Mom and son share a bed, and a lot more

This story you’re about to read is my first attempt at a mother son story..Mom and son share a bed, and a lot more,..

Rose opened her eyes and looked at the cheap digital clock on the motel’s even cheaper nightstand. It was eleven forty-five, and she was wide awake. By rights she should be sleeping. This was day two of her brilliant idea to drive from RI to California to see her sister, Laura.

She thought it would be a nice to drive rather than fly and spend some time alone with Vince who begrudgingly took two weeks out of work and come with her for the trip. They’d each driven several hours today, stopping only for lunch and dinner, and a quick bathroom stop.

Figuring they’d be too tired to drive much further, Rose had looked up local hotels located a hundred miles from where they’d stopped to eat, figuring they’d drive a couple more hours before calling it a night.

She’d found a decent four-star hotel and booked a room with two beds, to save a little money, and so her and Vince could watch some movies together, something they still enjoyed doing even though ta twenty it would be hard to get him to admit that.

Vince claimed he kept up their ‘movie nights’ at home solely for her benefit, but Rose knew he liked the time with her, especially if the movie was bad and they’d make fun of it the whole way through.

When they arrived at the hotel, Rose was informed there was a booking error and they didn’t have anything available. Pissed off, she went back to the car, and went back to looking up places to stay within a few miles of them.

The third place with no openings explained there was a big business expo in town, and that’s why everything was full. With neither of them up for driving too much further, Rose kept looking until she found a cheap motel that said they had one room left.

The price was close to what the four-star hotel would have been, and no doubt higher than their regular rate, to take advantage of the convention. Rose paid over the phone with her credit card to avoid losing the room, and they drove the twenty minutes to get there.

The place was a pit, even Vince remarking it looked like the kind of motel people paid by the hour to fool around with a hooker or have a sleazy affair. Rose did her best to come up with a forced smile.

Vince had no idea Rose had caught Brian cheating on her and had caught him at a place not much better than this leaving with a girl that looked a lot closer to Vince’s age than hers. They’d been arguing constantly ever since, Brian claiming it was a one-time thing, and a mistake, but what the hell, she ‘wasn’t into it’ anymore.

Rose knew it wasn’t just that once, and it was bullshit she wasn’t into sex. Rose had always loved sex, but the last couple of years sex had been one way, his way. Rose went out of her way to keep herself in shape, had her hair and nails done on a regular basis, wore lingerie, would role play little fantasies in the bedroom, and there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do.

But all that effort she put into it was for her to suck his cock, get fucked for about two minutes if it was that long, then he’d go to sleep. His idea of foreplay had become squeezing her tits, and maybe a slap on the ass if they did it doggy.

He hadn’t given her an orgasm in over a year. Wouldn’t finger her, go down on her, and when she brought out one of her toys one time for him to use on her, he got defensive and insecure asking why she needed them.

About a year ago, Rose began withholding sex. If he was going to do nothing to please her, she wasn’t going to please him. She was his wife, and a sexual woman with desires and needs. Not just a mouth and pussy he could shove his dick into for the two minutes he could last.

She knew an affair or hookers were inevitable. Rose would never cheat, and she did have chances. Blonde, blue eyed, with a tight athletic body that was even more impressive at her age of forty-six, she got plenty of attention from men.

Rose wasn’t big on top, her breasts were more than a mouthful, but not a full handful was how she’d describe them. Advantage to that was even being older gravity hadn’t taken effect and her breasts were still perky.

At one point Brian had asked her about getting a boob job, ‘wouldn’t you like them to be bigger?’ Rose’s answer was no, but apparently, he did. That was right about the time, she’d decided she could have a better sex life with toys and fantasies than him.

But she knew Brian would step out. He was too ‘manly’ to go without sex. They hadn’t been happy in a long time, but remained together for Vince, not just as his parents, but he had one more year of school left.

There was also the ad agency they’d built together. If they divorced, could they still manage to run it together? Would they try and by each other out, sell it? But for all the questions, Rose swore if he cheated that would be the end.

Not only had he, but she had proof, and now leverage for what she wanted. That was part of the reason for the trip. Rose needed time away to decide what she wanted to do, and if she could work herself up to it talk to Vince. This two week ‘vacation’ was about her having to make a huge decision and live with the effects of it.

In the meantime, what she was living with was a ratty as hell motel room that only had one bed, and it was a twin. The only other furniture in the room was a small leather recliner, with cracked upholstery and so nasty looking, there was no way she’d let Vince sleep in it.

With the only other option being the floor, she told him just share the bed with her. It was tight, especially with Vince being six one and a solid hundred and ninety pounds of all state wrestler. That matter was compounded by the fact the AC was broken.

It was currently eighty-five outside and felt hotter than that in the small room. They couldn’t open the one window because it faced the club next door where Rose had no doubt most of the seedy motels business came from, drunken hook-ups.

They had tables and music outside and there was no way they’d be able to sleep with the window open. Worse the strobe lights were visible even through the cheap blinds, but Vince fixed that by hanging a blanket they certainly wouldn’t need, over it.

They each took a shower in the dubious looking stand up stall that was so small she wondered how anyone even a little bigger than Vince could even fit in. The air inside the room was so hot and sticky they were both sweating within a half hour out of the shower.

Poor Vince was going to sleep in sweatpants and a t-shirt as he did the other two places they’d stayed. Rose told him not to be ridiculous and to sleep in a pair of shorts, or even his boxers if he wanted to.

