Auntie cleverly seduces her niece, nephew and their mother

Watching her children greet their beloved “Auntie” Claudia, forty-two-year-old Petra Schulze looked on with bemused skepticism. While there were no two people on Earth that she loved and trusted more than her son and daughter, the same could not be said regarding her sister. Though she loved her sister dearly; trusting her was an entirely different matter.

Something was awry.

Why is she here? What does she want?

For her part, forty-year-old Claudia Albrecht tenderly embraced her niece, eighteen-year-old Mia Schulze; pelting the girl with kisses all about her adorable face and lips. This made Petra cringe. That last kiss, in her opinion, lingered far too long for two women; particularly an aunt and her niece, to share. Claudia then spun around and leapt into the powerful arms of her toweringly tall nephew; Mia’s twin brother, Kurt Schulze. Their embrace, likewise, made Petra quite uncomfortable as Kurt lifted his aunt completely off the ground in his arms. Claudia then planted a kiss on Kurt’s lips that Petra once more perceived to be hardly appropriate for an aunt and nephew to share.

Entirely unaware of their mother’s misgivings, Kurt and Mia were thrilled beyond compare to be seeing their favorite aunt in person for the first time in almost four years. They noticed nothing out of the ordinary and certainly found nothing about her affectionate greeting inappropriate. But then, how could they?

Despite their age and by no fault of their own, Kurt and Mia Schulze were very naïve; having been hidden away and sheltered most of their lives in this, the small German village of Lebus on the Polish border. Though they were both fully and properly educated, academically bright and intelligent, their common-sense level and overall mental acuity was that of much younger teens. They knew little to nothing of the outside and modern 21st century world. They didn’t even have mobile phones or internet access at home.

Also, Kurt and Mia knew very little of their mother’s familial relationships with her parents and her sister. Hence, they would’ve had no way of even defining what was out of the ordinary or inappropriate where Claudia’s affections or behavior was concerned.

Lebus is a very rural and historic community in the Markisch-Oderland District of Brandenburg in far eastern Germany with a population of less than 3,000. It’s about 90 kilometers east of Berlin on the banks of the Oder River, which serves as the natural border between Germany and Poland. It is literally a town that time has forgotten. While it has most of the conveniences of 2019 Europe, it is a place which has chosen; by either necessity or nostalgia, to cling to the ways of the older and simpler world. A much safer world, Petra believed wholeheartedly. Perhaps that is why she loved it so much! That, and the fact that the modest two-story domicile she now shared with Kurt and Mia was also where she and Claudia had been bred from a very early age.

It was home. It always had been; and it always would be. To Petra anyway.

But to Claudia?

Petra and Claudia Albrecht were both born in Berlin when the city and the nation were still divided east and west by the wall. After the sudden death of their mother when they were just toddlers, their father; a soldier in the East German army, sent them to live with his parents in Lebus. Though he wrote to them often, the girls rarely saw him as they grew up.

After the fall of communism and the reunification of Germany in the early 1990s, the girls were sent to Boarding School in Munich. They were also reunited with their father, who moved to Munich after reunification. Having always been close; sometimes inseparable, Petra and Claudia became even closer in Munich. They also bonded deeply with their estranged father. But as time went on, things began to change, and the sisters began to grow apart.

Though she completed her studies and graduated with honors from the University of Munich at the age of twenty-two, Petra simply could not assimilate to the modern western world and clung firmly to her eastern roots and culture. She took work as a barmaid in Munich where she soon met Ernst Schulze. They married a year later, and Petra quickly became pregnant. After the twins were born, the family moved to Kiel, where Ernst worked on the docks. By the time the twins were old enough to walk, Ernst Schulze deserted his family; running off with another woman to Sweden. Nobody has seen or heard from him since. Then just days after, Petra and Claudia’s father died suddenly of a massive heart attack.

Heartbroken, penniless and on the verge of homelessness, Petra took her children back to Lebus where she found work as a seamstress and dressmaker in a local shop owned by a family friend. A few years later, Petra purchased the shop from the aging owners and her grandparents left her their house in Lebus and moved to Leipzig. Petra never remarried nor did she wish to. She created a very quiet, stable and secure life for herself and her children and was very content.

Claudia on the other hand; who dynamically embraced western culture, left Germany just after graduating from the University of Munich and enrolled at Oxford University in England where she ultimately earned a master’s degree in Business Administration. She then made her way to the United States, where she studied at Harvard University and earned a second master’s degree in Industrial Psychology.

Along with her native German, Claudia fluently speaks English, French, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and even Latin. An international businesswoman in the beauty and fashion industry; the C.E.O of her own company, as well as the editor-in-chief of a world renown fashion magazine, Claudia Albrecht has traveled the globe in her company’s Gulf Stream and netted millions of dollars in salary over the course of her illustrious career. With her main offices and primary home in Paris, Claudia also has offices and leased penthouse apartments in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Sydney, Rome and Stockholm with a chateau in the Swiss Alps. She also owns a virtual fleet of luxury automobiles and a Yacht on the Mediterranean.

And she has NEVER returned to Lebus after leaving it when she and Petra were sent to boarding school as young girls.

Until today! Why?


“It’s their birthday Petra,” Claudia said to her sister; speaking their native German.

“I know that,” Petra replied in German, then suddenly switched to French. “But then, they’ve had many birthday’s, haven’t they Claudia? Where were you for them?”

Momentarily puzzled by the sudden switch of language, Claudia replied in French:

“But this is not just any birthday! It’s their eighteenth birthday.”

“What’s so special about it?” Petra asked in French.

“Why are we speaking French?” Claudia asked in French.

“Because they don’t! And I don’t want them to know what we’re talking about,” Petra replied in French.

“They don’t speak French?” Claudia asked, taken slightly aback.

Petra merely shook her head.

“How many languages do they speak?” Claudia asked in French.

“Only German,” Petra replied in French.

“Two eighteen-year-old kids living in Europe and they only speak one language?” Claudia said in French, practically aghast.

“They’re learning Polish,” Petra replied in Polish.

“Why? To shout insults across the fucking river from the backyard?” Claudia snapped in Polish.

“Will you please watch your language,” Petra rebuked in French.

“Which one?” Claudia fired back in French.

“Your pig Latin,” Petra replied in French.

“I thought I was speaking French,” Claudia whipped in French.

“Cute,” Petra replied in French.

“So, just what exactly are we talking about?” Claudia blurted, suddenly switching to English.

“I want to know why you’re here,” Petra demanded in English. “You haven’t been to this house or this town in nearly thirty years!”

“I told you,” Claudia fired back in English. “It’s their birthday. I wanted to surprise them. After all, I haven’t seen them in person in over four years. Not since grandmother’s eightieth birthday in Leipzig.”

“Where you kidnapped them and took them to Rome,” Petra snapped; now speaking Italian.

“Will you please make up your mind what fucking language you want to speak,” Claudia replied in Italian.

“I told you to watch your language,” Petra roared in Italian.

“They can’t understand it anyway,” Claudia rebuffed in Italian.

Petra rolled her eyes with disgust.

“And what is it, exactly, that you don’t want them to understand?” Claudia asked, suddenly switching to Russian. “That their aunt is a soulless, self-absorbed cunt?”

“I didn’t say that,” Petra said in Russian.

“You didn’t have to,” Claudia replied in Russian.

“Momma,” Mia suddenly asked in German. “Why are you and Auntie Claudia speaking so many different languages?”

“You want me to tell her?” Claudia said in Latin with a devious smile. “Or should I?”

“It’s just what we’ve always done Mia darling,” Petra answered in German.

“Liar, Liar, pants on fire…” Claudia giggled in English. “And just for the record, I kidnapped you on that trip to Rome, too. And was it really so terrible?”

“I suppose it could’ve been worse,” Petra replied in French.

“Oh, most certainly,” Claudia said in English. “I could’ve taken you all to Detroit.”

“Detroit? Michigan?” Petra asked in English.

“Lovingly referred to as the Anus of America,” Claudia replied in English.

The two sisters burst into laughter and embraced. Claudia then planted a kiss on Petra’s lips and instantly Petra felt a tingling within her body that she had not felt in many years as the tip of her sister’s tongue whisked over her lips.

“You do remember your eighteenth birthday,” Claudia whispered in French; her lips just inches from Petra’s ear. “Don’t you?”

Petra found herself suddenly fighting with every fiber of her mortal being to resist some very old, very inappropriate and extremely immoral behavior. Collecting herself, she gently slipped out of Claudia’s embrace and smiled.

“Regardless of anything Claudia,” Petra stammered in German. “You’re my sister and I love you with all my heart and I’ve missed you. Thank you for coming.”

“Okay,” Claudia said in German; studying her sister rather askance. “I’ve brought gifts!”

