel ammailu andaru … Read more

Service kavalana instagram pilla

Read my previous story also ( Facebook girl tho sex). I’m 26 male from hyderabad. Modda 6 inches black colour. Ammailani dengalani baga korika naku. Girls ni adgithe timepass dengi potharu thapa real ga meet avaru. Valani dengi maname dabulu ivadam endi ani nene dengutha money ivamante dorkutharemo ani try chesa. Fb lo comments peduthu … Read more

My Insta aunty sugunaaaa

Hai friends i am harish of age 25 from Coimbatore.. I am working as a hairstylist.i am regular reader of this site.this story is real one. Kindly mail me for queries and comments. This story is about my social media friend suguna. She is a married women with two children living in outskirts of Coimbatore.Her … Read more

Instagram virgin sex (True story)

Hey boys and girls, I am Rajesh. I am a 27-year-old software engineer from Bangalore. This is my first story. So, sorry if there is any mistake. This is a true story that I would like to share with all of you. I was casually browsing on Instagram. While browsing I came across a post … Read more