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It’s an incidence happened last week as my hubby Ankit have gone to his office and feeling bit alone in home after my maid Zarina finished her household as I have written too many stories (read previous story “My honeymoon trip‘ & it’s parts ,”Stranger’s long cock” & it’s parts , “Hubby surprise gift‘ & ‘ Return gift to my hubby’s ),

I have enjoyed a lot with my hubby Ankit ,his friend Iqbal and with as Rima ,is a young married lady of 26 years,I have lost my virginity to my hubby on first night and than as he fucked me in a regular basis,I got addicted of it and than my mind become so dirty that one’s a stranger seduced me in a shopping mall and I got fucked in his car and lastly ,my hubby a conservative approach guy have changed his mind as he gifted me a long cock of his colleague Iqbal and now a days I am getting fucked with my hubby Ankit as it’s a nice day ,I am looking for physical love with my secret lover Rashid,a businessman in Lucknow as we two have enjoyed sex lot of times,we have not met for a month or my lovely face with whiteish complexion can attract anyone,my lovely boobs are seducive as my figure of 34-28-36 is wild ,my sexy ass needs no introduction as it’s round dome shaped buttocks with strong smooth thighs and it’s my reddish vagina that have got some black mounds on her it’s a great fuck for me for last 5 years as it happened there but it’s my pleasure to get physical love with anyone I want,so sitting in dinning space ,I am thinking of Rashid as I took my mobile and called him ,he received my call ……..

“Hi sweetie ,have you missed me for so long
(Rima)sure but you have not also called me dear
(Rashid)sorry for it but if I have had called ,may be you have think it otherwise
(Rima)oh dear I know and you also that our relationship is of bed as we are in great sexual relationship for last 6 months
(Rashid)sure but I love you Rima
(Rima)ok no need to be emotional ,of have time we can meet.”and as he responded positively ,I put mobile on table and walked towards my room as I opened my wardrobe to select a dress for him to I took out a blue coloured crop-tops with a miniskirt as I removed my nighty and put black brassiere and G string on my I put my clothes as I took my purse and mobile in it and now put a high heel sandals on legs.looking like a hot blonde babe ,I am waiting for my lover Rashid to come and pick as it’s 11:25 am and lastly he called me on my mobile as I received his call……..

“yes Rashid,are you near appartment’s main gate.”and than I walked out of home as I locked the door ,moved fastly towards ground floor and walked out of appartment’s main gate.a blue coloured car is parked there as I moved towards it and there as windows are opened ,I looked inside and Rashid is sitting on driver’s I frisked inside car as Rashid drove the car and it’s my miniskirt that’s gone upto my inner thighs as my sexy legs are crossed ,he is looking at my sexy legs………..

“looking too hot and sexy ,we both are going to my office
(Rima laughed) oh means we will love eachother infront of your staffs
(Rashid)no a guest room is available connecting my office ,so we can have rest there.”

And I eyes on his bulge on jeans and after 20 minutes of drive ,I reached his office as it’s on fifth floor of building ,we both are in lift and Rashid got chance to hold me as both are inside lift with no strangers there . so I am in his arms as he is kissing my face to neck and his hand is on my soft ass as I kissed his lips………

“dear we are on third floor ,so leave me.”and as we both reached the fifth floor ,we walked out of lift as we walked inside his office,now he took me inside his chamber as staffs are eyeing me and they are bit suspicious but who can ask the boss(Rashid)about I sits on a chair ,Rashid called his peon and said……….

“we are going to have a deal for an hour ,so make it sure no one can enter my chamber .”and he walked away as Rashid took me inside guest room and locked the door.rashid’s guest house is well decorated but it’s a small sized room with a medium size bed in it,so I sits on it’s corner as I put my purse there and Rashid moved towards refrigerator as he took out two canes of as we are sitting closer,he opened my cane and than as we both are drinking beer,he put his hand on my thigh and started rubbing it.He is a smart unmarried guy of 28-29 years and as my drink is in process ,I felt his hand going inside my miniskirt and I felt too hot as well as horny , so my hand moved to his Rashid hand is on my inner thighs as he is rubbing my sexy vagina on G string and my hand started removing his jeans ,so he hold the fleshy parts of vagina and started pinching it while holding in his as my drink finished,j lyed on bed with my legs on ground and Rashid put empty cane on ground as he moved on my his face is on my face as he put his lips on my face and my boobs are brushing hard on his chest and there ,I took out my tongue as Rashid took it in his mouth to suck.our voiceless sex starts as my hand is on his back and as I have opened his jeans buttons ,he pulled it my long tongue is in his mouth as we both are making eachother hot and feeling his weight on my body,I am rubbing his back as his bulge is hitting my vaginal parts,our legs are on floor .so as our body are brushing eachother ,

