Oral sex with mom’s lover

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It’s a nice weekend as my mom have given me chance to enjoy love with her lover Sam and I have watched my mom’s sexual affairs with Sam twice ,so it’s my pleasure to get mom’s lover’s cock with mom’s permission.Dipaali is a 17 years gal as I am still untouched,my height of 5’7 feet with figure of 30-24-34 makes me hotter as sexy ass is squared shaped .so as my mom permits me to be with Sam within limits,I am thinking of “how to make him my sexual slave”.as it’s a nice weekend,I wake up in the morning and frisked inside washroom ,so I took refreshment and than walked towards dinning space as mom is sitting on sofa with a cup of tea,I sits beside him as my mom shouted……

“have a cup of tea for Dipaali”and I am looking at my mom as she have been with Sam last night ,she smiled………

“dipaali are you fine
(Dipaali)yes mom but my feeling for you have been changed
(Mom)ok I will go to market for an hour and there you will get chance to have love with Sam
(Maid put a cup of tea ,Dipaali)will Sam be here at that time?
(Mom)yes I have called him ,so it’s upon you how to make him horny but be in limits , ok.”and while drinking tea as sitting on sofa,mom left me alone as after having tea ,I moved to my bedroom.

Its 08:35 am as I am thinking about my plans to seduce him,so first I opened the wardrobe and started looking at dresses ,lastly took out a blue coloured little dress.now while sitting on bed ,I am looking the dress as I have not put it on my body for months but it’s still in my size.so I choose my dress as I walked out of my room to see my mom Isha,as I frisked inside her room,I can’t see him there ,I guess she is in washroom.now as I came back in dinning space ,I am bit scared and shy of my days affair with Sam,a young guy who have illicit relationship with my mom will be here as I will force him for physical relationship,so what he will think about my mom Isha as well as daughter Dipaali?.so I am in my bedroom as maid is cleaning floors of home and I am waiting for my mom’s departure from home as well as Sam’s arrival here.later on I took my mobile as I walked towards balcony ,now while sitting on chair ,I am reading news in it and after a while ,mom came there as she is ready to go to market ,have put a sleeveless kurti with leggings and looking like a hot as well as gorgeous lady.looking at me ,she said……..

“your breakfast will be in kitchen as I will have it and than will go to market
(Dipaali)ok mom.”

And it’s 10:30 am as maid and mom left home ,my heartbeat have fastened as time is passing for Sam to come and I removed my night wear in my room as I walked nudely inside washroom.so my nude body is under cascade and I opened it as I sits on my legs,water is flowing on my body as my mind is thinking of Sam’s cock but I am bit shy as well as afraid of it.now as my body is wet,I put cascade on hold and stand to have a bottle of gel as I started putting gels on my front portion of body.my sexy body is wet as I am putting gels from neck to boobs to waist as I am rubbing it also in hurry.so my front portion is well covered with gels as I am using it on my back ,later on I put gels on my thighs as well as legs ,now it’s my smooth body which is covered in gels.now I sits on my legs under cascade as I opened it’s tap and water started flowing on my body as I am rubbing my hands on my body’s front as well as back portion.later on I left washroom with my nude wet body as I started rubbing towel on it and than I walked nudely towards dinning space as I took out my breakfast from kitchen and started having it.I am free from each and every obstacles in home as Sam will come after sometime to meet my mom Isha but it’s my mom’s plan to ignite his mind with my sexy body for sex….love and pleasure.so as my breakfast finished,I put plate inside kitchen and washed my hand .now walked towards my bedroom as I put a blue coloured brassier on my boobs and G string on waist,looking like a hot gal as I put little blue dress on my body .it’s sleeveless as well as clevage can be seen easily and it’s length goes to my upper portion of thighs as I am standing infront of a large mirror.my clothes will make Sam horny and hot as it’s my lower parts which is uncovered and as I will sit on sofa ,my thighs maximum portion will be visible to him and even he can look at my G string also.oh god!it’s a special moment for me as I will get touched with a guy ,who is in illicit relationship with my mom Isha.so I walked towards dinning space as I sits on sofa with my legs crossed,now I can feel my little blue dress giving spectator a hot visibility of my sexy body.as I am breathing heavily ,I closed my eyes and is trying to be cool and bold ,it’s time for Sam to come inside my home.my eyes are on watch as it’s 10:55 am and I am waiting for Sam to come as I have to love him with his permission and I will hold his cock as it will be the start of my sexual life.

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