Sex with wife and step daughter

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Hello readers, I am new here. So, pardon me for my mistakes. This is completely hypothetical story but full of fantasy sex and if you are obsessed with incest then don’t read it.

I was living in the London in a hostel and I simultaneously searching for a sharing flat. So, I search the availability of flats on different social media.

One day in the afternoon, I get a call from an unknown number, I pick it up and say hello. At that side a lady ask me that did you looking for sharing flat. I said yes did you have one. She said my name is Julie and I have one flat. I asked her about the address.

After that I go to her place, see the room and it’s satisfactory. I asked about the rent and sharing members. She said that she is living here with her daughter named as Sara and the rent is quite reasonable. Her daughter is living in hostel and come home on weekends only.

She is working in a local company but her expenses is not fulfilled by that, that’s why she need a flat mate. I started living there, after some time I and Julie become a friend. We share many things, she told me that her husband is beaten her that’s why she divorced with him and as a alimony she get this flat. She asked me about my girlfriend. I told her that I have the one in the past but now I am single. She tells me how its possible for the good looking guy like you be single. I said her then how its possible for a beautiful girl like you to be single. She said that I afraid after my past experiences that’s why I decide to remain single.

I asked her can I tell you something if you don’t mine. She said yes. I told her can you be my girlfriend I liked you a lot from first day itself. I also don’t have problem with your daughter.

For a instance, everything is paused for me and her. She said I want to think about it. After that we did not have any talk for some days. One day I asked her what you thought about that. She says yes. I become very happy and we started to kiss each other. I slowly open her clothes. I started to grab her boobs from the bra. She moaned and says squize them harder. She touch my dick from the clothes itself. It gets harder after her touch. I open my pants and she said you have a very big one how can I handle it. She started giving blowjob to me.

After sometime, I opened all her clothes. She is completely nude in front of me. She is extremely sexy woman. I started licking her vagina. She moaning harder. She said please fuck me, my vagina is very much thirsty for your dick. I put a condom on my cock, she said don’t use condom. I said okay and started fucking her. She is crying after the pain but after sometime she used to it and started enjoying it. She said fuck me harder and harder. I increase my speed.

After sometime I said that I am about to cum where I cum, she said cum on my face, I want to taste your cum. I put my cock in her mouth. I fill her mouth from my cum and she sucked it all.

After that I again lick her vagina and inside my tounge inside her. She liked it so much. We get a shower together. Now it’s become our daily routine to have sex. But except weekends when her daughter is come to home. Actually, she didn’t told about our relationship to her daughter.

One day I and Julie have a sex and her daughter is come. She sees us in an inappropriate manner. She goes from there, we wear a clothes and Julie goes to her daughter for telling about our relationship. She tells her that we like each other. Sara said that I am happy for you that you find a soulmate for your self. Julie become happy that her daughter accept her relationship.

After that Julie and Sara come to me and said Sara is completely fine with our relationship. I and Julie decide to naked at home when Sara is not there. Julie also liked my idea because she also don’t like a clothes. We have sex at any time in a day. Sometimes julie doing her office job and I started inserting my dick in her vagina. And in that way she is doing his work along with sex. This will continue for a year. But now, sara come to home permanently because her studies is completed there and for further studies she wants to do it from London itself. It is fine for us but now we are not roaming nude in the home.

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