I can’t make him lye on my body for a long time,so I pushed his face and he wake up as he hold my legs and removed my he put my legs on bed as i moved to the centre of bed and looking at me ,he removed his shirt with vest,Rashid is a smart strong guy as he is now on bed and now he put his hand on my waist as he got the book of my miniskirt ,he unhooked it and pulled my skirt down .so my lower parts are nude but G string is covering my valuable vagina and he again put his hand on my tops as he lifted it up, so he removed my tops also and we both are in our undergarments sexy boobs are semi nude as he started pressing it hard and I am lying on bed like her wife as he put his hand in my back and removed my brassiere within a minute I am nude as Rashid leaned his face on my boobs as he hold it and opened his mouth,I put my breast in it,sucking it hard with other hand massaging it hardly ,I am in heaven as my hand is pulling his undies and I succeed as his undies is on his legs ,now both are nude as he is sucking my breast and I am feeling his hard cock in my Rashid took out my breast as he hold it and started licking it’s long aerola with his tongue and like a damn hot baby ,I am screaming……”oohh uuhh Rashid don’t do it aahh my vagina is in fire”,but who listens our words as he took my other breast in his mouth to suck and I am rubbing my nude thighs on bed as I am feeling too things changed within an hour and we two are on bed as his mouth is full of my boobs ,his nude body is on my top and after a while,I pushed his face back as my boobs are free from his mouth.

Rashid is looking in my eyes as I hold his waist and pushed him to bed,so he is now lying like an Indian women and I am on his I love dominance and dominating also as my lips are loving his wide chest ,he is holding my breast to press it my lips are on his waist as I hold his penis while my kisses are on his thigh, so we both are too horny as I am loving his it’s my position which will make us feel hot and now as Rashid is sleeping on bed with his legs straight ,I leaned on his top with my face on his penis as my lower parts are on his face,my legs are wide as I have put myself on Rashid like a doggy with my elbows as well as knees balancing my whole Rashid hold my waist as he put his nose on my vagina ,how it smells ,he know it and I removed his skin of penis as I put my lips on it to kiss.His 8-9 inches long cock have always made me horny ,so I started running it’s glans on my tongue as I can feel Rashid’s lips on my vagina.He is loving my vagina as his hand is massaging my saggy boobs and now I put his penis in my open mouth as I started sucking it fast with my face moving up and down and it’s great to feel Rashid’s tongue going in my vagina.its little wider as I am in sexual relationship for last five years and his long tongue is licking my cunt as I am sucking his tool with my sexy body on his top making some sounds

“oohh uuhh fuck fuck my cunt soon”and Rashid is rolling his tongue in my deeper vagina as clitoris is getting licked ,I took out his wet penis and put my long tongue to lick ,so I am getting the touch of cock with my tongue and he took out his tongue as he pushed two long fingers inside my cunt and it’s making my cunt wider as I am shouting like a whore”oh you dog fuck it have your cock had not got the energy to fuck it , doing it with fingers.”and I know he will fuck me soon , so I started giving his penis a nice and hard jerk and lastly ,Rashid is so hot that he put me away from his he made me a whore on bed as he put his cock in my vagina while I am sleeping on bed,his long cock is in my cunt as it’s wet due to cum and he hold my waist as he fucked me hard and my cunt swallowed his penis but 1/3 Rd penis is still outside ,so waiting for his other hard fuck as he is fucking me with his 2/3rd cock only and than he fucked me harder as whole cock is in my wet he is fucking me like a hot blonde with his body on my top and as he started pounding my cunt hard ,I started screaming ……..

“oohh you bastard you are fucking me like a prostitute do it easy no hard fuck”but he is kissing my lips as sea waves are in my vagina and I hold his waist as I started bouncing my sexy ass fast but it’s his long cock going to pour cum soon and it’s a 6-7 minutes fuck only as his penis ejaculated semens in my vagina and I got satisfied as I am still lying on bed like a tired fucked lady ,he took his penis out of my cunt and than sits near my face as he pushed his cock in my mouth ,I tastes it’s cum ,so sweet can’t be he fucked me like a monestar as I got his valuable sperms inside .our sexual organs are hot as we are in washroom for bath not sex .

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