Mother’s Mesmerizing Fuck In Marriage

Hi All. I am KKD. One day by the time I came from institution I found an invitation card on the table. It is a marriage invitation. I asked mom

Me: Mom, whose marriage invitation is this?
Mom: Yours sister in law.
Me: What did I had a sister in law? Did I knows her?
Mom: Don’t get excited she is three years elder than you. She is your dads sister daughter.
Me: Did we met anytime previously?
Mom: Yeah many times in your childhood but not in recent years.
Me: When is the marriage?
Mom: Next week Saturday early morning. Still 10 days left. We will be going two days earlier to the marriage date.
Me: Why? We can go on the marriage date and come back right?
Mom: She is own sister of your dad. If don’t go atleast few days prior to marriage and help them in the marriage works it won’t be good that too by staying nearby to them.
Me: They are staying nearby to us. Where?
Mom: They are staying in a place which is 12 kms from here. Plan for your leaves to the institution. We should go there on next week Wednesday.
Me: Ok mom

Evening when the dad came he said he applied for leave but he got only two days leave on Thursday and Friday. Luckily Saturday is holiday for him due to second Saturday. He said to us to go on Wednesday and he will come there on Thursday. I asked my friends to manage attendance in institution.

We started there on Wednesday morning and reached. Aunty and Uncle received us. By the time we went there my mother sister already reached there.

They showed us the rooms to stay in the second floor. Their house is a two floors and a small pent house on the terrace. They stays in the ground floor and their daughter stays in first floor. We went to the room. After sometime I came to my mother sister. At that time she is standing and doing flowers decoration work at the stairs. I went near to her and squeezed her ass cheeks and

Me: Hi Aunty. How are you?
MS: Hi Karthik. Good. But missing you and your dick
By looking at my dick. I pressed her ass cheeks once again and said
Me: We are here now and definitely we will fulfill our lust on each other.
MS: Definitely, but don’t squeeze my ass repeatedly someone may notice us.

I check around and said no one is there around. By keeping my hands on her boobs I said I found the person who fucked you apart from me and uncle.

MD: Ahhaa….. Who is that?
Me: My dad.

She got shocked and asked me how did you came to know that. I replied by my mom. She got anger and she took me to my mom in the room. My mom is already angry on my mother sister for fucking me in the village.

MS: Why did you reveal that to your son.

My mom didn’t understand regarding what she is talking and what asked her regarding what you are asking.

MS: Why did you reveal that your husband fucked me to your son.
Mom: I didn’t revealed to him.
Me: Mom didn’t said to me but I came to know when my mom and dad are having an argument why I fucked my mom and my dad caught us.

My MS got suprised.
MS: You fucked your mom?
Mom: Yes due to you. You fucked my son when he came to village.
MS: Did you said everything to your mom?
Me: Yes by mistakenly I said to her.
Mom: First you answer me why did you fucked my son in the village.
MS and mom started to argue among themselves. I tried to stop them. They pushed me aside. After sometime they started to fight on the bed like small kids. By seeing them I started to laugh. They stopped fighting and looked at me.
They both came to me in anger and said I am the reason for all these. They decided to teach me a lesson. My MS hold my my pant waist band and took me to the store room on the terrace. My mom went to my aunty and said she and her sister are going to town to get some makeup related items and came up. Mom closed the terrace door to avoid anyone to come on to terrace.

They started to beat me on my face, head and on my back and wherever they find they are convenient with hand by scolding me. I tried to escape from there but the door is locked and key is with them. To take key I started to defend them. I held my MS to wall and tried to take the keys. She thrown keys to my mom. I held mom to the ground and took keys from my mom. I got the keys and started to go towards the door. MS held me from front by giving a tight hug and trying to make me to not move. Immediately my mom held me from back. Now I am like a sandwich between two sexy ladies. Their boobs crushing to me. I kept keys in my underwear to keep keys safe from them. My mom held my hands and checking them. She didn’t find them. My MS asking me repeatedly to tell where are they. I started to give liplock to her. My mom left my hands. I kept my hands on my MS waist and we both enjoying the kissing. My mom trying to drag me back to seperate us. My MS dragged my mom towards me from back and held her hands making her to without moving. Me and MS completed kissing and MS pointed me towards my mom. I turned back and started kissing my mom and pressing her boobs. After me and my mom completed kissing they removed my shirt. They both started to lick my body. I started to remove their saree. I loosen their blouse and saree is almost removed and hanging at some part to their petticoat.