They’d be under the sheet and she was his mother, not like she’d be checking him out. Admittedly, part of why she’d told him that was because there was no way she could wear a night shirt in this sweltering room.

While Vince sat on the bed with his back turned, Rose removed her bra, and shorts, and slipped under the sheet in a grey tank top and her panties. She didn’t feel the panties were that improper, they revealed about as much as her bikini bottom.

The top was another story, being smaller chested, Rose tended to wear tighter tops to show off what she had, and tank top was a size smaller than it should be. Without a bra, the shirt was tight enough to show off her nipples and the shape of her breasts themselves.

Rose didn’t want to keep the sheet over her chest, so she figured after they watched a little TV, she’d just sleep with her back to him the sheet only up to her waist. That was the final straw on the night, the remote was dead, and the TV had no external way to change the channel. When Vince got up to turn it on, it was stuck on a local access channel.

At that point, they’d decided to call it a night, and go to sleep. That was an hour ago, and Rose couldn’t nod off. She hated being on her side, so decided since it sounded like Vince was asleep to roll over onto her back which is how she usually slept.

They left the light over the bathroom mirror on, and the door open so they could find the bathroom. That left the room lit enough that if Vince looked over, he’d get a look at her in the skimpy tight shirt because there was no way she could keep the sheet over her.

But again, if he did, he did. He was her son; not like he’d be checking out his mother’s tits. Then again, Rose found herself looking at Vince in a way that wasn’t quite motherly. Staring at him as he slept, she couldn’t help noticing he was a good-looking young man.

Brian had been damn fine in his younger years, and Vince looked just like him. The short thick black hair, strong jaw, rugged features that made him attractive, but not in the pretty boy way. The one trait Vince had of Rose was his deep blue eyes, which coupled with his dark hair and his tanned face, stood out even more than they did on her. Neck down, Vince reminded Rose of Brian in his heyday as well. Vince’s shoulders and chest were wide, and even relaxed the muscles in his arms stood out.

His stomach, partially visible with the sheet pulled a few inches over his waist was flat and hard, his ‘six pack’ well defined. Even his legs looked good, his thighs thick, and the muscles in his claves standing out even when he was just walking.

Amazing he didn’t have a girlfriend. He’d broken up with Tara a few months ago, and unless he was just hooking up, he hadn’t been dating anyone. Not for the first time, Tara, and any other young woman Vince had been with was one lucky bitch.

Rose had the talk with him about sex. She knew Brian had as well, but Rose made sure to bring up the fact that you get what you give, and Vince wanted his girl to be his personal little porn star, then he needed to be hers.

Taking good care of her would make her more than happy to be good to him. As she’d talked with him, she’d thought about how long it had been since Brian had taken care of her. They’d had amazing sex for years, and he used to love to go down on her.

Rose closed her eyes, recalling those days. How he would spend an hour between her thighs, licking, teasing, fingering with her feet on his shoulders or her long legs stretched out alongside him, playing with her nipples, moaning, and whimpering as he kept her on the edge of Cumming, but would back off.

When he’d let her come, her orgasm would be so strong she’d just lie there like a ragdoll, while he would left her limp legs, and plow into her, fucking her with delicious long hard strokes, just taking her, claiming his reward for turning her into a quivering hot mess.

Rose released a deep breath into the hot humid air. It had been months since she’d had anything between her legs other than her fingers or a vibrator. Just thinking back to those days had her nipples erect, and a different kind of heat between her legs.

She closed her legs, and bent them slightly, then straightened them. Rose repeated the move several times, and she had to part her lips and breath through her mouth as just the sensation of her thighs pressing around her tight enough to rub the panties against her now swollen clit had her on the verge of moaning.

The heat didn’t help. Ever since she could remember, the heat made her horny. Something about being sweaty and flushed, her flesh slick and warm, always got her worked up. Not that it took much these days, but what the hell was wrong with her? She was lying next to her son.

Not just next to, but Vince was taking up so much of the narrow bed, their sides were touching. That added to the heat, both externally, and she hated to admit it, but internally. God his body was hard! Even sleeping and relaxed his arm and thigh felt as if he were flexing them.

Rose’s attention turned to how her own long soft, and sweaty leg felt against his. If they were a couple, her a cougar on the prowl, and him the lucky young cub she’d decided to bring to this shitty motel to fuck while her inattentive and out of shape husband paid young girls to squeal for him.

Even the contrast of their skin was sexy. Vince deeply tanned from his summer landscaping job, and Rose who usually avoided the sun, except to take a quick swim, and even then, she slathered herself with sun block, was fair, bordering on pale.

Her light honey blonde hair would look good on his chest, and her body pressed tightly to his even better. Get a grip, woman, this is your son. Rose brushed it off as being yet another sign of how deprived she was. Fine line between deprived and depraved, she supposed.

Meanwhile, she was now horny as hell, and all but squirming on the bed. Rose slid her hand under the sheet and when she felt between her legs, she wasn’t surprised to find the crotch of her panties were wet.

She rubbed her clit through the silky material and had to bite her lip to avoid making any nice. Rose wiped her hair from her sweaty face. She should have put her hair up, but seeing it had been wet from the shower, she’d chosen to let it get the pillow wet to cool it off and keep her cool for a while as well.

The humidity in the room had dried it quickly, and now it was plastered to her face and shoulders. That should be annoying, but like the heat itself, in her randy mood she found it sexy. Her blonde hair darkened by sweat was a good look if she thought so herself, because, hell someone had to these days.

