My mom’s fuck fest

It’s a nice weekend as I have great sex with my mom Juhi for last two days as my dad is out of town for his business trip and this incidence happened 6 years back as Rohan is a 18 years guy with his tall figure of 6’0 feet and strong physique,his cocks length and thickness is medium but spending times inside vagina ,it’s my penis that can make cry to a matured lady also as my penis always ejaculated inside cunt in a longer span of my mom Juhi ,a 36 years gorgeous lady with figure of 36-28-38 is a attractive lady as her sexy boobs to waist are adorable,her sexy round dome shaped ass is so hot that it’s moves like a spring if she don’t wear a full sized panty on it.

So we both have enjoyed sex for two days and it’s a nice morning as my mom Juhi ,myself Rohan with my friend Rocky is going to enjoy a great sex session that will start after two I took my morning tea as I am sitting near my mom in dinning space and she said……..

Rohan ,one thing ,don’t disclose our sexual relationship to others and say this to Rocky also
(Rohan)ok mom ,I will go to market for something to buy ,so finish your household works soon
(Mom)ok I will be ready on time ,so buy a bottle of wine also for me and a packet of condoms also .”


And I left my home as I am in Bermuda and t’shirt ,reached a nearby market on my I moved to a medicine store as I asked shopkeeper……..

“a packet of condoms please
(Shopkeeper)sir why don’t you use something different that will give both of you more pleasure with safety
(Rohan)oh I see !what’s it ,let me see .”

And he provides me a strip of contraceptive’Today’ ,so I bought it and walked to wine shop ,there I bought two bottle of beer with a bottle of wine as I left market and reached my home at 10:15 am ,I started ringing the doorbell as I am standing there with a carry bag and after sometime ,door opened as I can see mom walking fastly towards her room as I can see her sexy back in peticote only.I think she is in washroom for bath and have put her peticote on her breast to cover her sexual organs .so I locked the door and put wine and beer inside refrigerator ,now while sitting on sofa I took out my mobile and called Rocky………….

“Hi how are you ?
(Rocky)fine but Rohan what’s the occasion you have invited me ?
(Rohan)oh come after an hour and you will know the reason.”

And i am looking towards my mom’s bedroom as I know she will be here after her bath and there I put glasses as well as bottle of wine and soda.later on ,I walked to my mom’s bedroom as I stops near her room’s door and while standing behind the curtain,I am looking inside as my mom Juhi is nude standing infront of a large mirror as her round dome shaped buttocks are wild ,her front portion of body can be seen easily in mirror’s,so I can see my mom nude as she took a black brassiere to put it on her boobs ,now put a black panty on waist as I am thinking of her sexy dress,she took it from bed.she have had a black short gawn as it’s front faced laces with deep necked makes it too as mom put her dress ,I walked away from him as I hold my mobile to call Rocky ,now as I started ringing him,door bell started ringing and I left my mobile as I walked to door to open friend Rocky is there as I smiled……..

“come inside my friend
(Rocky walked inside)Rohan,you are not disclosing the reason of party
(Rohan)cool down ,wait for a while to know it.”and I frisked inside my mom’s bedroom,looking at me she said……..”your friend is here,isn’t it
(Rohan)yes mom
(Juhi)ok go and prepare drink as I will come soon.”

And there I sits on sofa near my friend Rocky,now I opened the bottle of wine as I started pouring it into glasses while mixing soda in it.rocky is looking smart in his blue denim jeans with short shirt as he is a young guy of my age,his charming face have made my mom his as I took a glass full of wine,looking at me rocky took it and said……….

“mom is in home, so if she caught us drinking
(Rohan)oh enjoy my mom’s birthday party.”

