Banged my sister’s vagina :part-3

It’s a nice morning as my sister Juhi have had a hot night with me(Mohit)and we both have enjoyed sex couple of times in last two days as Juhi is a married and horny lady,her vagina get the itching as she get her brother’s touch.she is a hot lady of 26 years as her charming face with slim figure of 34-28-36 makes him hotter,she have a great assets in form of her sexy round dome shaped buttocks ,her vagina is little wider as well as deeper and she have lost her virginity with me(Mohit). Banged my sister’s vagina :part-2

So our blood relations have been turned into sexual relationship as we both are still interested in sex our both sexual encounters lasted in a satisfactory note(read previous story”Banged my sister’s vagina” & it’s parts) ,we are looking it for more and it’s a nice morning as I got the touch of my sister’s palm on face and I opened my eyes to see him standing there as she smiled………

Mohit,leave your bed it’s 09:05 am.”and I left as I walked inside washroom ,took refreshment as I came out and walked towards dinning space,looking towards brother-in-law’s room ,I am sure he have left for office and there Juhi came as she leaned forward to put cup of tea on table and I got the look of her sexy boobs as her deep necked gawn have given me a nice look of her boobs ,so feeling naughty ,I hold her tits as I pressed it hard and she”ideat leave it”as she walked away to kitchen and I am drinking my sister’s boobs have given me a soft touch of her breast as I am waiting for Juhi to come ,so drinking tea while reading newspaper ,I put empty cup on table and as I put my face straight,my mind’s got hotter as I can see my sister Juhi standing nude infront of me and she smiled as she surprised me again ,while putting her legs wider as her one leg is on sofa and other on ground,my eyes are on her reddish vagina and as my dirty mind started thinking of him,I put my hand on her waist as I took him closer and than her one leg is on my thigh as other is on she is showing her vagina to a hungry guy ,who can join any gal or women to fuck her ,age doesn’t matters as I don’t put it as criteria as never got the cunt of others also except my horny sister but if a women of 65 years also want my penis in her hole ,I will enjoy it .so as I put my face inbetween her thighs,she started rubbing my hairs and my nose smelt her vagina harder as I started putting my lips on it.


So Juhi is screaming”oohh aahh it’s a hot breakfast for you my brother “and I am rubbing her sexy ass as my lips are loving her labias.Her labias are well distracted as her reddish vagina have little hairs on it and my lips have aroused my sister’s sexual Juhi have put her legs wide ,my lips have covered her whole vagina and than I put my fingers on it as I opened her vaginal as I started licking her cunt with my tongue moving deeper inside ,my face is just below of her cunt and my hand is massaging her fleshy ass as Juhi have hold my hairs as she is pushing my face towards her vagina,will she swallows my face,no way but it’s a nice sex session on peak as I am licking my sister’s as Juhi started screaming

“oohh aahh uumm Mohit leave my vagina fuck fuck fuck me with your penis”,

I took her vagina in my mouth to suck it for a as I left her cunt,hot lady knelt down on my legs as my Bermuda is showing hard and straight bulge of penis on it,she started pulling it and I helped him to remove my my cock is nude as Juhi started kissing it and her blowjob always makes me satisfy as she is a great sucker of we both are nude as she hold my penis and started licking it’s glans,I put my hand on her breast as I started squeezing it hard,nothing more than a big size orange as Juhi have maintained her all sexual looking at me ,she started rubbing it’s glans on her face to lips and than swallowed my whole penis.she is sucking it hard as my hand is pressing hard her breast and my other hand is on her hairs ,as she is moving her face up and down my cock is growing harder inside my sister’s mouth as she is screaming with sexy voice of “aahh uumm”and it’s my penis that is growing bigger in her she took my wet penis in hand as her long tongue is licking it hard and looking at me she smiled as I started pressing her breast harder .Juhi left my penis as she want my cock in her hole and as my body is in full sensation,I made my sister a bitch on ground as she is on her knees and while sitting on her back,I started licking her ass hole with my tongue and looking at me ,she said………

“oh my love ,please fuck me fuck me don’t lick it more”and I knelt infront of her sexy ass as I hold my penis ,now started rubbing it’s glans on her vagina as penis is in search of hole and lastly ,penis got her vaginal hole as I rammed it inside ,my 7-8 inches long cock have vanished inside as I hold her waist and fucked him hard ,she screamed louder”oohh it’s too hard ,don’t tear my vagina
(Mohit)you bitch ,your cunt have been fucked hundreds of time ,so don’t shout like a virgin gal”and my penis is rubbing on smooth path as her cunt is still dry and hot,it’s my experience that gals or ladies having more experience in sex get their cum ejaculated late as Juhi started moving her ass fast and her ass is hitting my waist as I am fully aroused,my hand have grabbed her breast as I am fucking her hard and as she felt cumming ,she shouted

“oohh Mohit it’s cumming” and I felt my cock wet inside her as I took out my penis ,I put my face down and started licking her juicy vagina as she is looking at me and lastly ,I pushed my penis inside it as I pumped her cunt hard ,it’s her soft fleshy vagina that is getting my fuck and my cock is looking harder as it’s moving faster inside her hole.our body are well hot as we both are sweating and she is swinging her buttocks fast and my cock is penetrating hard her she started begging for cum ,it’s 09-10 minutes of fuck and I can’t last longer as I am hitting her vaginal depth ,so I left her boobs as I hold her waist and after 8-9 hard hit inside ,I shouted “oohh my sexy sister have my cum “and my cock poured cum in her vagina as I am well exhausted and she moved forward as she took my wet penis in her mouth to suck .she got the taste of my cum as we both have enjoyed our morning sex session ,it’s time for bath.

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