Rose rubbed her clit harder, and her other hand strayed under her shirt. She caressed her right breast, as if she were a lover exploring it, fondling it, gently, before her fingers found her nipple. She was breathing harder, and glanced to her right, making sure Vince was still asleep.

Rubbing through the panties felt good, but it was more teasing than satisfying. As absurd, and flat out wrong as it was, Rose decided she needed to get off. It always served to help her sleep, and with another long day on the road coming up, she needed to rest.

Rose released her breast, and lifting her hips, carefully eased her panties down so she could open her legs wide, the way she liked to when she had her ‘me time’. Watching, Vince she slowly drew her legs up, and pushed her panties over her knees.

She eased her right leg out, but left them around her left, so she could easily find and pull them back up. Just the thought of now being naked from the waist down while being next to Vince sent a strange, but pleasant feeling went through her.

Rose eased her left leg out and rolled her eyes when it dropped off the edge of the bed, because Vince had her right on the edge of it. She pulled her leg back up, wondering how she could do this as her right leg was pressed against Vince.

Another odd wave of heat went through her when she decided to raise her right leg, and gently drape it over Vince’s. She remained still, seeing if the weight of her leg woke him up. She held her breath when he grumbled something, and his eyes partially opened.

He didn’t seem to be completely awake as his left hand which had been on his stomach under the covers, moved, resting on her thigh. A shiver went through her at the sensation of his large strong hand on her inner thigh and about a foot away from her pussy.

Vince closed his eyes, and his breathing remained slow and steady. Relieved. Rose slipped her hand back between her thighs, amazed at how wet she was and knew it was partly the taboo of doing this so close to her son.

Her middle and ring finger slipped easily into her wet slit, and when she pressed her thumb to her clit, she had to stifle a gasp. Damn, she was wound up. With her arm touching Vince’s Rose didn’t rub herself to hard in fear of the movement waking him.

She closed her eyes and released a long shuddering breath as she worked her hand back under her shirt and captured her swollen nipple. Rose tried to envision some faceless young stud working her over heated cunt, first fingering, then eating her before stuffing her with the hard cock she desperately needed.

It worked for a minute or so, but her mind strayed to Vince’s hand on her thigh. She imagined him sliding it further, until he encountered his mother’s wet pussy. It would be his long thick fingers inside her, and she’d moan his name while he drove them into her hard and deep.

He’d make her come, then she’d roll over and ride him. Considering how amazing the rest of his body was, Rose had no doubt her son would have an amazing cock. Her breathing was getting faster and deeper and her thighs already quivering.

She straightened her legs, and bent her feet, her toes curling as they always did when she was straining to come. Despite the voice in her mind telling her she shouldn’t be thinking about Vince, her incestuous thoughts kept flowing.

She imagined being on top of him, her hands on his muscular chest while his were on her tits. Repeatedly driving herself down onto his cock and him moaning ‘oh, mom’ his hips thrusting frantically as his balls prepared to empty into his mother’s…

Rose stopped, when she realized the narrow cheap bed was shaking. She suppressed a whimper of frustration as she had been so close. She hadn’t thought she was rubbing hard enough to shake even this flimsy mattress.

The bed was still shaking. Her eyes flew open and she looked over at Vince. His eyes were closed, but like hers had been, his lips were parted, and he was breathing heavy. Her gaze shifted lower and her eyes widened.

The sheet was moving rapidly up and down, and the visible part of his arm was moving.

Vince was jerking off!

Talk about like mother like son! Rose became aware of his hand still resting on her leg moving lightly back and forth, caressing the soft skin of her upper thigh caress her soft skin. Her heart raced when she wondered if he were thinking of her while he stroked his cock.

“Honey?” Rose couldn’t resist. “You okay?”

His hand stopped moving, and he opened his eyes with exaggerated slowness, as he turned to look at her. “Huh?”

“You were shaking, are you okay?” She fought back a smile at the nervous look on his sweaty face.

“Um, yeah.” He nodded, his head bobbing in a jerky motion, and his eyes darting everywhere, but his face.

“You sure? You were making some groaning noises?” She lost the battle and felt her lips curving into a smile. “Bad dream?”

“Yeah, yeah,” he agreed, his head bobbing again. “Bad dream?”

His eyes had stopped moving and were now lingering below her face. Rose followed his line of sight and saw her nipples poking through the thin material, and with a start she realized her hand was still under her shirt.

“Are you sure it was a bad dream?” Rose eased her hand from her shirt, the move calling more of his attention to her breasts.

“Yeah why?” His eyes had gone lower, now focusing on where her other hand was still under the sheet.

“Because it looks like you were having a pretty good dream.” She pointed to the tent he was pitching in the sheet. A very large tent.

“Oh, um, shit!” As red as Vince was from the heat, the flush managed to deepen and his hands went to his crotch, trying to push down what looked like a very persistent erection.

“Then again, unless you jerk off in your sleep, that wasn’t really any kind of dream, was it?”

“What do you mean? I was…scratching myself, must have gotten bit on the leg, and…”

“Honey, are you horny, too?”

“No, I’m…” he stopped as he caught her words. “Too?”

“I’m horny,” she whispered, and even as she spoke, she wondered where she was going with this. “I’m so goddamn horny, Vince.”

“You are?” He looked like a deer in headlights as he tried to think of something to say.

“I was doing the same thing you were.” Rose grabbed his wrist under the sheets, and slid it up her thigh, just missing her pussy as she rubbed it over the small patch of damp blonde fuzz on her mound. “I even took my panties off.”

