Mom’s submission: sex with son, part-3

A lady of 36 years is making love with her son of 18 years as this incidence took place five years ago. Mom’s submission: sex with son, part-2  Nancy have made her son Rohan ,a sex slave as we both got chance to enjoy eachother’s sexual organs ,so we did and as my hubby will be back after a day,my hunger as well as thirst have mounted and we two have enjoyed early morning sex session (Read previous story”Mom submission:sex with son ” & it’s parts).

So as we both are nude sleeping on bed ,feeling too tired as well as hot after rohan fucked me ,I frisked inside washroom and there I sit on my legs under cascade as door of Washroom is still opened,I have invited my son to join me in water is flowing on my body as I am getting wet and then I put tap on hold as I took a bottle of gel,now started putting gels on my sexy boobs to waist ,feeling bit horny as I put it on my back to clean it,a sweet voice

“oohh mom ,it’s not your duty to put body clean ,I will do it “and I turned my face to see Rohan standing he sits on ground as he took bottle of gels from me,now I put my sexy ass on ground as my legs are feeling bit pain ,so he started massaging my both boobs as my front parts of body is well covered in gel.He is a hot and strong guy as he is rubbing my breast to waist and now he moved to my back as he started rubbing my soft body with his feeling hot and horny with my son’s touch,I turned my back as we both are nude under cascade and Rohan asked me……..


“you hot lady ,sit on your legs.”and as I sits on my legs with my thighs wide spread,he is looking at my glory hole and than he took gels in his palm as he started putting it on my Rohan’s palm is rubbing my vagina as it’s covered in gels,so we both are sitting nude facing eachother on legs and I hold his penis as I started masturbating it slowly.rohan’s mind is thinking of something different as he stand and took a toothbrush ,now while sitting there ,he put it inside my cunt and slowely it’s inside my vagina,Rohan kissed my lips and asked……..

“are you feeling better or not
(Nancy)yes my son but now I don’t need your cock , so please don’t fuck my vagina with it.”but he is doing it fastly and as our body is turning hot,he took out a long toothbrush from my he put some water on his body to make himself wet and than I started putting gels on him,he is now sitting on ground as my legs are shivering as he have fucked my vagina for a I am rubbing my son’s chest as he is kissing my lips while massaging my boobs and than he turned his back as I put gels on his my son’s body is well covered in gels as my body is ,so we both are sitting on ground in washroom as we both are playing sex there ,my hand have hold his cock as I am masturbating it fastly and Rohan is kissing my face to I hold my son as I started brushing my breast on his chest and he took me on his lap as my legs are wrapped on his it’s his long cock which is feeling our touch in between our waist and than Rohan hold my hairs as he put his tongue in my mouth,so feeling horny on my son’s lap ,I started sucking his tongue and our gel covered body are brushing eachother’s ,so it’s our pleasure to go ahead today with our sexual activities to satisfy as I can feel Rohan’s salivas in my mouth ,I took out his tongue as we both are now too hot and horny for another sexual Rohan hold my waist as he put me on ground and stood infront of me as he opened the tap of cascade,now water is flowing on our body as he smiled………

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“you whore now suck my cock.”

And I knelt on washroom’s ground as my face is near his waist ,I put my arm on his waist as I hold my son’s cock to motherly love have changed to a horny lady as I hold his penis and started kissing it with my lips,our sexy body is getting the water as he is holding my hairs and than he eyed on me as I opened my mouth ,so he pushed his long penis inside as its semi erected,I started sucking it without any face movement,just keeping his penis in my mouth and giving it a warm love to grow bigger and harder as mom always love to know their children’s cock bigger and it’s a dirty mom getting her son’s penis in her mouth to as I am feeling it’s hardness ,Rohan started fucking my mouth with his cock and our body is getting cold as water is flowing on it but it’s hotter also as we both are in love inside as Rohan’s glans is hitting on my throat ,I am feeling like a dirty whore and than I started moving my face fast as I am giving his penis a nice and hard jerk.later on we both are standing on floor as our body have been washed and Rohan sits on his legs as he have hold my thighs to widend it and I smiled ……..