Kurt and Mia both lit up with beaming smiles.

“Kurt,” Petra began. “Get Auntie Claudia’s bags from her car and bring them inside.”

“Yes Momma,” Kurt replied.

“What can I do Momma?” Mia asked excitedly.

“You my little darling,” Claudia replied elatedly as she put her arm around her niece. “You can show me your room; as I suspect you and I are going to be roomies for the next few nights.”

Mia was practically bursting with jubilation as she and Claudia walked passed Petra and into the house. Petra’s heart was pounding, and her loins were suddenly very warm and moist.


Later that afternoon, Petra watched from the kitchen window as Claudia, who had now changed into a pair of charcoal gray spandex pants and a bright pink sports bra with her long walnut brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, was amid her daily Yoga routine in the backyard. Kurt and Mia were with her, seated around her on Yoga mats that Claudia had brought for them. It was a warm and sunny afternoon in late May with a gentle southerly breeze that was playfully fluttering through Mia’s beautiful long hair. Petra could not help but smile at what a beautiful woman her daughter was becoming.

“She’s almost as beautiful as Claudia,” Petra whispered almost absentmindedly to herself before shaking her head in disbelief. “What?”

But it was true. Claudia was an exceptionally beautiful woman. Standing an even 5’8″, Claudia’s figure was a flawless hourglass and the spandex she now wore accentuated her firm and statuesque body magnificently. She was so incredibly tone and lean with masterfully chiseled muscle definition that was divinely feminine; all the way from her calves to her hips and through her ripped abs to her long and shapely arms. Her breasts were small but proportionate to her figure and physique. Her skin was like porcelain, her hair was pure silk and her face was radiantly gorgeous; narrow with high cheeks, a perfect chin, lovely nose, pouty lips and big limpid eyes that were the deepest and darkest shade of emerald green. Her neck was long and sleek, perched upon the sexiest pair of toned feminine shoulders.

Petra became so spellbound in thinking of her alluring sister’s physical beauty; and now, watching Claudia contort her exquisite body into such an amazing albeit unnatural position, Petra did not consciously realize that she was gently pleasuring herself through her summer dress and that her underpants were soaked to the skin with her intense arousal. Shaking herself back to reality and trying to pull herself together, Petra took a few deep and cleansing breaths. Looking out into the backyard once more, she saw Claudia now laying Kurt and Mia out on their backs on their yoga mats and she immediately did not like the way Claudia was touching Kurt.

Petra watched intently; her heart pounding.

What is she doing?

Just then Claudia stretched herself out on her back between the kids. They all joined hands and laid motionless for what seemed like hours. Eventually, Petra returned her attention to preparing dinner for her family. Her heart was still pounding, and she was sweating profusely.


Petra sat quietly at the dinner table a few hours later, treating herself to a glass of a delicious California vintage Merlot that had been one of Claudia’s gifts of that day. She ate very little. The table conversation was lively and enthusiastic as Kurt and Mia bombarded Claudia with questions about her worldly travels and then listening intently as their aunt regaled them with many a story. They were particularly interested about life in America. Petra heard everything but was not actually listening to anything. She poured herself a second glass of wine.

After dinner, the four of them gathered in the living room to watch TV. Kurt and Mia were seated together on the loveseat and Kurt controlled the remote. He wore his usual evening attire which consisted of a white T-shirt, a pair of baggy red athletic shorts down to his knees and no shoes or socks.

Mia wore a tight, dark blue tank top that wondrously accentuated her ample bosom and cleavage, accompanied by an even tighter pair of sky-blue short-shorts that clung so snuggly to her cupcake bottom and her thick, luscious hips.

Petra had settled into her usual place in the rocking chair in the corner, donning her usual sleeveless white night gown that fell loosely down to the tops of her calves. She too, was barefoot. She was flipping through a magazine and trying her best to ignore the skimpy outfit her daughter wore.

Claudia, while still in her spandex pants but had replaced her sports bra with a loose-fitting three-quarter sleeve shirt, was seated on the floor opposite the loveseat and thoroughly studying her family with a most keen and sexual eye.

First: Petra. Breathtaking! Tall, slender and so very sensual and sexy. A living embodiment of an Aryan Goddess with that flawless alabaster skin, that stunningly beautiful face, those captivating sapphire blue eyes, that hypnotic smile and that gorgeous maim of thick, flowing platinum blonde hair draping down past those alluring shoulders. Then that long, sleek neck and those long willowy arms. Five-feet-ten on those two long, gorgeous and powerful legs. Those fertile and curvaceous hips, firm thighs, slim waist and a soft but flat tummy. And her breasts! Those big, voluptuous and glamorously round D-cups with the plump pink nipples the size of erasers.

With her body suddenly tingling all over; as it always did whenever she thought of or looked at Petra, Claudia had to fight with all her might to keep her hands off herself. She then shifted her gaze to her nephew.

Oh my! What a marvelous specimen of young manhood.

Kurt Schulze stood just over six feet tall. He was very lean, toned and trim; almost bordering on wiry with his shaggy sandy blonde hair hanging down over his ears to near the base of his neck. His legs were long and rather hairy, his waist was slim, his tummy and torso were ripped and flat, his shoulders were broad, and his arms were clad with muscle. He had a granite jaw, high cheek bones and deeply set glacier blue eyes. All the best parts of his beautiful mother and his worthless, albeit, extremely handsome father. With her eyes already carnally devouring him, Claudia let them fall to between his legs which were bouncing rather nervously up and down.

Oh Kurt, what wonderful delight is hidden in those red shorts?

The bulge looked substantial and surprisingly, made Claudia blush. Now feeling her loins ache and moisten, she shifted her gaze to beautiful little Mia.

Standing only 5’5″, Mia reminded Claudia of a priceless porcelain china doll. She was just that picturesque and precious. Like her mother, Mia Schulze possessed that immaculate alabaster skin, those sparkling sapphire blue eyes, the radiant and pearly white smile and of course, the gorgeous maim of soft and silky blonde hair that draped mystically over her shoulders. Only hers was a delightful shade of honey-blonde; not the stunning platinum blonde of her mother. Mia’s face was round, soft and angelic with great big dimples, a darling button nose and plump, pouty lips. A buxom young figure with her mother’s curvaceous hips, a delectable cupcake butt and two perky albeit voluptuous breasts that rivaled her mother’s in size. An innocent angel of propriety trapped in the body of a pernicious goddess of sexuality. Though today was her eighteenth birthday, she looked so much younger.

Kurt was flipping through the channels so quickly that it was difficult to get a sense of what the subject or context of any of the programming was. Suddenly, he stopped! His focus was caught intently on this particular program and for good reason. Two very anatomically correct mannequins; one male and one female, were being put into very compromising positions of sexuality by a man and a woman, both in white lab coats. Once they had them positioned, the man began to speak.

Kurt and Mia were both watching and listening very attentively. And as the program continued, it became clear that it was all about sexual education and both the male and female mannequins, which were being used as visual aids, were repositioned frequently into many other compromising positions as the lecture went on.

“Kurt will you please change the channel,” Petra finally said; breaking a very long period of rather awkward silence. “I really don’t think this is an appropriate program for us to be watching.”

“Yes Momma,” Kurt replied dutifully, but obviously disappointed.

“Wait a moment Kurt,” Claudia snapped. “What exactly is inappropriate about it, Petra?”

“They’re talking about sex Claudia,” Petra shot back. “They’re also using all-too-real looking visual aids. And I don’t think that’s an appropriate program for a boy like Kurt and a girl like Mia to be watching so casually at home. Especially with their mother and aunt in the room.”

“Would you rather they watched it by themselves online alone in their rooms?” Claudia asked. “Or with a group of their friends at a party? Or better yet, how about with a group of total strangers in a dark and filthy movie theater?”

“I’d rather they not watch it at all,” Petra decreed.

“First of all, Petra;” Claudia began. “That program is about sexual education. And what better place for kids like Kurt and Mia to be educated about sex than at home with their mother and aunt?

“Claudia please,” Petra cautioned.

Claudia gave Petra a mischievous wink and grin before turning to Kurt and Mia.

“Kurt? Mia?” Claudia began, still glaring at Petra. “Have either one of you ever had sex?”

“Claudia!” Petra shouted. “Why would you ask such a question?”

“Because I want to know the answer,” Claudia replied. “And I would think as their mother, you’d want to know it too.”

“Of course they haven’t,” Petra snapped.

“Kurt?” Claudia asked very gently. “It’s alright. You can tell me. Have you?”

Kurt shuffled his feet, shifted uncomfortably in the loveseat and lowered his head.

“No,” he said, barely making himself audible.

“Mia honey?” Claudia asked gently. “Have you?”