“Shit.” His blue eyes went wide. “I mean, that’s…”

“Hot?” She asked. “It is, isn’t it?”

“Well, maybe if you weren’t my mom.” He responded with the right words, but he didn’t try and move his hand from where it rested just over her clit.

“Did you like mommy’s leg over yours? Is that why you put your hand on my thigh? Were you thinking about me while you stroked your cock?”

The questions came rapid fire, and in a throaty purr she hadn’t used since the last time she’d talked dirty to Brian. Rose wasn’t sure what had come over her, but knowing Vince was masturbating next to her, and possibly to the thought of her had her clit throbbing, and her nipples so hard they were beginning to ache.

“I…” Vince struggled for an answer, but even as he did his eyes were on her breasts. “Yeah, sorry, mom.”

“You don’t look sorry?” She nodded towards his crotch, then reaching under the sheet, grabbed his cock.

His hard cock. His hard, thick cock!

“Mom!” Vince gasped, his mouth dropping open and his eyes so wide it would have made her laugh if her focus wasn’t on the impressive pulsing erection in her hand.

“I know, this isn’t right.” Rose slowly stroked his cock as she spoke, and noted Vince made no attempt to stop her. “But its not right for us to be horny either, is it?”

“I guess not.” Vince breathed as she worked her hand down to the base of his shaft, and back up to rub her palm over the spongy head of cock. Long too…long and think. Oh God, she was so wet!

“Your father and I haven’t had sex in months, and he hasn’t gotten me off in two years.” Rose spoke softly as she continued to pump his cock. “That’s not fair.”

“Um, TMI?” he joked nervously, but still made no move from stopping his mother from jerking him off.

“And you’re such a good-looking young man, and I bet very good to his girlfriend. Not fair for you to be so horny that your mother’s leg on yours gets you going.”

“No,” he was breathing harder and his eyes were now on the sheet moving up and down. “Not fair.”

“Hmm, let’s see what we have here.” Rose drew her leg up and kicked the sheet away, exposing them from the waist down.

Vince had pushed his boxers down a few inches, and the sight of his huge cock in her hand, caused a wave of wet heat between her thighs. She’d been right, his cock was as beautiful as the rest of him.

And his balls, big and full. So full he needed to get off even with his mother next to him.

“Oh, honey, that is one fine cock.” She sucked on her lower lip. “It’s a goddamn sin that you have to jerk it off.” She stroked him faster and the moan he emitted had her thighs trembling.

“Mom, you shouldn’t be doing that.” He finally managed a protest.

“Doesn’t this feel better than doing it yourself?” Rose squeezed his cock just below the tip, getting another groan from him and a squirt of pre-cum flowing down her fingers as a reward.

“Yeah,” he moaned in agreement as she worked her hand around his dripping tip, getting her palm wet. When she resumed jerking him, her now slick hand glided along his shaft.

“It would feel a lot better for me too.” She pushed his hand between her thighs. “Feel how wet your mother is. Her poor little pussy needs attention, baby, and it would be so much more fun if you did it.”

“I…but…” he blinked as if wondering if he were dreaming. “What about Dad?”

Rose grinned. The fact she was her mother didn’t seem to matter to him anymore, he was worried about getting in trouble.

“He’ll never know, honey. This will just be our little secret. Its not like we’re having sex. I’ll give you a nice hand job, to help you relax and go to sleep, and you’ll finger me while you play with my clit. Make your mother come nice and hard.”


“Please, baby?” She looked up at him through her eyelids then slid her hand down his shaft, and cupping his balls gave them a squeeze. “Mommy really needs to come and so do you.”

“I mean, if you think its okay.” Vince’s fingers slid between the moist folds of her pussy, and her hips jerked when the edge of his hand rubbed her clit.

“Its okay!” She slid her hand back around his cock, marveling at the way her fingers were unable to touch around it. He hadn’t gotten that from Brian. “It’s so okay!”

Rose pulled the tank top up over her breasts, exposing them to her son.

“Damn, mom.” He stared at her tits with a look of desire she hadn’t seen from her husband in years.

“They’re kind of small, but they’re nice, right?”

“They’re amazing,” His eyes roamed down her breasts and along her body. “You’re so goddamn hot.”

“You just saying that because I’m playing with your cock?” Regardless of why, hearing him say it made her feel sexy, and she loved it.

“No, you’re really hot, a lot of my friends in high school used to bust me up and say they wanted to fuck you.” his fingers again probed her pussy. “Wow, you’re wet!”

“Put those fingers inside me,” she urged him by pushing her hips up, sliding his fingers to the right spot. “Two of them.”

Vince obeyed, and Rose released a loud moan. The last year all she’d had inside was a thin vibrator, and his two thick fingers were spreading her sorely neglected cunt as they pushed deep inside her.

“Lay on your side,” she whispered, “Get those fingers in deeper, and put your thumb on my clit.”

Vince responded with an eagerness that caused her pussy to gush around his probing fingers. He rolled onto his side, propping himself up on his elbow, while rubbing her clit with his large thumb.

“Yes!” Rose breathed, her hand on his forearm, squeezing it. “Push harder, honey, work your mother’s pussy.”

When Vince rolled to his side, she closed her legs, and crossed her ankles, pinning his hand between her legs. His cock was now resting on her thigh and Rose placed her hand on top of it, pushing it into her leg and sliding her palm up and down his length.

Vince’s thumb rotated on her clit, while he flexed his wrist, working his fingers in and out of her. Rose lay back on the pillow, moaning softly, her hips rocking into his fingers. She felt his cock pulsing against her leg, and his pre-cum oozing onto it.