“oh Rohan what’s your mood now ?
(Rohan)let me love your vagina “and I have put my legs wider as he put his face inbetween my thighs and looking above ,he put his lips on my sexy vagina .so his hand have hold the fleshy parts of my buttocks and now his lips loved my vagina as I put my finger on it to widend its hole and he started licking it with his long getting hotter as afternoon is near ,I have neither prepared lunch nor ordered for it ,so as Rohan is rolling tongue inside my cunt ,I am screaming in pleasure”uuhh aahh uumm”as he licked it for a both are standing as our bath have ended ,rubbed our wet body with towels as we walked nude inside while sitting on bed ,I took my mobile and called a local food plaza as I ordered food for us and than we nudely walked towards dinning space.

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Nancy is sitting on sofa as I started pouring wine with soda in glasses and Rohan took me by surprise as he hold my boobs and put his mouth on it,so having my half of breast in his mouth he is sucking it hard as I started drinking wine ,while my son is drinking milk from my his other hand is pressing my breast and I have my drinks fast as Rohan left my breast and started drinking wine ,but his hand is still pressing my breast hard and I hold his penis as I am jerking it Rohan is drinking wine as he put his hand inbetween my thighs and it’s my vagina getting the touch ,so I put my head on sofa’s back and stretched my legs ,Rohan put his two fingers in my vagina and started fucking it my vagina have got a brief fuck of a toothbrush ,it’s too hot as well as horny .He put his empty glass on table as he asked me………

“darling now kneel on sofa with your back on sofa’s corner.”and my sexy ass is like a round dome shaped fleshy parts as I am in a doggy position on sofa,now Rohan stood infront of my back as his hand is on my he bends his legs as he made his penis straight towards my vagina and than I looked back as he hold his cock and pushed it in my vagina is dry as he have put his half cock inside,so two sexual organs are hot and he fucked me hard as his long dick entered my dry smooth Rohan is going hard in my cunt as I started moving my sexy ass as I want to make my cunt too hot to ejaculate cum .so my son is fucking me with speed and power as his penis is hitting my deep vagina,I am screaming in pleasure

“oohh uuhh yumm fuck fuck hard hard my son “and he is fucking my cunt hard as my ass is swinging like a spring .now I felt my vagina too hot as I screamed louder

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“oohh uuhh it’s cumming my son ,fuck hard “and as his cock hitted my vagina ,my vagina started crying as tears inform of cum is coming out of it .so Rohan hold his penis as he took his penis out of my cunt and looking back,I can see him putting his tongue in my wet he is getting the taste of my cum and now I walked towards washroom ,as I frisked inside ,I heard door bell ringing and now I am inside washroom as I know a guy is there to deliver I urinated and washed my vagina as I heard son’s voice after some time……..

“mom come inside ,no one is here.”and I walked towards dinning space ,wrapped a bath towel on my chest and Rohan is sitting there as he have put bermuda on his I sit near him as he said…….

“mom I am curious to pour cum so come inside bedroom”and as we both are on king-size bed ,he slept on it with his legs straight as he asked me to sit on his cock ,so hot my son is as I sit over his penis with my legs stretched and it’s a cow girl position as I started pushing my ass below and Rohan have hold my waist as I have hold his penis ,slowely his glans with 1/3rd penis entered my cunt and Rohan fucked me hard from below as his glans hitted hard inside ,I shouted”oohh you bastard don’t be so aggressive”and he is fucking me from below as my sexy ass is still ,he is putting lot of energy while fucking me from below and than he is in rest as I am moving my ass up and downwards to enjoy his cock inside ,now my jumping on cock have fastened as he is screaming “oohh mom your ass is too big aahh be slow while moving your ass “and it’s sounds better as his whole penis is moving at a great speed and than I leaned on I am on my son’s top as I started moving my ass while he is also fucking me and lastly he kissed my lips and shouted”oohh you bitch have my cum aahh it’s cumming”and his penis poured semens in my vagina ,a vagina which have given him birth and it starts dripping on his pubic hairs as I left his penis and than I sucked my son’s cock to taste it’s cum .so our sexual journey ends there as we both have our lunch at 01:45 afternoon and than we slept nudely like a hot enjoy reading. …..wait for next part…….. Mom’s submission: Sex with son : part-4

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