Equally adorable in her movements, Mia wrapped her arms around herself and could just shake her head in the negative.

“Are you happy now?” Petra snarled. “Embarrassing them like this.”

“Sounds more like you’re the one whose embarrassed,” Claudia replied.

“Fuck you,” Petra snarled in French.

“Hey,” Claudia replied, also in French. “Watch your language.”

“God help me,” Petra mumbled in German.

“Kurt? Mia?” Claudia went on, again speaking German. “Have either of you ever had a sexual education class at school?”

They both shook their head in the negative.

“Do you know anything about sex?” Claudia asked.

“Claudia!” Petra yelled. “Enough!”

“Not a lot,” Kurt replied softly. “Nobody really talks about it.”

“Mia sweetheart,” Claudia said gently. “What about you?”

“I don’t know,” Mia whispered. “Some of the girls in my class talk about things they read in magazines.”

“Like the one you publish,” Petra offered coldly. Claudia ignored her.

“And you’ve never had anyone tell you or teach you about it?” Claudia concluded.

“No,” Mia whispered.

“Kurt?” Claudia asked.

He shook his head in the negative.

“Claudia, this has gone far enough,” Petra roared. “And I do not appreciate you talking to my children about this subject!”

“Then why don’t you?” Claudia fired back.

“Because it’s not appropriate,” Petra replied.

“Not appropriate?” Claudia was practically aghast. “Petra, sex is an enormous part of life; of our society! And it’s about so much more than just reproducing. It’s the most beautiful, intimate and pleasurable experience two human beings can share together. It’s how we truly express our deepest love and affection for another person! It’s the most physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fulfilling experience life has to offer. It’s holy, and so very precious! But in the wrong hands, it can be an extremely dangerous and potentially, a traumatizing and life destroying weapon. Especially when it’s used against people who know absolutely nothing about it!”

“Don’t you think I know all that,” Petra said.

“Not really,” Claudia shouted. “Otherwise you would realize that teaching your children about sex is your duty and responsibility as their mother. And in truth, who better to do it? Sex should be discussed and learned about in a very safe and a very secure environment; like right here at home. And it should be with people that you trust with all your heart and soul! People that love you, respect you and that you know would never harm you and will always protect you. Wouldn’t you agree?”

And right at that moment, Petra knew precisely why Claudia had come to visit. She knew exactly what she wanted and exactly where she was going with all this. And there was nothing she could do to stop her.


“Yes,” Petra finally whispered. “I agree.”

Claudia smiled and then returned her attention to Kurt and Mia.

“Kurt? Mia?” Claudia began. “Would you all like to talk about sex with me and your mother? I’m sure you both have many questions.”

Kurt and Mia looked at each other and then at their mother.

“Momma,” Kurt said timidly. “Is it all right?”

Petra remained silent; her face contorted with countless emotions that the battle that was raging in her mind, heart and soul was bringing forth.

“Momma,” Mia pleaded. “Can we?”

“Is that what you would like to do?” Petra asked emotionally.

The two teens both shook their heads in the affirmative.

“Then go ahead,” Petra told them.

The teens then lit up in ecstatic smiles as they turned their attention back to Claudia.

“Okay,” Claudia began. “I guess first, why don’t each of you tell me what you do know or at least, think you know about sex. Mia, why don’t you start.”

“Oh, okay”, Mia stammered.

“And sweetheart, remember;” Claudia told her. “You are perfectly safe here. You can ask or say anything you want to, and nobody will be angry or upset with you, okay.”

“Yes, Auntie Claudia,” Mia said with a smile. “Thank you.”

“Go ahead honey,” Claudia told her.

As Mia began to speak, Petra cupped her hand over her mouth and felt an enormous lump lodge in her throat while tears welled in the back of her eyes. She knew precisely what was about to happen and she couldn’t stop it. But what was even worse was she wasn’t exactly sure if she wanted to. For deep down in a most private, dark and devious place within her soul…

Petra longed for it to happen.

It did not take long for Mia and Kurt to share with Claudia their knowledge of sex. As expected, it was extremely limited, inaccurate and so very innocent. Claudia quickly sensed that they both felt there was something very bad or wrong about sex, and that talking about it was even worse. By the time Kurt finished, Petra’s heart was pounding almost to the point of pain, and her stomach was tying itself in knots. It was suddenly becoming hard to breathe.

“So,” Claudia began. “Do either one of you think that there is something wrong or bad about sex?”

Both teens shook their head in the affirmative.

“Okay,” Claudia continued. “The most important thing to know and to always remember about sex is there is absolutely nothing wrong with it at all! After all, we are all here because of sex. But as I said a little while ago, sex is so much more than just reproducing. It is the most beautiful and pleasurable experience that can be shared between two human beings.”

“A man and a woman,” Kurt both stated and questioned at once.

“Yes, that is the most common pairing,” Claudia answered. “But sex can also be between two women or two men. And sometimes, it can be between more than just two people. Sometimes groups of people have sex together. Three, four, five and even more all at one time. Sometimes it’s a mix of men and women, sometimes it’s all women, sometimes it’s all men.”

“Really,” Mia said awestruck.

“Have you ever had sex with a woman, Auntie Claudia?” Kurt blurted.

“Kurt,” Petra snapped.

“Petra,” Claudia snapped at her. “That’s what this conversation is all about. The way to learn is by asking questions. And as I already said, they are welcome to ask me anything.”

Petra shifted uncomfortably in her rocking chair and sighed deeply.

“Momma,” Mia spoke so timidly. “Are you sure this is okay for us to talk about?”

“Petra,” Claudia quipped.

Petra sighed deeply again and gave Mia a weak smile.

“It’s perfectly fine Mia my love,” Petra told her. “Auntie Claudia is right. This is something you and your brother need to learn about. Please go on.”

“So, to answer your question Kurt: Yes, I have. I’ve had sex with several women,” Claudia expounded. “Sometimes, more than one at a time. I’ve also had sex with many men too. Sometimes with more than one at a time and with other women at the same time.”

“But sex is really meant to be shared between one man and one woman at one time who truly and deeply love each other very much,” Petra suddenly offered.

“That is true,” Claudia replied. “And it is most commonly shared between a man and a woman who are very much in love. But you see, two women can fall very much in love with each other as well. So can two men. But you must understand that love and sex are not the same thing. Sex is in truth, the ultimate expression of love between two people.”

“Can you have sex with someone you don’t love?” Kurt asked.

“Of course,” Claudia replied. “A lot of times, sex is just sex. Fun and physical; nothing more. But when you love someone, the sex amplifies their passion and their pleasure exponentially. You see, sex is so much more than anyone can really imagine.”

Kurt and Mia were mesmerized by Claudia’s words.

“But when it comes to sexual intercourse,” Claudia continued.

“Intercourse?” Kurt asked.

“Oh,” Claudia smiled. “Intercourse is the actual physical joining of the people having sex. For instance, when a man inserts his penis into the woman’s vagina.”

“Fucking,” Kurt said.

“Exactly,” Claudia said and winked.

“Kurt! Claudia!” Petra roared.

“Petra,” Claudia scolded. “He’s free to ask or say anything. Yes Kurt, sexual intercourse is commonly referred to as fucking. That is a street or slang term for it.”

“I have heard that talked about before,” Kurt offered.

“Me too,” Mia added.

“I have no doubt,” Claudia said. “Now, the first and most important factor where sex is concerned; even before love and pleasure, is trust.”

“Trust?” Mia asked, sounding somewhat puzzled.

“Yes,” Claudia stated firmly. “It is vitally important that you trust the person or persons who you have sexual intercourse with. Because when you have sexual intercourse with someone; you are giving that person a most precious and even divine gift.”

“What gift?” Mia asked; seemingly mesmerized.

“The gift of you,” Petra told her with a warm smile.

“Precisely,” Claudia confirmed. “And this is particularly true for women. You see, women are considered the fairer and gentler gender. We’re nurturers by nature and we tend to act much more based upon our emotions than upon our intellect. And as we are the ones whose body is entered; or violated if you will during sexual intercourse, sex in general, is a much more personal and intimate matter for us. And as we are generally smaller than, and not nearly as physically strong as a man, we are also far more vulnerable to physical abuse and emotional trauma. So, it is crucial that we trust the man to whom we are giving ourselves to.”

Claudia glanced at Petra and for the first time that evening, Petra truly agreed with Claudia.

“Your auntie is right Mia,” Petra said. “You are openly and freely sharing your body with him. So, you must trust him to appreciate it, respect it and do his best to fulfill you. Not to mention, if you deeply love him, you’re freely sharing your mind, heart and soul with him as well. And for a woman, these things are extremely private and priceless. Not to mention, very precious and delicate. You must feel comfortable and have complete trust in him. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Mia and Kurt replied almost simultaneously.

