Little sister’s vagina :part-2

It’s a nice weekend as my mom and dad is going to enjoy some nice time together as they have disclosed their plan to go to a nearby tourist destination as it’s natural sceneries of lakes with mountains will give them some peace and rest from a busy life ,mom asked me as well as my younger sister Lili to join them but my mind is now on Lili as her sexual desires have been putting him in some sort of confusion. Little sister’s vagina part 1.

so as morning starts ,our parents left us as they both have packed some essential items in his bag and we both are now free but our household maid will be here for an hour or mom directed me to have some snacks in breakfast as to order meals to a local food plaza for as Lili and Garry have got morning tea ,parents left us and it’s 08:50 am as maid will come after sometime but as I locked the door ,I walked towards sister’s bedroom.Lili is a young girl of 18 years as her sexy body is fit with physical measurement of 30-24-34 ,her sexy buttocks have always made be her small tits are like pair of oranges on chest,as she is on her chair with some works on PC,I stood behind him as she looked at me and I smiled as I sits on beds corner………

“Lili ,isn’t true that you have not joined them for something special?
(Lili bit shy)may be Garry but I have left them free to enjoy together
(Garry)oh I see!”and then I put my arms on her neck, surrounding it as I kissed her cute face and she said………


“maid will come soon Garry,so be cautious.”and I put my one hand under her sexy thighs as I have hold her back and took him in my lap as I hold her whole body in my lap and put her on bed.she is looking at me as her short nightwear is upto her knees,she is smiling at me and I sits on bed as I leaned my face to kiss him and she put her arm on my back as she started kissing my lips,like a hot gal as looks to be mentally prepared for our lips are locked as both are on bed ,her boobs are pressing harder on my chest as I can feel it’s softness,may be brassiere is missing from her as we both sucked eachother’s lips,she pushed her tongue in my mouth as I started sucking it hard and Lili’s tongue is getting lived in my mouth as my chest is making some pressure on her boobs,it’s a nice tits ,round with a small black nipples and as I am sucking her tongue,she is too hot as well as her hand is pulling my bermuda as it’s on my legs and without undies my cock is nude but it’s in semi erection as Lili have hold it tightly and as I freed her tongue,she murmured

“please suck it”

And I hold her nightwear as I removed it.she is completely nude as her undergarments are missing from her body,so I leaned my face on her boobs as I opened my mouth and Lili hold her boobs as she put it in my mouth is full of soft boobs ,so sucking it hard with my palm moving on her face ,she have hold my cock as she is jerking it my penis is growing bigger and harder as I left her breast,now started licking it nipples with my tongue as Lili is screaming in pleasure”oohh aahh such a pleasure is there in physical love ,I don’t know “and than my mouth moved to her right breast as I started sucking it.we two are getting hotter as parents have given us chance to enjoy for a day but it’s her vagina ,which I want to fuck but if she have desires to do my long cock become harder ,I left her breast and now my lips are kissing her flat tummy as she is rubbing her thighs .Her sexy body is nude as it’s too hot and my kisses are making him horny as I am kissing her waist,so I have hold it tightly.later on as her legs moved in opposite directions,I can see my sister’s reddish vagina and than I put a pillow under her sexy bum.looking at him,I hold her both thighs as I am putting my lips on it ,it’s a smooth thighs as my kisses are making him wild and she is trying to move her legs as well as ass up,there my lips stopped near inner thighs and than I kissed it.

Lili’s both legs have been hold hardly as I put my face on her vagina,now my lips are loving it as it’s labias are well closed and it smells natural as she have not put any perfume on it or have not taken as my lips are burning on fleshy vagina,she is shouting”oohh uuhhh Garry ,lick it fuck fuck “and she put her fingers as she widend it’s hole,now I am licking it as my long thick cock is fully erected as it’s hitting the kurlon my tongue is licking her clitoris as she is screaming in joy”oohh aahh now leave my cunt”and there I took her vagina for a while to suck as Lili pushed my face back to free her we two are hot as I am going to fuck her mouth with my looking at him,she is shy and have put her face towards other direction,I said………..

“Lili love to see my cock in your mouth
(Lili)yes but let’s wait for a while.”as we are nude and there door bell started ringing and Lili moved to washroom with her nightwear as I put my Bermuda on waist,so moved towards door as I opened it and our household maid came inside.
Garry’s cock is looking straight as well as hard as it’s bulge is making a clear imagination on Bermuda and as I walked away,I can see maid eyeing my bulge.I have already fucked my maid Rani as our sexual encounters happened twice but I walked fast to my I knocked the door of washroom as I said……..

