Mother’s Mesmerizing Fuck In Marriage

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Hi All. I am KKD. One day by the time I came from institution I found an invitation card on the table. It is a marriage invitation. I asked mom

Me: Mom, whose marriage invitation is this?
Mom: Yours sister in law.
Me: What did I had a sister in law? Did I knows her?
Mom: Don’t get excited she is three years elder than you. She is your dads sister daughter.
Me: Did we met anytime previously?
Mom: Yeah many times in your childhood but not in recent years.
Me: When is the marriage?
Mom: Next week Saturday early morning. Still 10 days left. We will be going two days earlier to the marriage date.
Me: Why? We can go on the marriage date and come back right?
Mom: She is own sister of your dad. If don’t go atleast few days prior to marriage and help them in the marriage works it won’t be good that too by staying nearby to them.
Me: They are staying nearby to us. Where?
Mom: They are staying in a place which is 12 kms from here. Plan for your leaves to the institution. We should go there on next week Wednesday.
Me: Ok mom

Evening when the dad came he said he applied for leave but he got only two days leave on Thursday and Friday. Luckily Saturday is holiday for him due to second Saturday. He said to us to go on Wednesday and he will come there on Thursday. I asked my friends to manage attendance in institution.

We started there on Wednesday morning and reached. Aunty and Uncle received us. By the time we went there my mother sister already reached there.

They showed us the rooms to stay in the second floor. Their house is a two floors and a small pent house on the terrace. They stays in the ground floor and their daughter stays in first floor. We went to the room. After sometime I came to my mother sister. At that time she is standing and doing flowers decoration work at the stairs. I went near to her and squeezed her ass cheeks and

Me: Hi Aunty. How are you?
MS: Hi Karthik. Good. But missing you and your dick
By looking at my dick. I pressed her ass cheeks once again and said
Me: We are here now and definitely we will fulfill our lust on each other.
MS: Definitely, but don’t squeeze my ass repeatedly someone may notice us.

I check around and said no one is there around. By keeping my hands on her boobs I said I found the person who fucked you apart from me and uncle.

MD: Ahhaa….. Who is that?
Me: My dad.

She got shocked and asked me how did you came to know that. I replied by my mom. She got anger and she took me to my mom in the room. My mom is already angry on my mother sister for fucking me in the village.

MS: Why did you reveal that to your son.

My mom didn’t understand regarding what she is talking and what asked her regarding what you are asking.

MS: Why did you reveal that your husband fucked me to your son.
Mom: I didn’t revealed to him.
Me: Mom didn’t said to me but I came to know when my mom and dad are having an argument why I fucked my mom and my dad caught us.

My MS got suprised.
MS: You fucked your mom?
Mom: Yes due to you. You fucked my son when he came to village.
MS: Did you said everything to your mom?
Me: Yes by mistakenly I said to her.
Mom: First you answer me why did you fucked my son in the village.
MS and mom started to argue among themselves. I tried to stop them. They pushed me aside. After sometime they started to fight on the bed like small kids. By seeing them I started to laugh. They stopped fighting and looked at me.
They both came to me in anger and said I am the reason for all these. They decided to teach me a lesson. My MS hold my my pant waist band and took me to the store room on the terrace. My mom went to my aunty and said she and her sister are going to town to get some makeup related items and came up. Mom closed the terrace door to avoid anyone to come on to terrace.

They started to beat me on my face, head and on my back and wherever they find they are convenient with hand by scolding me. I tried to escape from there but the door is locked and key is with them. To take key I started to defend them. I held my MS to wall and tried to take the keys. She thrown keys to my mom. I held mom to the ground and took keys from my mom. I got the keys and started to go towards the door. MS held me from front by giving a tight hug and trying to make me to not move. Immediately my mom held me from back. Now I am like a sandwich between two sexy ladies. Their boobs crushing to me. I kept keys in my underwear to keep keys safe from them. My mom held my hands and checking them. She didn’t find them. My MS asking me repeatedly to tell where are they. I started to give liplock to her. My mom left my hands. I kept my hands on my MS waist and we both enjoying the kissing. My mom trying to drag me back to seperate us. My MS dragged my mom towards me from back and held her hands making her to without moving. Me and MS completed kissing and MS pointed me towards my mom. I turned back and started kissing my mom and pressing her boobs. After me and my mom completed kissing they removed my shirt. They both started to lick my body. I started to remove their saree. I loosen their blouse and saree is almost removed and hanging at some part to their petticoat.

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