“Very good,” Claudia said with a smile.

“But what if I’m having sex with a woman,” Mia asked. “Is it the same?”

“Absolutely,” Claudia replied. “Even more so actually. Remember how your mother just explained how a man should appreciate, respect and fulfill you? ”

“Yes,” Mia replied.

“Well, even though you are a woman; you’re now having sex with a woman. And so, it’s your responsibility to appreciate, respect and fulfill her.” Claudia explained. “Because not only are you sharing the precious gift of yourself with her, she’s sharing the precious gift of herself with you. That’s why the love made, and the sex shared between two women is so beautiful and breathtaking.”

“But also, never forget Mia,” Petra jumped in. “That when you’re having intercourse with a man, he’s giving you the gift of himself. Men have feeling too and that he is sharing himself with you every bit as much as you are with him. So, whether you’re with a man or a woman, you should always appreciate them, respect them and do your best to fulfill them.”

“Very true,” Claudia said as she smiled at her sister. “Excellent point. But, lets now discuss an element of sex that comes even before trust. It’s the element where it all truly begins. Anybody have any idea what I’m referring too?”

“Attraction,” Mia chirped.

“Attraction,” Claudia stated. “Exactly! Being physically attracted to someone is the very first step on the wondrous path of sex. And it can happen anywhere and at any time without you even knowing the person or them knowing you. You might just see them passing on the street or be sitting next to them on a bus or an airplane. Or just see them on TV or in the movies.”

“Attraction,” Kurt mumbled; sounding a bit perplexed. “Is that the same thing as thinking a girl is hot?”

“That’s precisely it,” Claudia stated. “Just another slang term. Now, for the purposes of our discussion here this evening; Kurt, do you think Mia is hot?”

“She’s my sister,” Kurt replied.

“So,” Claudia continued. “She’s still a woman, isn’t she?”

“A girl,” Kurt mumbled.

“A woman if you please,” Claudia corrected.

“Okay,” Kurt mumbled. “Still my sister though.”

“Just put the sister label aside,” Claudia instructed. “In fact, we’re going to put all the labels of family aside. No more aunt or mother or sister or brother. For tonight, we’re just Claudia, Petra, Mia and Kurt. Three very beautiful women and one very handsome man having a friendly talk about sex.”

Claudia smiled and winked at Mia who smiled back. Petra shifted in her chair.

“Okay,” Kurt replied.

“So, Kurt,” Claudia continued. “Do you think the three of us: Claudia, Petra and Mia are hot?”

“Yes,” Kurt stated.

“Meaning you find us all physically very attractive?” Claudia added. “Boobs, butts, legs, hair; the whole package.”

“Yes,” Kurt replied.

“So, if you could, you’d like to fuck us,” Claudia chirped, giving Kurt a smile and a wink.

“Claudia,” Petra sighed deeply.

“Yes,” Kurt replied.

“Just wanted to see if you were still paying attention Petra,” Claudia joshed. “Now Kurt, tell me what you find most attractive about Mia?”

Kurt looked at his sister and she at him. They were both clearly a tad nervous and timid, but not truly uncomfortable.

“Her hair,” Kurt replied.

Claudia crossed her arms and looked a Kurt dubiously.

“Kurt,” Claudia sneered. “Remember, you are completely safe here. And you are free to ask or say anything you’d like provided you are honest. That’s how you learn and how you earn trust.”

“Okay,” Kurt lowered his head.

“Now, tell me the truth this time,” Claudia commanded gently. “What do you find most attractive about Mia?”

“Her boobs,” Kurt blurted.

“Thank you,” Claudia replied with a giggle. “But for the moment, let’s do talk about Mia’s hair. After all, it is very beautiful; much like her mother’s. And women love to be told by a man how good it looks. So, in truth, that’s a very good move on your part.”

Kurt smiled.

“So, what about her hair?” Claudia asked.

“It’s long and really soft,” Kurt said.

“How do you know it’s soft?” Claudia asked.

“I don’t know,” Kurt told her. “It just looks soft.”

“Mia, can Kurt touch your hair?” Claudia asked.

“Claudia,” Petra whispered under her breath. “Don’t.”

She’s going in for the kill now.

“Okay,” Mia whispered.

“Go ahead Kurt,” Claudia told him. “I want you to very gently, comb your fingers through Mia’s hair. Take your time.”

Kurt did as Claudia instructed; gently combing his fingers slowly through Mia’s beautiful honey blonde locks.

“Very good,” Claudia continued. “Softly. Gently. A little slower. That’s it. Women love a man’s gentle touch.”

Kurt continued stroking his sister’s hair.

“How does it feel, Kurt?” Claudia asked.

“Soft,” Kurt replied. “Really soft. It’s like silk.”

“Mia,” Claudia said. “How does it feel to you? I mean, to have a man sensually stroking your hair?”

“Nice,” Mia replied.

“Good. Now, I want you to close your eyes Mia,” Claudia told her. “And Kurt, I want you to continue at that pace, but now I want you to gently caress Mia’s cheek with the tips of your fingers and then around her ear as you stroke back into her hair.

Mia closed her eyes and Kurt followed Claudia’s instructions.

Petra watched with her hand cupped over her mouth. Her heart was about to explode; her stomach was climbing into her throat and her chest was so heavy she could hardly breathe.

This is really going to happen.

“Very good Kurt,” Claudia whispered. “Slowly, softly. Enjoy the feeling of her hair and her skin on your fingers. Now, how does that feel Mia?”

“Really nice,” Mia whispered. “He’s so gentle. I feel kind of tingly all over. What does that mean?”

“It means you’re becoming sexually aroused honey,” Claudia told her. “You see after the attraction stage, comes the arousal stage. And feeling tingly all over is one of the ways a woman feels sexual arousal.”

“What does a man feel?” Mia asked innocently.

Just then, Kurt repositioned and adjusted his body in a rather awkward way. He even let out a slight yelp as he shifted his legs.

“Kurt, can you answer that question for her?” Claudia asked with a sly wink. “I think Kurt is quite aroused now himself, aren’t you?”

“What do you mean,” Mia asked.

“Kurt,” Claudia said softly. “You have an erection right now, don’t you?”

“Okay Claudia,” Petra roared, lurching forward in her rocking chair. “That’s going too far! This needs to stop right now.”

“Petra,” Claudia snapped. “Do you remember how we spent your eighteenth birthday?”

Petra quickly fell silent and slowly sat back.

“Kurt,” Claudia continued. “Do you have an erection?”

“Yes,” Kurt replied.

“An erection?” Mia asked, sounding confused.

“My dick is hard,” Kurt told her.

“Oh my God,” Petra grimaced.

“More slang,” Claudia chuckled, then to Mia. “An erection is when a man’s penis becomes very hard and sticks straight up and out from his body. Ordinarily it just hangs limp and soft. But when a man becomes sexually aroused, his penis becomes erect. If it didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to insert it into a woman’s vagina for intercourse.”

“Does it hurt?” Mia asked.

“When it’s inserted into your vagina?” Claudia asked. “It can at times. Particularly, when it’s a woman’s first time to have intercourse. But only very briefly. You see, another way a woman experiences sexual arousal; and this is when she’s really aroused; her vagina begins to produce a fluid and becomes what we call in slang, wet. It’s a natural lubricant that moistens the inner walls of her vagina to prepare it for having a hard penis inserted during intercourse. It makes it much more pleasurable for both the man and the woman. And because the woman’s vagina produces so much nectar, or juice, as we call it in slang, the clear fluid seeps outside of her body and coats the outside of her vagina. Makes it glisten. It’s actually very beautiful.”

“Wow,” Mia was utterly mesmerized. “But I was actually just wondering if an erection hurt for a man to have?”

“Kurt,” Claudia turned to him. “Does your erection hurt?”

“It is now because it’s caught inside my pants and underpants,” he replied.

“Then, would you like to take your pants and underpants off?” Claudia asked nonchalantly.

An awkward silence gripped the room as Claudia waited for Petra’s objection. But none came.

“Momma,” Kurt asked timidly.

Petra sighed deeply, cupped her hand over her mouth and marginally nodded her assent. Kurt then wasted no time as he stood up and hurriedly dropped his shorts and underpants to the floor and clumsily kicked them off his ankles and away. Naked now from the waist down, his long T-shirt still covered his throbbing hard-on and obscured it from view.

“May we see it?” Claudia asked.

Kurt yanked off his shirt and tossed it away in no time flat, revealing his massive, rock hard cock that was nearly eight and a half inches long. The head was purple and pulsing while the shaft was thick and vein-laced with two large, meaty testicles dangling just below with a patch of thick sandy blonde pubic hair just above.

Petra’s gaze locked upon her son’s magnificent sexual tool and she could not keep her eyes off it no matter how hard she tried.

