Suprise sex with celebrity 🥰😘

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Hello All.
I am 24 years old with good physique and handsome guy, let’s jump into the story soon…..

In my Insta I’d one fine day, i received a msg “hello” shall have your massage service?!??, and have seen her profile and reply her , and we have discussed our package and place every thing and we made video call first and introduce yourself, but she refused to give her contact number, till our first session we were in Instagram calls and msg only, she book me flight for both up and down and paid me an advance too but she told no need of massage service….

After i reached the airport i make a Instagram call she was already waiting for me , and I get in to the car at back seat because in front seat there was a box like parcel I have seen her through the centre mirror, wow she was wonderful…..with coolers and the car is Full AC it’s too chill i didn’t see her face properly

After reached the place she bring me to her apartment till going to way also I can’t able to see her face , I was more curious to see her face but her body structure was wowwwwwwww…..she is full white 🥰

After we enter to her apartment she closed the door and invited me with juice because I won’t drink coffee,tea, milk and she removed her glasses 🤓 I have seen her face, and in was shocked 😦 she was one of the rich and popular in society but still she was unmarried, after seeing her I was nurves and before we gone to massage session, I ask the reason why are you choosing me, she said I have curious to have real sex even though I have sex toys it’s not giving full pleasure so i decided to have this, she need privacy with unknown person may be known person may blackmail her in future and may affect her life .

After few conversation we decide to move on bed, she went for a bath room to freshup her self and she have a very good bedroom with good aroma , she called me inside in enter the room aroma smells good she was in red ♥️ bra and red panty, I was wondering by seeing her body and asking me question is it real or my dream

I huge her gently 🤗 we start kissing from for hear my tool was 8 inch hard hitting her pussy trying to get out from my pant kisses goes for 5 mins almost i pressed her boobs and butt slowly unhooked her bra 🙈 wow it’s wonderful sofy boobs with light brown nipple first time seeing the real boobs that’s to celebrity’s i suck that nipples it’s tasty was soo good she undressed me and now I was nude ,after seeing my tool she got shocked, this much big will this enter in my cute pussy??

I said let’s check now she did gentle rub the tool,i request her to blowjob first she denied because it’s first time for her , after i convenience her , she did the blowjob I was morning ahhhh……ummmm.comeon babyy…..fastt………..

Slowly remover her panty, there was a cutee shaved pussy with tight lips it’s fresh one she is going to lose her virginity with me so I handed her slowly, i tasted her pussy with my lips to her pussy lips she was in mood saying no da…. And pressing my head to her pussy to lick more to get more moody then i toke my tool and and rub her pussy she was ahhhh.ummmmm…..babbbb……..wowww……..then I put Saliva in my dick and started entering in her pussy she was shouting it’s paining, so i removed it but she told me that you don’t take it off ,you fuck my pussy it’s no problem I will bear the pain

So i started fucking her slowly first she was shouting, and i kiss her in lipss and press her boobs in one hand after few fucking I seen her blood was coming out from her pussy her virginity has lost , she was happy and I am about to cum said to her she said cum inside my pussy, hey then you will be pregnant?!!! I will take pills no problem you carry on then i realised my warm cum she feels good…..after that she came down and cleaned my dick which was with full of blood and she suck it and we were naked and talking in bed.

After few moments we started second round the whole nit we gone for 4 rounds
Morning we both wake up at 8:30 Am and we toke bath together, really she was satisfied with me till now we are in contact and have frequently meeting in her apartment but she get promise me to not to say anything about her outside because it will affect her future…. She drop in airport and i return to my native

Thanks for reading your feedback are welcome, if you want me to satisfy you.(You want first time sex experience, unsatisfied women, college girls, bussiness mans wife, IT girls and women, aunty’s)contact me at [email protected]

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