“Rani is here ,so be careful.”and than I came back as I sits in dinning space,my cock is looking for glory hole but if I fuck Rani than Lili will not entertain me as it’s a rule made for gals and ladies,they are bit jealous while sharing their we have to wait for an hour to start our sexual activities and I switched on the t.v as I am looking a cricket match played earlier,but my mind as well as eyes are dreaming for Lili’s cunt as I want to fuck it but if she wants so because her virginity is still intact as her hymens have not been broken and I know that gals need their lovers or hubby to break their virginity.

I am watching t.v as maid is cleaning the floor and she is in mom’s bedroom as wait for an hour is going to be a long wait as we both were too hot and horny .so my younger sister Lili came to me as she asked………”need a cup of coffee.”

As I responded positively and she walked inside kitchen as I am thinking of physical love session for a day.How to make him scream ,how to make him so horny that she starts crying for my penis in her vagina ,how to make myself satisfy ?as I am thinking about Lili ,she came and put cups on table as she sits near me on sofa,now both are drinking coffee as I can see Rani coming out of my mom’s room as she started cleaning floor of dinning space.lili looking at me smiled…….

“wait for a long time can make me more hungry for your cock “it’s her version in a slow voice as I eyed her boobs and while drinking coffee ,I said……..

“Lili think for an hour ,if you want to lose your virginity today or not ?
(Lili)no Garry,I will enjoy oral sex first for years with you and than I will think.”

And as maid came near us to clean the floor,we both walked away but I frisked inside my bedroom as Lili moved to her room.later on ,maid entered my room to clean it as she asked……..

“aunty is not here Garry
(Garry)yes enjoying her weekend ,both have gone for a day .”and rani cleaned the floor as she moved away ,may be in Lili’s room and I am lying on bed , even my grown bigger and harder cock have slept as I am waiting for our sexual feeling bored there ,I took my mobile and called mom just to know about their small trip with my dad ,so she said………

“we will reach after half an hour”and as our talks ends ,I walked out of my room to see Rani waking out of my sister’s room and going inside kitchen,now she will clean the I walked towards balcony as I sit there as my eyes are on deserted path ,after sometime ,maid Rani left our home as I moved towards door as I locked I frisked inside my sister’s bedroom as she is lying on bed and I sits near him,as she wake up on bed ,I hold her gawn and removed it,she is removing my bermuda.we both are nude as I took my sister Lili on my lap,she have wrapped her legs on my waist as we are sitting in a closest position,so her boobs are brushing on my chest as I hold her back and hairs,now put lips on her lips as I took it in my mouth to suck.she is rubbing my back,our sexual organs have been cooled after an hour break ,so Lili put her tongue on my lips as I opened my mouth and started sucking it wildely.Garry is sitting nude on bed as Lili is on my lap and we two have hold eachother’s back hard as our body are brushing and while sucking her tongue ,my penis started erecting and I can smell her odours coming out of its armpits and mouth.Her eyes are closed as she is breathing heavily and than I left her tongue as she put her head on my shoulder.she is rubbing my back as her lips are loving my neck and she said………

Garry I will lose my virginity with you only but you have to wait for sometime
(Garry)no need to hurry or worry baby,we will enjoy our oral love first and than when you will feel better ,I will break your hymns.”

So I pushed Lili on bed as I am sitting there ,but she have another idea as she pushed me after sitting near me on I am lying on bed as Lili hold my penis and started kissing it after removing it’s sexy she is that she put it’s glans on her face and as she is rubbing it,she is screaming “uuhh yumm aahh it’s too hot”as my voice is making louder sound in room”oohh you sexy suck my cock aahh “and looking at me,she opened her mouth as she swallows my hot long cock is in her mouth as she is loving it ,my hand have hold her boobs as I am pressing it hard and she than started moving her face as my cock is in her mouth ,she is giving it a nice and hard my penis is growing bigger and harder in her mouth as she is sucking it hard and I am in fire

“oohh aahh uumm sexy baby you bitch suck suck it till I cum,drink my cum you mother-fucker”  and she is going hard as I felt precum on my cock ,I pushed her head back,freed my cock and moved to I urinated and washed it ,I felt it will cum soon ,so as I walked back ,she is on bed as she is rubbing her hand on vagina and I put pillow under her sexy ass as she stretched her legs.Her nude vagina is shaved as I put my nose on it and smelt harder,my hand have grabbed her waist and I started kissing it frequently as she have put her both legs in air ,showing her pleasure as her voice

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