Oh my God, he’s bigger than his father. And Poppa too.

Mia stared with star-struck amazement.

“My, my,” Claudia chirped with muffled delight as she gazed upon her nephew’s big beautiful cock. “So, what do you think Mia?”

“Wow,” Mia stammered. “It’s so big.”

“Indeed,” Claudia replied.

“Auntie Claudia,” Mia began. “Why am I suddenly getting so warm?”

“That’s yet another sign of sexual arousal,” Claudia told her. “Your body temperature rises. It happens to both men and women.”

“So, is that why people are naked when they have sex?” Mia asked.

“Partially,” Claudia replied. “Would you like to take your top off?”

“Yes,” Mia said.

“Good,” Claudia said. “Because I don’t think it’s entirely fair for Kurt to be completely naked while the rest of us are fully clothed, do you?”

“I guess not,” Mia replied.

“Besides,” Claudia continued. “Nothing makes a man’s penis bigger and harder than the sight of a woman’s beautiful bare breasts.”

Standing up beside Kurt, Mia fumbled slightly as she took hold of her skin tight tank-top and pulled it up over her head and off, revealing her glamorously round and bountiful young breasts with plump pink nipples that were immensely erect.

“Oh God,” Petra murmured under her breath.

With passion clawing at every fiber of her being and lust ablaze in her eyes as she gazed upon her half naked niece and her fully naked nephew, Claudia pulled her shirt over her head and off, exposing her own bare breasts. Though not nearly as large or voluptuous as Mia’s or Petra’s, Claudia’s breasts were very pert and firm; solid B-cups, with dark, quarter-sized areolas and pebble-sized nipples.

“Here Kurt,” Claudia hissed. “Here are mine.”

Kurt’s cocked jerked and became even harder as he looked upon Claudia’s bare chest as well as her ripped abdomen, her slim waist, her sexy shoulders and toned arms.

“Well, what else can I say except boys will be boys,” Claudia mused.

“What do you mean?” Mia asked.

“Well honey,” Claudia began. “Men are very easily aroused. Often, to a man, sex is just about the physical act of fucking and the physical pleasure that comes with it. But for a woman; well, as we’ve already discussed, we’re a little bit different. For us, sex is much more about the emotional and mental fulfillment than it is about physical pleasure. Because for us, emotional and mental fulfillment can produce physical pleasure to some extent. So, it takes us a little longer to become physically aroused. And things like a man stroking our hair or caressing our face, rubbing or massaging certain parts of our body and whispering sweet words to us is very important in arousing us.”

“Sweet words?” Mia queried.

“Yes,” Claudia began. “Kurt, I want you to stroke Mia’s hair and cheek again. Mia honey close your eyes. Now this time Kurt, I want you to lean in close and whisper how beautiful you think she is in her ear as you’re stroking her.”

“Oh God,” Petra moaned.

Kurt did as his aunt instructed; softly caressing his sister’s cheek and combing his fingers through her silky hair before leaning in.

“Bring your lips as close to her ear as possible Kurt, without touching it,” Claudia instructed. “And softly whisper, you are so beautiful Mia. Your hair is so silky, and your skin is like velvet.”

Kurt followed directions and whispered in his sister’s ear as Mia let out a soft little moan of her own volition.

“Very good,” Claudia whispered. “Now, tell me Kurt; what do you find most attractive about your mother?”

“Her boobs,” Kurt whispered.

“What about her boobs?” Claudia asked.

“They’re so big,” Kurt replied.

“Petra,” Claudia asked. “Would you let Kurt touch your boobs?”

“Stop this now Claudia,” Petra growled.

“You didn’t answer my question,” Claudia fired back.

Petra merely shifted in her chair.

“He can touch mine,” Mia moaned as Kurt was still stroking her hair.

“Oh God,” Petra whispered almost inaudibly under her breath.

Without hesitation, Kurt grabbed his sister’s bare right breast with such enthusiasm that she yelped in pain.

“Gently Kurt,” Claudia cautioned. “Be gentle. A woman’s breasts are very sensitive. Very much like a man’s testicles. Softly mold them in your fingers; massage them and caress them.”

Petra watched helplessly from her rocking chair as Kurt fondled Mia’s breasts, growing more and more confident and adventurous with each passing second as he did. Petra felt as though she would either implode or explode at any moment. This was all so wrong! It had to stop! So, why then was it arousing her so much?

“Now Kurt,” Claudia continued. “What do you find most attractive about me?”

“Your butt and legs,” Kurt told her.

“Really,” Claudia mused.

With that, Claudia rose to her feet, pulled her hair out of its ponytail and slowly slipped off her spandex pants. Sliding them down her sexy legs, she quickly stepped out of them and kicked them aside. As she wore no underpants, Claudia was now completely naked.

Petra sucked in another deep breath as she took in her sister’s breathtaking nudity. How much longer could she hold out? She could feel her own intense arousal leaking out of her throbbing slit onto her inner thighs. Her underpants were saturated.

Claudia crossed over to where Kurt and Mia were standing and dropped down on her knees behind Mia and grabbed the waistline of her shorts.

“Let’s get these off of you baby girl,” Claudia hissed. “Get you more comfortable. Is that okay?”

“Yes,” Mia murmured. “Please.”

Claudia pulled Mia’s shorts and panties down to her ankles and the girl stepped out of them. Tossing them aside, Claudia slowly ran her fingertips up the silky soft skin of Mia’s legs, butt and lower back.

“Oh my,” Claudia whispered. “So soft. So beautiful. You’re a work of art, Mia.”

“Thank you,” Mia whispered.

Claudia then took Mia by the hand.

“Come down here Mia,” Claudia told her. “On your knees; next to me.”

Mia did as she was told and the two of them positioned themselves directly in front of Kurt; his big cock now dangling semi-erect just inches from their faces.

“Now as you can see sweetie,” Claudia said in a low, sultry voice as she gently wrapped her hand around the shaft of Kurt’s cock. “Kurt is losing his erection; which means for him to perform sexual intercourse, he’ll need to be stimulated so that his penis will become erect and hard again. Now I can do that by just gently stroking it with my hand like I’m doing now. But there is a much more pleasurable way for both him and me.

“By putting it in your mouth and sucking it,” Mia offered.

“Very good,” Claudia said. “We call that giving a blowjob or giving head.”

“Head?” Mia asked innocently.

“A man’s penis is divided into two parts,” Claudia explained. “There’s the part that I’m stroking; it’s called the shaft. And then there’s this big, round and plump part here at the top. It’s called the head. So, when I take Kurt’s penis into my mouth, the first part I’m going to sip and suck on is the head. Hence the term, giving head. Like this…”

Claudia ever so gently slipped her pouty, moist lips over the head of Kurt’s cock and lightly sipped on it. She then expertly swirled her tongue around it several times as she continued to gently stroke and massage his shaft.

Kurt’s entire body tensed up and he sucked in a deep breath.

“See what I did with my tongue there,” Claudia asked Mia. “You can really intensify his pleasure by using your tongue. Kind of like what you might do with a lollypop.”

Claudia slipped the head of Kurt’s cock into her mouth again; this time sealing her lips firmly around where the head and the shaft meet. Her tongue again, swirled masterfully around the head inside her mouth and she could feel him beginning to grow and harden. Opening her mouth, she released his cock with a loud pop sound.

“And once you feel him becoming aroused again as I do now,” Claudia said. “You can start taking him in deeper.”

Claudia took Kurt in her mouth again and his now pulsing head went over her tongue and down her throat as she swallowed almost halfway down his shaft. With her left hand still stroking him, Claudia gently cupped his balls in her right as she swallowed him deeper and deeper with each slide down the shaft. Kurt was getting incredibly hard and so big now that Claudia began to feel the gag as she took him in still deeper. Coming up briefly for a breath, she swallowed him again and did not stop until she reached his mound. Claudia had her nephew’s entire eight-and-a-half-inch cock down her throat.

Pulling up again to the base of the head, Claudia ravenously went back down on it. Faster and deeper, deeper and faster; up and down. Again, and again. Kurt’s eyes were rolling back in his head; his mind was spinning, his body turning to jelly and he felt a stirring in his balls unlike anything he’d ever known. Finally, she came up for air; releasing his cock with a loud pop as low and guttural groans of heated passion rose from her throat. With saliva dripping all over her mouth and chin, Claudia wrapped both hands around her nephew’s throbbing rod, that was likewise saturated with her saliva, and stroked it sensually.

“Mmm…” Claudia murmured. “My! You’ve got such a beautiful cock. It’s perfect for sucking.”