She grabbed her nipple, rolling it between her fingers, then cried out in surprised pleasure when, with no hesitation, Vince lowered his head and sucked her other nipple into his mouth.

“Fuck!” She swore. “Someone’s done this before, haven’t they?”

Vince winked at her, that simple gesture causing her hips to buck hard into his fingers. God, for something that was supposed to be wrong it was so fucking hot! Hot enough that Rose’s thighs were already trembling and her legs straightening.

“Just like that,” she whispered. “Make mama come, Vince, then you can lay back and I’ll take good care of you.”

Vince moaned around her nipple when she gave his cock a squeeze for emphasis. His thumb pressed harder into her clit, and he surprised her again, by pushing a third finger into her sopping cunt.

As wet as she was, having three fingers inside bordered on uncomfortable for the first few seconds, but the fact he’d done it, and the way his tongue swirled around her attention starved tit, more than made up for it.

“Honey, you’re being so good to me,” she purred. “I’m going to make you cum so hard!”

“Get what you give, right mom?” he asked around her nipple, flashing her a sly smile that had her hips thrusting faster into his fingers.

It also had her wondering if he’d thought of her before because he seemed way too comfortable with her body, and what they were doing.

Then again, wasn’t she, and she’d never had a sexual thought about her son until tonight. Somewhere in her mind, Rose wondered how she’d feel about this tomorrow morning, but right now all she was feeling was the impending explosion that had her toes curling, and her back arching.

She’d stopped playing with his cock and her hand now roamed across Vince’s upper body, rubbing his back, his shoulder, then down his arm. The feeling of hard muscle beneath his sweaty skin increased her already out of control lust.

When she slid her hand into his sweat dampened hair, and pushed on his head, forcing his face into her breast, Vince moaned, and his cock twitched against her leg. The two of them were acting like a drunken couple having a hot one-night stand, neither caring, at least in the heat of the moment, who they really were to each other.

“Oh fuck!” Rose cried out, pinching her nipple harder, as she dug her fingers into his short hair, and pushed harder, all but force feeding him her tit. “Oh, God, Vince you’re going to make me come!”

The sound of her own words, and how wrong, yet right they sounded, sent her over the edge. Rose released a low guttural sounding moan as her pussy contracted around her son’s fingers, and the strongest orgasm she’d had in years slammed through her.

The low growling sound turned into a high-pitched squeal as she writhed on the bed, her hips bucking, and thighs clamping around Vince’s hand, grinding her wet cunt into him. He continued to work her clit, and wiggle his fingers inside her, his tongue busy on her nipple.

Even as her body was wracked with waves of intense pleasure, Rose caught Vince’s eyes, and they were focused on her face as she alternately yelped, gasped, and went back to the low groans she made when she came hard.

“Oh, damn,” she breathed as her body slumped limply into the mattress. Her she uncrossed her suddenly weak legs, and lay there gasping for breath as her pussy continued to quiver around Vince’s fingers. “So hard,” she moaned softly. “Came so hard.”

“That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” Vince lifted his head from her breast. “You came like a porn star.”

“Your mother can do a lot of things like a porn star.” She replied while giving him a shove in the chest to get him to roll over onto his back. “I need someone to make me want to.”

Vince obediently lay on his back, and looking at her, gave her a nervous smile. “My turn?”

“Damn straight it is.” It was her turn to move onto her side, propping her self up with one arm as he had.

She grabbed his cock at the tip, milking pre-cum from him, and as she had before used it to lube up his shaft.

“That feels so good.” Vince moaned as his mother stroked the length of his cock.

“Yeah, it does,” Rose agreed. “You’re so fucking hard, honey. And this cock is amazing!”

“Just saying that because it’s the one in your hand?” he laughed

“Smart ass.” Rose replied, but with a big smile. She’d forgotten sex was supposed to be fun, not a chore.

Vince looked as if he were going to reply, but it turned into a gasp as for the first time Rose worked her hand rapidly up and down his cock, not just teasing, but jerking him. Rose’s eyes darted back and forth between the beautiful cock in her hand, loving the way her red nails looked on his shaft, and then to his face, watching him also enjoy his mom’s hand on his dick.

He moaned quietly and his hips were now moving as Rose stroked him, bringing him closer each time her hand worked his full length. Rose stared at his angry purple tip which continued to ooze pre-cum.

The sight of it had her licking her lips, and she realized she had leaned closer, her head now over his thigh. She squeezed him tighter, and slowed her stroking, making him release a sound that was a mixture of a moan and whimper of frustration as she held off his impending explosion.

The way his cock throbbed in her hand, and how good it looked glistening with pre-cum and her hand around it, had her mouthwatering. His cock seemed to be getting bigger, but it was her eyes getting closer as without conscious thought, her head was now across his lap, her lips inches from his tip.

Vince put his hand on the middle of her back, and she felt his fingers trembling. Rose sucked on her lower lip. She knew what she wanted. She wanted this glorious cock in her mouth. She loved sucking cock, and missed it, but she’d be damned if she’d do it for someone who wouldn’t do a damn thing for her.

But her son had just given her one hell of an orgasm, and for that shouldn’t he get a nice treat?

“You’re right Vince,” she spoke just loud enough for him to hear. “You get what you give.”

Rose opened wide and took his cock deep into her mouth.

“Mom!” Vince gasped. “You…oh shit!”