I started to squeeze their boobs each one with each hand. MS removed my pant. My mom kept her hand inside my underwear. I am squeezing and smooching their boobs. I removed their blouse and they are on their bra and petticoat now. My mom found keys. She kept keys aside and held my erected dick. When she is holding my dick my MS is licking tip of my dick. My mom pushed her away and started to blowjob. MS coming back to push her I held my MS and started to give liplock. While giving liplock I removed her petticoat. She is on her bra and panty now. I kept my finger in her panty and rubbing her pussy. She is moaning. Mom stood up and started to kiss me. MS went down and doing the blowjob. I removed mom petticoat and started fingering her pussy. After some time MS also stood up and they are standing in bra and panty infront of me and I am completely in front of them. I removed their bra and their panties. I am biting and licking their nipple and fingering thir pussy. They are moaning in joy. After sometime they released their orgasm. They bent down and asked me to fuck. I didn’t understand to whom I have to choose. They said if he fucks us it will be like he is punishing us. If we fuck him it will be like we punish him.

They made me to lay on the floor on their orgasm liquids. It is wet under me and my MS sat on my dick and started riding it slowly. My mom sat on my facing by placing her pussy on my mouth and asked me to lick it. MS and mom are facing each other. MS is jumping and riding my dick and my tongue is licking my mom pussy. They slowly increased speed. MS fucked me 15 mins and I cum in her pussy. They switched the positions and MS is keeping her pussy on my mouth. My sperm is oozing from her pussy and I am eating it due to licking of her pussy. My mom riding me for 10 mins and I again cum in my mom pussy.

Suddenly we heard a sound like someone is trying to open the terrace door. They reported knocked and beated the door for rew minutes and left. My dick is already shrink with two continues rounds of fuck and that door knocking sound. My mom started to lick and give blowjob and handjob to make my dick erected again by saying that I fucked her only 10 minutes. It got erected again and my mom started to ride it again. They both realeased another orgasm while fucking them. This time it took 30 minutes to release the sperm and I am fully tired with continues fucking them. I said I am tired and trying to wake up my MS pushed me to lay down and they switched their position again. You fucked your mom twice and you fucked me only once. Fuck me one more round then we can finish this and go. Before my dick shrink again MS took my dick and started to give blow job and handjob and it got erected again. This time they started to fuck me very fast due to that their boobs are heavily up and down and by seeing them I got mood and hold my MS waist and fuck her fast and hold my mom pussy in my mouth with teeth and started licking her pussy deeper inside. They are moaning and shouting due pleasure and pain and fucked them for 15 minutes and released the sperm. Due to continues rapid fucking on my face nose became red. They laid on floor beside me on their orgasm and they said like hereafter if you discuss about our sexual relationship with anyone we will fuck you more brutal. If you want to do sex with anyone just do it and don’t discuss about it outside and they left from there. I am not in a position to wake up and go out. So I just wear my underwear and pant.

I slowly came out of room shirtless and standing at Terrance entrance door in shadow. It is almost 1 O’clock. It is too sunny. Suddenly a girl came on to the terrace

Girl: What are you doing in this sun that too shirtless on terrace?
Me: Just came up to feel the air.
Girl: Before sometime are you the one who closed the terrace door?
Me: No, it’s not me. Some kids are playing and they closed the door.

She took some chillies which are dried in the sun and while going back asked me

Girl: Why your nose is red?
Me: I mistakenly hitted wall with my face.
Girl: Apply some ointment. Come with me I will give you.
Me: What your name?
Girl: Preethi
Me: My name is Karthik
Preethi: I know.