And as we both started drinking wine,mom came there as she is looking too hot in her gawn as her sexy thighs are semi-nude ,her clevage is rocky smiled as mom sits near him and than my friend Rocky hold my mom’s hand as he wished him,but my mom took him in her arms as she put lips on his face rocky is too shocked as well as surprised and my mom is sitting on sofa with her legs crossed as she started drinking wine and I can see Rocky’s elbow touching my mom’s breast as both are sitting our first drinks lasted,mom turned her face as she hold Rocky’s neck and started kissing his lips, unexpected for my friend as he is trying to push my mom’s face my mom said……….

“rocky it’s my birthday ,so I need gift from you
(Rocky in a much disbelief)sorry aunty if Rohan have disclosed it earlier I have gifted you some thing special
(Mom)oh I see !you can gift me something special right now.”and as I started pouring wine and soda in glasses,my mom Juhi have hold my friend in her arms as she is kissing his face to lips and I can see my mom’s hand moving on my friends we three started drinking wine again as rocky is looking at me and Juhi hold his zip (of jeans)as she is unzipping Rocky’s jeans while drinking dirty mind is eyeing their sexual activities as rocky is bit shy as well as nervous and as my mom finished her drinks,she started removing my friend’s shirt and jeans as rocky is showing his resistance……

“aunty please don’t do it,it’s not good for us
(Juhi)rocky don’t want to see your sexy aunt’s nude body.”

And than it’s my mom who have made rocky nude and his penis is in semi erection as she hold it and than started kissing his rocky hold my mom’s as he is now hot and took my mom’s rossy lips in his mouth to suck.looking at them,I pulled down my Bermuda as I am nude sitting there, so our second drinks lasted as I can see juhi’s tongue inside Rocky’s mouth as we both friend are nude,my mom is still in clothes.
Rocky is sucking my mom’s tongue as I sits behind my mom and started pressing her boobs with my palm ,as I can see mom’s eyes closed as she is breathing rocky freed her tongue as we both are nude,mom Juhi stood infront of us as she hold the laces of gawn,looking at rocky she smiled and as her gawn’s laces opened ,she put her gawn’s parts on shoulders.juhis front portion of body is nude as I can see rocky eyeing her sexy boobs to waist and than I stood as I am behind her I took out my mom’s gawn as she is looking hot in her black undergarments and than rocky stood infront of sex diva as he hold her breast and started pressing it I started kissing my mom’s neck to back as my hand have hold her right breast and rocky is pressing her left breast and she is screaming in joy”oohh aahh suck it suck my son”and it’s great to unhook my mom’s her lovely boobs are nude as Rohan is kissing her back while holding her boobs and rocky put his face on her breast as my mom put it in his my lips are loving my mom’s back as I am going downwards to waist and there a watermelon shaped ass is looking sexy as Juhi is shouting”oohh aahh uumm suck hard”and I can see rocky sucking my mom’s breast hard as my mom have hold his cock to masturbate it I knelt behind my mom’s body ,I hold the strings of panty as I opened it and now it’s my nude mom who is making both of us I can see from behind,rocky is sucking my mom’s right breast as I widend my mom’s legs and started kissing her sexy ass but my finger is moving on her sexy rocky have left my mom’s breast as he is kissing her tummy to waist and we both friends are loving her as she is in fire………..

“rocky lick my cunt aahh “and as my two fingers vanished inside her vagina,I am fucking it hard as my lips are on her back friends eyes met as rocky is kissing my mom’s thighs from front portion and I can see my mom’s legs finger is moving fast in her hot dry vagina but soon,rocky hold my wrist as he put away my fingers and now I can see Juhi stretching her legs wide as rocky is on his legs.looking at my mom,rocky put his face inbetween her strong thighs and I started licking my mom’s anal hole as rocky is kissing my mom’s vagina.He is a tough guy as I can see him holding her waist and than his tongue frisked inside my mom’s vagina as mom have widend its hole.she is enjoying boths tongue in her ass hole and vagina as she is shouting”oohh aahh uuhh Rohan fast yes rocky lick it like a stray dog”and as my tongue is licking her ass hole,my cock have grown my penis is in full pressure as I left her and walked to washroom to urinate ,washed my penis and came back.

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