Rose moaned around his hard flesh, her eyes rolling back as she opened wider, and took more of him into her mouth. He was so damn thick! But she relaxed, angled her head, and continued to work her soft lips down his shaft.

With a gagging sound, Rose managed to get her mouth to the base of his shaft. Behind her, Vince was moaning “Mom” repeatedly and when she shook her head, working his sensitive tip around her mouth, his fingers pressed into her back and his entire body tensed.

Rose held him there, reveling in the feeling of having her mouth stuffed with hard young cock. His pre-cum oozed down her throat, and overcome with the desire to suck, she worked her lips to his tip.

Rose released him long enough to spit on it, a move that elicited a surprised gas from Vince. She took a breath, then went to town, sucking her son’s cock like the porn star she’d just told him she was happy to be.

She slid further across his lap, so she could rest her upper body on him as she bobbed her head rapidly. Vince’s hips jerked when she cupped his full balls and rubbed them gently. At this point she was just using her mouth, and thought it was a shame he couldn’t see his cock in her mouth.

Rose thought about rolling over between his legs, but his legs were already trembling, and she knew he need to come as badly as she had. There was also the very real concern that if she rolled over, she might decide to go all the way and ride him like she had in her taboo masturbation fantasy, before she’d stopped.

Vince’s other hand slid into her hair and she moaned at the way it was shaking. His while body was shaking. She was sure this was far from the first blow job he’d ever received, but she bet it was a whole different thrill when it was your mother’s mouth on your cock.

She knew that because the fact this was her son she was sucking had her hips rocking and her pussy flowing even though she’d just come minutes ago. Her breasts were pressing into his stomach and she moaned louder when his hand slid all the way down her back to her ass.

He gave her ass a squeeze, and it pushed her to bob her head even faster. Rose was sucking loud and sloppy, making wet gurgling sounds as she let her spit and his pre-cum slide from her mouth as she worked her way t the tip, then slurping it back up on the way down.

Her eyes were closed, and she was moaning as much as he was just from the pleasure of having him in her mouth. The way his body shook and the now higher pitched desperate moans behind were music to her ears, and fueled her to suck harder, as if she were in a race.

His balls tightened in her hand and behind her he gasped. “Take it out, I’m going to come!” when she kept sucking, he sounded panicked. “I…I can’t hold it back, I… Oh my god!”

His cock erupted in her mouth and Rose squealed around it as a thick warm jet of cum struck the back of her mouth and slid down her throat. Vince moaned and his hips jerked as his mother continued to suck, rubbing and squeezing his balls to completely drain them into her willing mouth.

He continued to squirt in her mouth, a huge load worthy of the size of his balls and incredible cock. Some if it slid from the corners of her mouth, but Rose eagerly sucked it back up as if it were the sweetest thing she’d ever tasted.

“Oh, stop!” Vince groaned when even her most fervent sucking couldn’t coax another drop from him. His hand tightened in her hair, pulling on it and sending another wave of forbidden heat through her.

She eased him from her mouth, and sitting up, smiled down at him.

“How’s that for porn star?”

“I think you’d do just fine.” He returned her smile. “My Mom’s mad blow job skills.”

“Honey, that was a quickie, I have skills that would make your head explode.”

She lay back down next to him, and hooking her foot under the sheet, drew her leg up to grab it and pull it up over their waists. She tugged her tank top down back over her breasts, and when she realized he hadn’t replied, looked over to him.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, just thinking about what you said.” This time the smile was gone. “What did we just do?”

“We took care of each other.” Rose shrugged. “And like I said, this is our little secret. We both needed something, we helped each out, and now we go to sleep.”

“We just forget about it?” His shrug was identical to hers. “I guess that’s what we have to do, right?”

“Right, now get some sleep. Long day of driving tomorrow. We’re trying to get to your aunts so we don’t have to risk another shithole like this.”

“You know, all of a sudden this place isn’t so bad.” He gave her a sweet smile. “Love you, Mom.”

“You say that to every woman who blows you?” She teased.

“No, just the ones who are really good at it.” He quipped. “But really, I love you.”

“Love you too.”

She closed her eyes, trying to tell herself she could sleep after what just happened. Despite the orgasm she swore she was as horny as before they’d played. Giving head always made her horny, she should have gotten him off first, then he would have settled her down.

“You know,” Vince spoke from beside her. “What we did made me feel closer to you, like we shared something even though it was wrong.”

He surprised her by reaching over and putting his hand over hers where she had them folded on her chest. “Only we can know about it, makes it kind of special.”

“Right, special.” Rose replied, trying to sound tired. “Now we drop it, okay, honey?”

“Right, sorry, night mom.”

Rose didn’t respond so the conversation wouldn’t keep going.

Because she knew damn well if it did, she might suck him hard and let him fuck her.


“That’s it, baby, fuck me!” Rose cried out, her nails digging into Vince’s shoulders as he lay between her legs, fucking her. “Come on, Vince, be a good boy and give mommy what she needs!”

Rose’s eyes flew open, and she released a frustrated sigh. That was the third time she’d nodded off, and all three times she’d dreamt of her and Vince fucking. Like the last two times she awoke to her heart racing, her nipples erect and her clit aching.

How could she be this goddamn horny? She knew the answer, she wanted more. When sex was good, Rose always wanted more. There were weekends in their younger days they only left the bed to use the bathroom and eat.

Those days, Rose had felt as if she were drunk on sex, and every orgasm just made her crave another. She’d suck Brian hard again and again until when he came only a couple of drops would dribble out and he’d moan that his balls hurt.