I went down with her. She given me an ointment. My MS took it and applied on my nose. My mom brought some juice to gain back my energy. After sometime we had lunch. In the night I went to sleep early. I removed my t-shirt and sleeping only with short to feel some air and get relaxed. After sometime I slept my mom and MS came and slept each side of me. They are sleeping beside me with only bra and panty. I am in deep sleep and I don’t know that they are sleeping near me. In the middle of night they kept their legs on me and I felt heavy and woke up and saw that they are sleeping near me. I felt horny by seeing them like that and I kept my hand under them through their waists. I pulled both of them of on to me at once. They both woke up and started to kiss me all over my face and body. I am just enjoying their lust towards me. They are doing everything parallelly. Finally they came to my dick and removed my shorts. They given handjob to me for sometime my mom hand in bottom and MS hand on top for sometime and they reversed them after sometime. They came on to my face and removed their bra and rubbing their boobs to my face. I licking and smooching their boobs. They wake me up and removed their panty and asked me to fuck. I asked both of them to bend in front of me in doggy style. I started rubbing their pussy with two fingers. I slowly increased the speed and inserted three fingers. They both moaned Aah. I kept my thumbs on their ass hole and pushed their pussy hard and deep inside. They both moaned at once Aa..h with high sound and rotated their heads. I did it once again. They are biting their lips. I did it repeatedly. They are moaning Aah, Aah,…Aah. After sometime I fucked them each 10 mins and released sperm on their boobs and asked both of them to nearby and slept on them and asked what happened previously between my dad and MS. They said me what happened between my dad and MS and they said that MS husband also fucked my mom. We slept like that after they saying about their sexual relationship between them to me.

Next day morning we woke up and after sometime my dad came. My mom asked MS when her husband is coming. She said that he will come here today. After our breakfast my aunt came to me and asked to bring some groceries from nearby market and given me a list.

Me: Aunty, I will bring. But I alone can’t handle these many things. Need some one help.
Aunty: Don’t worry I will send a person with.
She looked around to find someone. She found Preethi nearby and called her.
Aunty: Preethi, go with Karthik and bring the things which are mentioned in the list.
Preethi: Send someone else I won’t go.
In a careless manner.
Aunty: Hey, go and do what I said
In angry tone
Preethi: I won’t go.
Mom: Please go and bring them. We need them for your sister marriage arrangements. Please go.
In a requesting tone
Preethi: My aunty knows how to make works done with me. Mom, learn from Aunty.
Me: Hey Preethi, come, I will buy a chocolate for you.
Mom: Karthik she is 2 years elder than you. Give some respect to her.
Me: Oh sorry mom, I don’t know that she is elder than me. She is behaving very childish.
Preethi: Where are the bags to bring the things.
Aunty immediately brought some bags and given to her.
Preethi: Mom, you need to become intelligent like me.
Aunty: Intelligent like you? Thats why you are having two subjects pending in your degree.
Preethi: Karthik let start. We need to go now.
Aunty: Karthik be careful with that mischievous girl.
Me: Ok Aunty

We started from there the road is having some potholes. While driving in them she is moving to and fro and boobs are touching me very soft to me. She is wearing half saree most commonly wears by unmarried young aged women in the village. I am driving into potholes in wanted manner to enjoy touch of her soft boobs. She is sitting calm without saying anything. After travelling some distance she asked me to stop the scooty aside in angry tone.

Preethi: Did you know driving or not? You are driving only in potholes.
Me: Road is not good. It is having full of potholes. From here onwards road is good. We can go easily from here.
Preethi: First you get out of scooty I will drive.

I get down from scooty and I handed it over to her. The road is good now and it is straight road. She started to drive and within seconds she took the scooty to the speed of 50. I got afraid and holding hand grip rail bar behind. After some distance there is a turning. Still she is going at 50.

Preethi: Karthik in front there is a turning. I don’t know how to drive at turning.

I got tensed and immediately hold her waist for grip and pulled her and moved front and tried to control scooty from behind. My dick is in between her ass and it got erected due to the sudden and rapid touch of her ass to my dick. I almost controlled scooty but due to imbalance we hitted the milestone and fell down. We hitted it at very low speed so we didn’t had any injures. We fell on the grass near by to road. I am down and Preethi is on top of me by laying her back on me and my hands went inside her blouse. Her left boob is in my right hand and her right boob in my left hand. I can feel her nipples in between my fingers. My dick is in between her ass over the clothes. I just realised what happening and took my hands from her boobs with one force. She moaned Aah. I asked her to stand up. When standing up she again slipped on the grass and fell on me. This time she fell towards me and her boobs are touching to me chest and out faces are close and our lips are very close to each others lips. We are in a position like we are going to have a liplock. But I am in anger for the thing she did without telling me that she don’t know how to ride the scooty and pushed her away from me by saying

Me: Aunty already said to be careful with you. I didn’t listened to her. Without knowing how to ride the scooty why did you took it?
In angry tone
Preethi: I am driving good but someone made the road turning here.
In innocent and childish tone.
Me: Don’t act like a child.