Completely losing herself in lust, Claudia completely forget about Mia as she hungrily took Kurt in her mouth again; swallowing him so deeply, sucking, stroking and slurping him with almost animalistic carnality.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Petra had pulled her nightgown up around her waist and was avidly pleasuring herself with her right hand shoved down her saturated underwear as she sucked on the fingers of her left hand. Watching Claudia give Kurt a blowjob was one of the most intensely erotic experience and most arousing sight of her life.

As Claudia took Kurt in her mouth for the second time, Petra could no longer resist the inevitable. Rising to her feet on rather wobbly legs, she pulled her nightgown up over her head and off. Tossing it back in the rocking chair, she cupped her voluptuous and braless breasts in her hands. Letting her hands slid down her body like those of lover, she hooked the waistline of her saturated underpants with her thumbs and slid them down her long sexy legs and stepped out of them.

Feeling Kurt’s body jerk and stiffen suddenly brought Claudia back from the edge of unadulterated passion. She had to control herself despite her own wants and needs. Kurt was young, totally inexperienced and she had to slow down if she wanted him to last.

Young men, experienced or not, tend to climax far too quickly if over stimulated.

Finally coming up for air with another loud pop as she released Kurt’s massive and throbbing rod from her mouth, Claudia observed Mia gently caressing Kurt’s thigh as she had been intensely watching her aunt suck her brother’s cock. With her chin, lips and cheeks coated in her own saliva, Claudia continued to very gently massage Kurt’s cock in her hand.

“So, Mia,” Claudia hissed with a seductive smile. “You think you’re ready to try giving your first blowjob?”

“Not yet,” Petra said.

Kurt eyes sprang open as Claudia and Mia spun their heads around to find Petra coming to them; lowering her magnificent naked body down to her knees between them as her gorgeous platinum blonde hair draped long and mystically over her shoulders. Petra sensually ran her fingertips up her sister’s bare back to the nap of her neck. The sisters then gazed longingly and deeply into each other’s eyes.

“You were right Claudia,” Petra began. “It’s my responsibility to teach my children about sex and I’ve neglected it.”

“Well,” Claudia said. “I’d say you got here just in time.”

“I love you so much lil’ sister,” Petra whispered. “Thank you.”

“Come on Mama Sis,” Claudia whispered. “Kiss me like you used to.”

Petra and Claudia’s mouths crushed together in ravenous passion. Mia was fascinated and Kurt nearly climaxed as they watch their mother and aunt melt into one another; sharing such a deep, kiss. Finally, the two women came up for air and Petra softly caressed her sister’s cheek.

“So, Mia,” Petra began; still gazing at Claudia. “Auntie Claudia has demonstrated for you on how to give a man head. Now, I’d like her to demonstrate for you on how to give a woman head.”

“It will be my pleasure,” Claudia hissed.

“What about Kurt?” Mia asked.

“Oh, don’t you worry,” Petra replied. “Momma is going to take good care of him.”

Claudia offered her hand to Mia.

“And Auntie Claudia is going to take good care of you sweetie,” Claudia mused as she caressed her niece’s soft cheek.

“Kurt my love,” Petra said. “I want you to sit down on the loveseat and spread your legs wide.”

Kurt did as his mother instructed.

“That’s it,” Petra whispered as she positioned herself on her knees between his legs. “Now lean back and close your eyes.”

As he did, Kurt felt Petra’s hand wrap sensually around his shaft and she began to firmly stroke it. Then the warmth and wetness of her mouth suddenly engulfed his pulsing purple head. Slowly, Petra took him in; deeper and deeper. Warmer and warmer. The suction was amazing; incredibly intense. Faster, harder, still deeper. So wet! So warm! So tight!

Oh God!

Never imagining that anything could feel more wonderful than when Auntie Claudia was sucking him; Petra was completely blowing his mind. Resting his hand in the silky softness of his mother’s hair, she swallowed him all the way to the balls.

And she was only just beginning.

As Petra began to service Kurt on the loveseat, Claudia stretched Mia out on her back on the plush carpet of the living room floor. Hovering over the girl, Claudia gently stroked her hair.

“Are you okay sweetheart,” Claudia asked.

“Yes,” Mia replied.

“Do you have any questions?” Claudia asked.

“How can you give a woman head?” Mia asked.

“Sweetheart,” Claudia whispered as she tenderly stroked Mia’s face. “There are infinite ways in which one woman can sexually fulfill another.

“Really,” Mia said.

“Oh yes,” Claudia replied.

“And, I’ve also been wondering just how exactly two women can have sexual intercourse,” Mia said.

“Again, there are countless methods,” Claudia told her. “But something very important to remember. Women don’t necessarily have intercourse together. They make love together.”

“What’s the difference?” Mia asked.

They could hear the slurping, sucking and occasional gagging of Petra as she sucked Kurt, whom in turn, was breathing deeply and moaning softly.

“Well,” Claudia said. “For instance, do you like to kiss Mia? Have you ever been kissed?”

“You mean like the way you and Momma just kissed?” Mia asked. “No.”

“Would you like for us to kiss that way,” Claudia asked.

“Yes,” Mia replied.

“Good,” Claudia said. “Sit up for me baby.”

As Mia sat up, Claudia repositioned herself so that she was seated on the carpeting with her legs extended in front of her. She then instructed Mia to straddle her lap and then wrap her legs around her waist. Mia did as she was told and ultimately locking her legs around Claudia’s waist and her arms around Claudia’s neck so that they were face to face with their bodies pressed gently against each other. Claudia wrapped her arms around Mia’s soft but shapely torso and the two of them looked deeply into each other’s eyes.

“You’re so beautiful Mia,” Claudia whispered.

“So are you Auntie Claudia,” Mia replied.

“You do know how much I love you,” Claudia said. “Don’t you?”

“Yes,” Mia answered. “I love you too.”

“And you know your mother and how very much she loves you?” Claudia asked. “But my love for you doesn’t even begin to remotely compare to her love for you.

“Really,” Mia replied in wondrous awe.

“Yes,” Claudia replied. “So, don’t ever forget how much you’re loved baby girl.”

“I won’t,” Mia replied; her eyes misting with tears.

“Good,” Claudia said. “Now, I want you to bring your lips slowly to mine and open your mouth just slightly,”

Mia followed instruction and her lips brushed softly against Claudia’s.

“Like that?” Mia asked.

“Yes,” Claudia told her. “Now I’m going to press my lips on yours and you just follow my lead. Remember to take your time and just do whatever feels natural.”

“Okay,” Mia murmured.

Aunt and niece’s lips slowly came together, and Mia instantly felt her aunt’s embrace around her tighten. Claudia gently nibbled on Mia’s lips at first and Mia followed suit.

“Now Mia,” Claudia said. “I’m going to press harder. So, I want you to open your mouth a little wider and I want you to cup your hands around my neck.”

Mia did as she was told, and their mouths slowly seared together so beautifully. Claudia slowly pushed her tongue into her niece’s mouth and Mia welcomed it in as though she’s been kissing like this for years. Their embrace tightened and soon, Claudia’s tongue was exploring the deepest recesses of Mia’s mouth; which was silk and heat and promise.

Then Mia grew bold!

Without breaking their kiss, she repositioned her body so that she was on her knees, straddling her aunt’s lap and then using her body weight, slowly pushed Claudia down onto her back. Claudia submitted and once on her back, wrapped her arms around Mia’s shoulders and her legs around her waist.

Mia then pushed her tongue deep into Claudia’s mouth.

Again, getting lost in the throes of passion and lust, Claudia quickly regained some composure and remembered she had to be in charge. Retaking control, she rolled them over so that Mia was pinned on her back beneath her. Without speaking, Claudia ever so slowly began kissing, licking and suckling her way down Mia’s gorgeous naked body.

“Let your hands rest at your sides Mia honey,” Claudia whispered. “Relax. Close your eyes. Just let your body feel and experience the pleasure of me making love to you.”

Claudia continued her descent down the girl’s immaculate body. Her neck, her collar bones, her beautiful breasts; molding and massaging them in her fingers as her lips and tongue swirled about them. Claudia snatched Mia’s left nipple between her lips and her tongue danced with amazing skill all about it. Mia’s back arched; pushing her breasts deeper into Claudia’s mouth. Claudia drug the tip of her tongue slowly away from the left nipple, tracing a line of saliva along Mia’s buxom flesh as it traveled down through the valley between the girl’s breasts and up the right where she snatched the right nipple between her lips.

Mia squealed with delight as her heart raced and she felt such new and wondrous tingling throughout her body and a blazing heat in her loins.

Claudia continued down over the girl’s flat tummy; dragging the tip of her tongue over the quivering and deliciously sweet flesh.

“Spread your legs for me baby,” Claudia whispered, and Mia obeyed. “Now bend up your knees and plant your feet on the floor.”