She felt that way now. That orgasm was so good she wanted another. No, she was kidding herself, there was only one thing she really wanted right now.

Her son’s cock inside her.

She looked over at Vince. His eyes were closed and his breathing steady, but he’d fooled her before. Rose wiped at her sweaty face, their little taboo encounter had done nothing to cool down either the room or her body physically or sexually.

Vince was sweating as well, his face and chest beaded with perspiration. Damn, he looked sexy. Rose’s leg was against his and she felt the sweat between their legs and loved the feeling. But to be this sweaty they should have had the fun to earn it.

Fingering and a blow job weren’t that kind of sexy work out. Being this hot should be the result of some serious fucking. Rose’s gaze trailed down his chest to his crotch. There was a prominent bulge under the sheet, meaning even in his sleep he was close to hard.

Was he dreaming of her? When he’d been talking before, they went to sleep had he been hoping they’d fuck? Rose’s eyes lingered on the bulge. Before, she’d imagined he had a nice cock. Now that she knew it was a indeed a damn fine cock, she wanted it even more.

She looked at the clock. One thirty am, and she’d only dozed fitfully, her raunchy dreams waking her up, and leaving her too wound up to really sleep. Rose had never bothered putting her panties back on, and sliding her hand between her legs, touched her clit.

She moaned quietly as just that brief touch made her grind her hips into the bed. She took another look at the sheet over Vince, thinking that right next to her was exactly what she needed. What she’d been needing for a year now.

She’d already let him shove his fingers in her cunt, and she’d sucked him dry, was sex really going to make things any worse? One way to find out.

“Fuck it.” Rose said aloud, kicking the sheet off them.

She got off the bed and walking around to the foot of it, crawled up between Vince’s open legs. Remaining on her knees, she yanked his boxers down, causing his semi-hard cock to spring free. Even as Vince, who was asleep this time, grumbled in confusion, Rose lowered her head and sucked him into her mouth.

“Oh, shit!” Vince moaned. “Mom, I thought…”

“I thought it wasn’t fair, you didn’t get a chance to watch before.” Rose yanked his boxers further down his hips. “Get these fucking things off.” She hissed, stunned at the urgency in her voice.

She backed down the bed, pulling his underwear down his legs as she did. Vince lifted his legs, and Rose tugged his boxers from his feet, throwing them on the floor. She stretched out on her stomach and taking his now fully hard cock in her hand, rubbed it against her cheek.

“That better? Now you can see your big dick in your mom’s face.”

“That looks so good.” Vince’s eyes were wide as Rose turned her head and whacked his once again dripping cock against her face.

Sticking her tongue out, she slapped his heavy cock against it several times before running her tongue up and down both sides of his shaft. She moaned as she worked her soft pink flesh against his rigid flesh, and pushing his cock back, dipped her head and sucked on his balls.

“So good,” Vince groaned as she sucked on each of his balls, then fluttered her tongue across them, bathing his sac with her tongue.

Rose ran her tongue back up his shaft and took him between her lips once more. She bobbed her head, but slowly, letting him enjoy her mouth while she grew wetter by the second at the feeling of having her son in her mouth.

She released him, and rising to her knees, grabbed her tank top and stripped it off, flipping it behind her.

“I still owe you that mind blowing blow job, honey.” She swung one leg at a time over his hips. “Because right now this cock needs to be in your mother’s needy cunt.”

She rose higher, and grabbing his cock, guided it through her lips and shoved the tip inside her. She sat down hard, driving him inside her and making her cry out as his long thick cock spread her open even further than his three fingers.

“Fuck that’s deep!” She moaned.

Leaning over she grabbed the cheap headboard and rocked back and forth, working his cock inside her, getting herself used to his size. She lowered herself over him, pushing her tits into his face.

Vince opened wide, but she teased her nipple along his lips before pulling back, teasing him. He repeated the gesture with the other breast, then cried out when he slipped his arms around her and pulled her down.

His sucked not just her nipple but part of her small breast into his mouth and Rose moaned while no bucking her hips up and down, riding him. Vince went back and forth between her tits, licking and sucking each nipple as Rose groaned in approval.

She looked down into his sweaty face, loving the way her long damp hair touched his shoulders and tickled her chest. Now more accustomed to him, she bounced harder on his lap, rising higher each time to drive more of his impressive length inside her.

“Fuck, you feel so good inside me, baby!” She lowered her head and surprised them both by kissing him.

Vince’s arms tightened around her, pulling her down so she her tits were now crushed against his chest. He kissed her hard and with a passion that made her hips move more urgently, riding him faster.

Her tongue darted against his lips and he parted them to accept it. They moaned in their throats as they shared their taboo kiss, and now his hips were moving in time with hers, driving up into her descending pussy.

“I need it!” She whimpered into his mouth. “I need it so bad!”

“Then I’ll give it to you,” he whispered, and sliding his feet up so his knees were bent, he drove his hips up into her.

“Oh fuck yeah!” She screamed in his ear as he held her pinned against him as he pounded her with short hard strokes that had her yelping each time he went deep inside.

Vince wrenched his body to the left, rolling them over and now on top, fucked her so hard the bed was creaking and the headboard slamming into the wall.

“Fuck me!” She squealed, her dream no becoming an even hotter reality. “Give mommy what she needs, baby!”

Vince sat back, and grabbing her ankles lifted her legs and pushed them back. Rose’s ass came off the bed and she found herself staring at the tops of her feet where they were now over her head. When Vince resumed slamming her with long hard strokes, she squealed long and loud, her mouth in a continuous “O” as he son tore into her.