Scooty is not damaged and we started again towards market.

Even after going to market she is doing some mischievous things. After sometime she came to me asked

Preethi: Where is my chocolate?
Me: Which chocolate?
Preethi: You said you will buy me a chocolate for me if I come with you.
Me: For the thing you did on the way you have to buy me choclate to hide that from your mom.
Preethi: Ok. I will buy you a chocolate. You buy me a chocolate.

She asked shop person two chocolates and when he asked for money she said to include them in them bill. I laughed for her behaviour. She did many things like this in the market. We talke stop each other and in very short time we became friends. When we returning back to home the things which we brought from market became huge luggage. I managed few things to keep in scooty front space and small things to Preethi to hold them in her hands. Still one big bag is there to carry. The shop person asked us to sit on the scooty and he tied it to the hand rail on the backside of scooty. Due to that she moved more closer to me and she is keeping her hand around my stomach for grip to sit and holding things in another hand. Her boobs and waist and other body parts are touching very soft to my back. Due to that my dick is erected and it is touching to her hand in front. She didn’t noticed that and speaking about something all the way to the home. By the time we went to home my dad and MS husband reached there. We took all the luggage on the scooty and went into home. That day went normal and in the night my MS husband fucked my MS and me and my dad fucked my mom. We are able to hear each others sounds in our rooms because our rooms are nearby. My MS kids are sleeping with Preethi in her room. Next there are some marriage rituals that follow before day of marriage. Preethi looking very beautiful. I went nearby to her and starring at her. She looked at me asked

Preethi: What happened to you? Why are you starring at me?
Me: You are looking so beautiful
Preethi: I know
Me: Can you give me a kiss.
Preethi: What you want me to give a kiss to you?
Me: Yes your sexy lips are attracting me.
Preethi: No, you get away from here. Otherwise I will call my mom and tell her.
Me: Please Preethi. You are looking so beautiful.
Preethi: It is not possible now. You go away from here.

I came away from there and stood aside. All rituals got completed and marriage also completed in the early morning of Saturday. I didn’t talked to her since yesterday I asked her for kiss. In the evening after dinner Preethi sister went for first night. My mom and dad and MS and MS husband planned for group sex in the terrace room. I too joined them. This time we didn’t locked terrace door. Mom and dad and MS and MS husband removed their clothes completely and they are became completely naked and smooching, licking, squeezing chewing biting and enjoying the sex. My dad fucking MS and MS husband fucking my mom. I am licking their boobs and jerking my dick. Suddenly we heard a sound that terrace door is opening. I looked out that is Preethi. I immediately came out by wearing short and shirtless and standing aside to divert her from that terrace room. She noticed me and came to me

Preethi: Karthik what are you doing here? Why you will be shirtless whenever I see you on the terrace.
Me: I won’t talk with you.
Preethi: Oh what happened?
By rubbing my cheeks like pampering a small kid. I moved aside like not interested to talk with her. She came and hugged me backside and said how can I kiss you in that much crowd. Now you can kiss me how long you want. By listening that I turned to her suddenly and looked at her. She ran towards water tank ladder and sit on it. I went to her and placed my hand on her waist and started kissing her. I am already horny due to the scene happening in the terrace room. I kissed her for 10 mins. When I am kissing I moved my hands to her boobs and all over body parts. She is becoming horny with that touch. I stopped kissing and moved towards her boobs. She suddenly pushed me away and ran away to the room. I closed the terrace door and went into terrace room. By the time I enter into the room they already had completed their fucking and laying on each other. I fucked my mom and MS for 30 mims by fingering their pussy and smooching their boobs and after sometime we went to our rooms and slept. We enjoyed our fucking a lot in the marriage.

If any girls, aunties and women from Chennai are intrested to have sex you can mail me to [email protected] 100% privacy will be maintained.

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