Again, Mia obeyed as Claudia slid her naked body down on the plush carpet between Mia’s legs and got her first up close look at her niece’s sexual center. So young, so vibrant and so ripe. Topped with just a miniscule turf of honey blonde pubic hair, the folds were so precious and tiny. They looked like newly budded rose petals. Gently putting her fingers on Mia’s center, Claudia spread the beautiful folds, opening the girl to reveal radiant pink flesh that was glistening with Mia’s nectar. Lowering her face to within inches of the vaginal opening, Claudia could then feel the intense heat emanating from within Mia’s body and her nostrils were flooded with the girl’s wondrous natural scent.

“Oh Mia,” Claudia whispered. “You are gorgeous.”

“Thank you, Auntie Claudia,” Mia whispered bashfully.

“Can I taste you?” Claudia asked.

“Please,” Mia murmured; utterly overcome by the passion flowing through her.

Wrapping her arms around Mia’s hips, Claudia plunged in and proceeded to devour her niece’s pussy with an intensity and a passion she hadn’t experienced in a long time. Claudia pushed her tongue deep inside Mia while sealing her lips around her labia.

Mia sucked in a deep and forceful breath; her hands groped and grasped desperately at the carpet as Claudia’s ravenous feast upon her sex intensified. With the unbridled passion fogging her mind and causing her to forget how inexperienced her niece was, Claudia slipped her middle finger deep inside Mia and the girl’s body convulsed as her back arched toward the ceiling in a horseshoe. Claudia was ablaze with passion and just could not restrain herself.

Her niece had the sweetest pussy Claudia had ever tasted. So vibrant, ripe and delicious!

Suddenly, as Mia felt an enormous climax building inside her, she felt another hand fall upon her right breast. Rolling her head to the right and opening her eyes, Mia saw her mother lying beside her on the carpet and smiling sweetly. Glancing down her mother’s body, Mia saw that Kurt was between her legs with his face buried in her sexual center; evidently performing the same act on their mother that Auntie Claudia was on her.

“Hold on my baby,” Petra moaned. “It only gets more wonderful from here.”

Soon, Petra’s body was convulsing and guttural moans of an almost animalistic nature where springing from her mouth as Kurt was obviously doing his job exceptionally well for a first timer. But just then, Mia felt a force beginning to rush through her body like nothing she’d ever experienced. It was so powerful, so intense and was quickly overwhelming her. Mia’s body convulsed violently, her eyes rolled back in her head and she felt a release of such force; a tremendous explosion.

Mia’s body shuttered violently and spasmed wildly; so much so that Claudia had to hold her down as suddenly, a euphoric fulfillment unlike anything she’d ever known flowed over her and all through her. It was so overwhelming that she felt tears suddenly running out of her eyes. Her heart was pounding so incredibly hard that it was painful, and she was literally gasping desperately for air as moan after moan tumbled from her lips.

Claudia was gulping up so much sweet young nectar for Mia had indeed exploded and her inner thighs were doused with her sexual juices. When she had finally licked the girl clean, Claudia kissed, licked and suckled her way back up Mia’s twitching body until finally she hovered directly over her mouth and kissed her very softly on the lips.

“How do you feel, baby?” Claudia whispered.

“Amazing,” Mia moaned.

Just then, Petra’s body convulsed violently and her back arched in a literal horseshoe toward the ceiling. Guttural orgasmic moans erupted from her mouth as the explosive force of her climax smashed into her. Then the euphoria flowed over her and Petra fell back into a spent heap, moaning and gasping softly.

Claudia again gently kissed Mia.

“Go to your mother baby,” Claudia instructed. “Cuddle her in your arms; caress her the way I caressed you. Kiss her the way you kissed me; and remember how much she loves you.”

Claudia slid off Mia and turned her attention to Kurt, who was still lying between his mother’s legs and lapping up her nectar. Claudia took him by the nap of his neck and raised him up onto his knees.

“Let me taste your mother on your lips,” Claudia commanded and then crushed her mouth to his.

Mia cuddled up next to her mother, who was still recovering from her orgasm; her head rolling gently from side to side as she was still trying to catch her breath. Feeling someone gently stroking her forehead, Petra opened her eyes to find Mia hovering just above her. Neither spoke as they gazed lovingly into one another’s beautiful blue eyes. Petra slid her hand up Mia’s arm that was now draped over her body, burying her hand in her daughter’s silky soft hair on the back of her head and pulled her gently down to her.

Mother and daughter smiled sweetly at each other as their lips seared together.

Petra engulfed Mia in her arms, pulling the girl’s much smaller body down atop her; wrapping both her arms and legs around her; forming a loving and protective cocoon. Mia’s mind was spinning, and her heart was racing as she felt her mother’s tongue slip into the deepest recesses of her mouth. Mia had never felt safer or more loved in her entire life and never felt closer to her mother. Though she had always loved her mother; this was something entirely different. Obviously.

And just then, Auntie Claudia’s words went through Mia’s mind about how her love for her could not even begin to compare to the love her mother had for her. Mia then remembered that while Auntie Claudia’s kiss had been hot, passionate and full of carnal desire and insatiable lust, it was nonetheless, missing something. But now, as she kissed her mother; Mia knew exactly what it was missing with Claudia:

True love.

Proving that while sex in and of itself is wonderful, love makes it truly amazing. Auntie Claudia had been right again.

Mia could literally taste her mother’s soul and she hoped that Petra could taste hers. She could. This was the most breathtaking and precious moment in either of their lives. Mia felt tears building as their kiss grew even deeper. Finally, they came up for air and mother and daughter tenderly caressed each other as they continued to gaze into each other’s eyes.

As they lay quietly and gently snuggled each other, mother and daughter heard Kurt moaning softly and breathing deeply. Glancing in the that direction, they saw Kurt stretched on his back the plush carpet with Claudia sensually stroking and sucking his cock.

“Auntie Claudia really likes sucking Kurt’s cock,” Mia observed.

“She most certainly does,” Petra replied and then called out. “Oh Claudia…”

Claudia quickly released his cock with another loud pop.

“I believe your mother is ready for you,” Claudia said; stroking Kurt’s shaft. “Are you ready for her?”

“Oh God yes,” Kurt moaned.

“Mia my love, I want you right here with me. In fact, I want you to get behind me so I can lie my head in your lap and lean against you,” Petra instructed. “That way you can see everything and we can experience this together.”

“Yes Momma,” Mia replied.

The group repositioned themselves quickly. Mia on her knees, resting on her lower legs as Petra slid up against her on her back; resting her head on Mia’s upper thighs. Petra made herself as comfortable as possible and spread her legs. Claudia guided Kurt over and positioned him on his knees between his mother’s legs. His cock was massive, throbbing and incredibly hard. Petra’s pussy was swollen; her folds and quivering slit were beet red, puffy and glistening in her nectar while her alabaster skin was flushed pink and basted with sweat.

Claudia positioned Kurt with inches of his mother’s vaginal opening and then placed her hand on his around his shaft. She then whispered something in his ear that neither Petra nor Mia could hear. Mia gently stroked her mother’s hair.

Suddenly Kurt leaned forward, placed his hands on the carpet on either side of his mother’s body and kissed her softly on the lips.

“Deeper Kurt,” Claudia whispered. “Kiss her the way I kissed you.”

Kurt seared his mouth to Petra’s and she willingly submitted to him; his tongue sinking deep into her mouth. Petra gently stroked her son’s powerful body as he kissed her so deeply. Finally, he came up for air.

“I love you Momma,” Kurt whispered.

“I love you too my darling,” Petra replied; her heart skipping a beat.

Kurt straightened up and repositioned himself as before with the head of his throbbing cock just inches from Petra’s opening. Guided by Claudia, Kurt gently pushed the pulsing head against his mother’s folds and watched with awe as it slipped smoothly inside her body.

Petra chirped in delight as she felt the entry.

“Now pull back,” Claudia whispered in his ear.

Kurt pulled himself out.

“Now push back inside again,” Claudia instructed. “Slowly. And this time, go in a little further.”

Claudia once again guided Kurt inside his mother; this time to about halfway down his shaft. Petra’s eyes fell shut as she felt herself being filled.

Oh, it had been so long.

“Now pull out again,” Claudia instructed. “Slowly. Very slowly. We want to tease her a bit. Women find that very stimulating.”

Again, Kurt slowly pulled himself out of his mother. Mia was now gently fondling her mother’s breasts.

“Now back in,” Claudia whispered. “And this time, all the way.”

Claudia again guided Kurt’s pulsing head to just inside Petra’s opening.

“Now plunge all the way inside her with one stroke,” Claudia ordered. “Thrust your hips forward with all the strength you’ve got.”