“Take it!” She managed in between yelps and moans. “Take that pussy, make it yours!”

Vince leaned forward to grab the headboard, keeping her feet on his shoulders. Rose was all but bent in half, but all she cared about was his cock was now plunging straight down into her and she swore she’d never been fucked this hard.

“Keep fucking me like this and that pussy will be yours!” She stared him in the eye. “You want that Vince? You want mommy’s hot mouth and her wet cunt all the time? You want to keep fucking me?”

“Yes!” he moaned above her, as tried to blink the sweat from his eyes.

“Then make it so I can’t say no! Give it to me so good, that I’ll be yours. Your dirty secret, your dirty girl! Your nasty porn star mommy!”

“I’ll make you want it,” he whispered, but sat back and pulled his cock from inside her.

“No!” She protested. “Don’t stop, I…Oh!”

Vince had crawled back a couple feet and bending over plunged his face between her thighs.

“Fuck yeah!” She squealed as he drove his tongue inside her dripping slit. “Eat that pussy, baby!”

Vince’s hands were on the backs of her thighs, keeping her legs up, and feeling like she was trying out for a porn, she hooked her arms around her knees, holding her legs back over her head. Seeing she had them, Vince let her left leg go and shoved three fingers into her cunt.

“Oh…Oh you’re being so fucking good to your mother!” The words seemed absurd, some would say sick, but he was pumping his fingers hard and fast and his tongue and lips were on her clit noisily slurping on her pussy

Rose wiggled her ass into the bed, pretty much the only part of her she could move, as Vince sucked her clit with an enthusiasm that made her feel like the sexy desirable woman, she’d been yearning to be the last two years.

She hadn’t just been talking him up to fuck her harder. Rose couldn’t even pretend this would be a one-time thing. She was already addicted to her son’s cock. Not just his cock, but the way he wanted to please her, and the confident way he fucked her even though she was his mother.

The biggest thing was the way he wanted her, he really wanted her and after years of not being happy she sorely needed to be wanted.

“Keep sucking!” She urged as her body was already gearing up for another orgasm. “Eat mama’s pussy, baby! Make me come in your face!”

Vince released her other legs, and sliding his hand up, caught her right nipple and squeezed it between his fingers while boldly adding his pinky inside her, using four fingers to spread her.

Rose threw her head back and unleased what could only be described as a howl. She let her legs go and brought them down around Vince’s head wrapping them around it and crossing her ankles.

She ground her hips, smearing her pussy into his fluttering tongue. Rose let loose with a series of yelps and squeals and had she not been in the throes of orgasm would have laughed when someone pounded on the thin wall and yelled for them to keep it down.

There was no chance of that. As soon as her hips stop thrusting, Vince was back on top of her and hammering away inside her still quivering flesh. Rose grabbed his shoulders, digging her nails in as he fucked her with long hard strokes that had her eyes rolling.

She grabbed her tits, playing with her nipples for him. Vince was breathing hard and sweating so much some of it was dripping onto her face and chest. Both their bodies were glistening, and when she wrapped her legs around her waist, she had to lock her ankles, or they would have slid off.

They both cried out at the sound of a loud crack and the bottom of the bed hitting the floor.

“Don’t stop!” She moaned. “Just keep fucking me! Fuck me until you come!”

Vince didn’t slow down even for a second. He just continued his relentless attack on her pussy which at this point was beginning to experience some soreness. But it was a good pain as they said, because as far as Rose was concerned her could fuck her until she couldn’t walk.

But the way he was breathing and how short and jerky his thrusts were he was getting close. Squeezing her legs tighter around him, she whispered. “Inside, baby. I want to feel my boy come inside me.”

Her words were the final push and after giving her several thrusts so hard she felt her juices spurting out around his cock and down her thigh, Vince exploded inside her.

“Oh, honey!” Rose whimpered in pleasure as her son’s hot cum squirted deep inside her. “That’s so nice! Keep going honey, I want every drop.”

Vince moaned and gave her several short thrusts, each ending with another spurt as he painted the walls of his mother’s pussy with his cum.

“All of it.” She drew him down and kissed him before whispering in his ear. “Let mommy have it all, baby.”

Vince groaned softly as the last trickle leaked into her. He let himself relax on top of her and despite the heat and sweat, she hugged him tightly, rubbing his back and kissing him softly.

“That was…” he began, but she silenced him with a kiss, before whispering.

“I know what it was, and don’t worry about it, or wonder if its wrong. Just enjoy the moment, okay?”

“Okay.” He kissed her, then easing away from her fell over onto his back. “I’ll just say holy shit, Mom.”

“I’ll see the holy shit and raise you a that was the best fuck of my life.”

“Not every day a mom says that to her son.” Vince laughed quietly.

He turned as Rose stretched her legs out so she was lying beside him. “So, um, now what?”

“Well, I guess we’re going to have to pay for a bed.” She dodged the question. “I hope the guy in the next room didn’t hear what we were saying, but I guess we could be role playing, right?”

“You know what I mean.” Vince told her. “Not looking for a long talk, just did you mean it that we can keep having sex?”

“I did mean that. I’ve always loved sex in the morning, honey so you better get some sleep.”

“What about dad.” He sighed. “I know, mood killer.”

“Good question.” Rose rolled onto her side and draping her leg over his put her arm across his waist and rested her head on his shoulder. “All I can say as an answer is…”

She kissed his cheek and smiled.

“You just helped me make a very big decision.”

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