It’s a shame dreams aren’t real

Everyone’s fantasies are different and everyone can imagine what his or her depraved mind allows. Even the sweetest and most attractive girls can turn out to be real demons at heart.

Marusya V., going to bed, imagined a gym where her dirtiest fantasies could be fulfilled. For example, a toilet with glorichol, where after a gruelling workout everyone could use the girl who went there. And then one day her dream came true, but in a dream.

Coming to the gym, Marusya V. As usual worked out on all the necessary for her and her body exercise machines and went to the bathroom. Entering the stall, she did not immediately notice the large holes on either side of her. She started to do her business when suddenly something rustled to her left and a long wiry cock appeared in her cubicle. Probably in real life she would have been scared, run out of the cubicle and complain to the administrator, but since it was a dream and all the rules were only in her head, she, without thinking for a minute, took her hand on the unknown cock and, after spitting on it several times, began to jack it, periodically licking the head or the shaft itself.

When she was ready to fully enjoy this suggestive cock something poked her in the shoulder. Without letting go of the first cock, she turned to her right and saw the second unfamiliar cock in front of her. Undeterred, she took hold of it as well. Sitting with her elbows down on the thrusters, she sucked and jacked one cock and the other. Having sunk her lips into the one who first decided to try out Marusya V.’s mouth, she began to swallow deeply, letting the cock enter her throat. She was choking, tears were flowing down her cheeks, but she had no desire to stop. She didn’t forget about the other one. Her hand pumped intensely, smearing lubricant all over his cock. When she heard moans from behind the wall, she pulled the cock out of her mouth and almost immediately it started spewing jets of cum. They flew onto the girl’s face, hair and black sports top.

Wiping the cum from her eyes, she turned towards the one she had been jacking off to all this time. As she leaned over and began to suck on the head, she felt the back of her left hand begin to stroke her, but it wasn’t a cock. The opening allowed even a hand to slip in there. And now an unfamiliar hand was stroking her back and reaching for her breasts. Marusya got up from the toilet, lowered the lid and put one knee on it and put her arse in the direction where she had recently sucked someone. The guy started pawing the girl’s arse, getting into her cunt and anal. Fully interested in the second cock, the girl was enjoying being greedily pawed from behind by an unknown hand.

Her attention was caught when, instead of a hand, a cock was again thrust into her buttock. She adjusted herself so that it was easy for the guy to insert into her and continued to suck it. Without wasting a moment, the cock was in her pussy. Her elastic cunt slightly squeezed the thick cock, but the guy was persistent and started fucking Marusya through the hole in the wall. The second guy was also on the limit and started to cum when the girl plunged his cock into her mouth again. Draining it all down to the last drop.

The girl swallowed that too. Leaning her arms against the wall, she herself began to move to meet the cock that was fucking her aroused pussy. Looking down, she saw another cock and did not neglect it. And so three, four, five cocks. Marusya sucked it with great pleasure and thrust herself under each new one.

Probably, it would not end with the closing of the hall, but suddenly someone sharply yanked the door and the weak lock could not cope with the pressure, perhaps, the largest visitor of this hall, who even in the beginning, when the girl came to the hall, noticed her.

He was tired of waiting his turn and decided to brazenly take what he desired. Putting Marusya on the toilet lid, he pulled up his legs above his head and, piling his whole body, began to grind the fucked and flooded cunt of the fragile girl. The huge thick cock struggled to penetrate the skinny little girl, stretching her. He used Marusia like a doll. Holding the girl down with one hand, with the other he covers her mouth. He doesn’t want to hear her screams right now, he wants her moans and mooing. Looking directly into Marusi’s tear-stained eyes, he pounded her pussy at a wild pace.

When he lets go of her mouth and rises to his full height, he turns Marusya over with her back to him and puts her knees on the toilet lid. Slapping her arse hard, he leans over and says: “Now you can scream!” and inserts his big dick into the girl’s arse. Marusya cries out in pain, but that doesn’t stop the male. He takes two hands on the girl’s hips and savagely whips her in the ass. Everyone around probably realises that Marusa is in a lot of pain, but that doesn’t stop the giant who seems ready to flog the girl in front of him. Making a few more deep thrusts into Marusa’s arse, he stops and squirts a large amount of cum into the girl’s point.

Lifting the toilet lid, he sits the girl back down on it. Gagged, wet and tired she looks up at him. He just smirks and slowly jerks his cock. A moment and he starts pissing on the girl, scoots his head up and a powerful jet hits Marusa’s chest and part of her face. Finished and wiping his cock on the girl’s hair, he picks up a marker that is lying by the sink and writes on Marusa’s body, “Plum Slut.”

Throwing the marker on the floor, he leaves the girl where she is. Now Marusya will not be able to take another cock. From the neighbouring cubicles can be heard the moans of other girls who came to work out in this gym. And in the coach’s room a photo with Marusya’s face is already printed and attached on the wall to other photos with the top “athletes” of this gym.

But this is just a dream…

I’d like to do it again, text me on instagram ekkaterina_yyyy.

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