Petra gasped deeply and moaned passionately as her son plunged deep inside her. Her body tingled so intensely and her back arched as the pleasure coursed all through her. Meanwhile, Kurt was utterly overwhelmed by the remarkable sensation of his cock being deeply buried in a woman’s pussy. And the fact that it was his own mother’s made the experience that much more extraordinary. The heat, the moisture and the snugness that suddenly completely engulfed his cock was indescribable. It was unlike anything he’d ever experienced or imagined.

He was now, truly, a man!

“Now pump, pump,” Claudia instructed. “That’s it. Back and forth, back and forth; slowly at first.”

Claudia placed one hand on Kurt’s back and the other on one of his hips to help steady him and guide him as he began to thrust in and out of Petra and find a rhythm. For her part, Petra moaned softly, breathed deeply and rolled her head gently from side to side with her eyes closed.

“Mmm oh yes baby,” Petra moaned. “Oh, that’s so good. Mmm oh yeah. Oh, you’re in so deep. Oh, don’t stop.”

“Now faster,” Claudia ordered Kurt.

Kurt increased his velocity and of his own volition, began to move his hips and pelvis in a circular motion. Petra’s moaning grew louder and more intense. Her breathing became more strained and she began to gasp. Kurt himself began to groan and grunt as he thrust harder and faster. Sweat began to drip off his body down on to Petra’s.

“Oh God baby,” Petra moaned. “Oh yes! Oh, don’t stop!”

“Oh Momma,” Kurt groaned.

“Faster baby,” Petra howled. “Oh, harder! Ohhh, my God that’s so fucking good!”

And it was. Petra Schulze hadn’t had sex in over thirteen years, and she had never been fucked better than she was being fucked right now.

By her own son.

Claudia drew back as Kurt had most definitely found his rhythm and was now ferociously pounding his mother. So much so in fact that her entire body was rocking and bouncing violently with the force of his every thrust. Mother and son’s orgasmic moans and howls were reverberating off the walls and ceiling of the small living room. Petra through her arms up and around Mia’s body to brace and steady herself.

“Oh, hold on to me baby,” Petra moaned to Mia.

Claudia looked on with such a burning passion and want in her eyes. She was soon furiously pleasuring herself as the lust of the scene and the intense smell of sex in the air completely overcame her.

By now, both Kurt and Petra were drenched with sweat; gasping, groaning, howling and moaning with their bodies nearing physical exhaustion. But the intensity of the passion was so powerful as they both neared climaxes. Suddenly, Kurt’s face contorted in an almost inhuman expression as the massive eruption building up in his balls was now racing up his cock.

“Oh fuck,” Kurt roared. “I’m going to cum. What do I do?”

“Pull out baby,” Petra moaned. “I want to see you cum all over me.”

After one final and powerful stab deep inside her, Kurt pulled back and his cock slid completely out of Petra. With a look of panic, he managed to grab his shaft just before a profuse stream of thick white cum launched out of the tip. The force of the semen eruption was so strong that the stream hit Mia in the abdomen, as well as completely dousing Petra’s hair, face and chest. Claudia quickly came up behind Kurt, reached around wrapped her hand around his shaft and stroked so that a second and still rather impressive stream of cum shot out and fell onto his Petra’s abdomen, filling her belly button.

“You did it, baby boy,” Claudia whispered in Kurt’s ear. “You fucked your mother.”

Mother and son panted and moaned as the intense passion of the moment began to subside. So caught up in the moment, Petra was rubbing all of Kurt’s seed over her body as if it were skin cream. Claudia continued to milk Kurt’s cock until the last drops of semen were expelled; at which point, he collapsed on top of his mother and she threw her arms around him.

“Mmm,” Petra murmured. “That was incredible baby.”

Mia continued to stroke her mother’s hair and mother and daughter continued to smile so sweetly and longingly at each other. Just then, Claudia crawled up beside Mia and kissed her on the lips.

“It’ll be your turn next baby girl,” Claudia whispered.

“Me,” Mia gulped.

“I think we need to give this boy a few minutes to rest,” Petra added. “He’s certainly earned it. My God. So amazing.”

“I’m ready if she is,” Kurt offered.

“Indeed, you are,” Petra chirped. “Oh, my goodness.”

Petra could feel his cock begin to stir once again. Rolling them over, Petra rested Kurt on his back on the carpet and then kissed him softly on the lips as she sensually wrapped her hand around his cock. Mia and Claudia came around and the three women positioned themselves on the floor around Kurt’s slim waist. Claudia slid in between Kurt’s legs while Mia and Petra pushed themselves up against each of his hips.

With his cock already in her hand, Petra took it deeply in her mouth. Kurt’s eyes rolled back in his head as his mother swallowed him deeply. As his cock began to harden, Petra passed it to Claudia who voraciously took it deep in her mouth. Mia was amazed at how Claudia could take the whole thing into her mouth and throat with seeming ease. Finally, with yet another loud pop, Claudia released his cock and shifted it to Mia.

“All yours baby,” Claudia told her. “Don’t think. Just do what comes natural.”

Mia grabbed her brother’s cock and shoved it into her mouth.

“That’s my girl,” Petra offered.

Mia had learned much in a short time. Kurt had no complaints whatsoever. For his part, Kurt propped himself up on his elbows and watched with utter delight and erotic wonder as his sister, mother and aunt took turns sucking him. They were passing his cock back and forth between them like a single straw in a milkshake. While one sucked his cock, another was fondling and/or sucking his balls.

It was the most erotic sight he’d ever seen.

When Mia once again had Kurt in her mouth, Petra gently ran her hand down Mia’s backbone, over her beautiful ass and down to her steaming little kitty and gently fingered her. She was very swollen and wet.

“I think she’s ready,” Petra whispered with a smile to Claudia.

Claudia gently ran her fingers through Mia’s hair causing her to release Kurt from her mouth.

“It’s your time Mia love,” Claudia whispered and kissed her softly on the lips. “Time to truly enter womanhood.”

Mia then felt her mother’s hands slide gently around her body and cup her breasts. The touch of her mother once again set Mia’s entire body ablaze with immense passion and she tingled all over so intensely.

Unexpectedly, Mia turned and hungrily crushed her mouth to her mother’s. Petra, who was caught somewhat by surprise; not only by the kiss but at Mia’s intensity and passion for her, cradled her daughter’s smaller body in her arms and returned the kiss with equal fervor. Mother and daughter were soon rolling on the floor; their sweat laden naked bodies carnally entwined, and their mouths seared together so tightly they were literally breathing the air in the other’s lungs.

Claudia and Kurt looked on as Claudia gently massaged Kurt’s throbbing cock. Suddenly, Kurt clipped Claudia’s chin in his fingers, tilted her head toward him and took her mouth in a kiss. Claudia was caught off guard at first for Kurt was now exhibiting a level of confidence he’d never known before as well as the beginnings of male dominance.

It excited her deeply. He was also proving to be quite a good kisser.

“I want you now Auntie Claudia,” Kurt whispered as he nibbled softly on Claudia’s lips.

“Mmm,” Claudia moaned. “Not yet. Mia first.”

“Mia is far more interested in Momma than in me,” Kurt whispered as he now nibbled on her neck.

Claudia was astonished at what an amazing lover Kurt was becoming; and so quickly to boot.

“It does seem that way doesn’t it,” Claudia replied.

Kurt returned his lips to Claudia’s and their mouths seared together. Cupping her neck in his hands, Kurt slipped his tongue deep into Claudia’s mouth as she slid her arms around his body.

At that moment, Petra and Mia came up for air and gazed into each other’s eyes.

“Don’t you want to have sex with Kurt?” Petra whispered.

“No,” Mia replied. “I want you.”

“Oh Mia,” Petra queried as Mia kissed her softly. “Claudia, why don’t you take Kurt upstairs to my bedroom. That way the two of you can be alone. Mia is going to stay here with me.”

Kurt was sweeping Claudia off her feet with the passion of his kiss and hence, she did not respond or even hear Petra.

“Claudia did you…?” Petra began as she glanced over and saw her son and sister kissing so passionately. “Oh. Well then, perhaps we should go upstairs instead.”

Mother and daughter got to their feet and walked hand in hand out of the living room. Glancing over her shoulder for one last little peek, Petra observed Kurt lying Claudia down on her back, spreading her legs and positioning himself between them. His cock was immense now, and so incredibly hard.

Their kiss never broke. In fact, it only seemed to grow deeper and more passionate.

“Oh my,” Petra whispered. “I think your brother might be falling in love.”

“With Auntie Claudia?” Mia asked.

“Yes,” Petra replied.

“Is she falling in love with him too?” Mia asked.

“I think she might just be,” Petra replied.

“Momma,” Mia began timidly. “Can a mother and daughter fall in love?”

“Let’s go upstairs and find out,” Petra answered.


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