My mom caught me nude with my brother: it’s a shocking truth (part – 2)

In the first as previous part of my shocking truth that you have read and masturbated also while imaging my sexy nude body ,it’s it second and last part. (Read perv story: My mom caught me nude with my brother :it’s a shocking truth)

So Bina frisked inside washroom with her sexy robes and brother Jeet is too scared as mom Juhi left us after looking our physical relations live in morning hour .now after feeling bit dirty with fluids inside my vagina ,I sit under cascade as I put a bottle of gels near me and as water starts flowing on my body ,I am feeling too hot but nervous also ,have to give excuses as well as clarification for brother sister’s illicit affair ,but not a single perfect reply is in my I know my mom Juhi ,a 42 years iron lady will punish both of us as my body got wet , I starts using gels on my neck to boobs as well as on my tummy to waist ,so my little flexible vagina have got her lover’s cock hard as I starts rubbing my upper portion hard and now I put gels on my vagina as I pushed my long finger inside it to clean it ,so I wake up as I starts putting gels on my legs to thighs and sexy butts to upper portion of back as my body is well covered in gels,I rubbed my body as it’s clean from any dirts ,so opened the cascade as I have my bath and now after rubbing my wet body with a towel ,I put my robes on I walked out of washroom as I am in my bedroom and there Jeet is missing ,so I took my long skirts with a tops as well as panty to put on my body and after sometime ,I moved to dinning space as I can see Jeet having breakfast alone and mom is inside kitchen as I sit on opposite chair and than screamed

“mom , waiting for breakfast
(She)wait for a minute .” and she came back with a plate full of bread toasts with boiled eggs ,so mom is looking me in anger as she sits near me on chair and than said “listen you both ,you have abused your blood relationship and from now I don’t want to see both of you even talking
(Bina bit shy)mom , please think it as a bad dream
(Mom)sure it’s a dream for me but if you both have seen me with someone else than want to know your reactions
(Jeet)it’s true that we have left our relationship behind our illicit affair but it’s not the first one in this world
(Juhi is well shocked and surprised)sure ,so want to see both of you with me ,isn’t possible ? “Bina & Jeet are looking at eachother’s face as after a while both brother as well as sister left the chair and moved to their room ,so Jeet and Bina are too shocked as they are going to have physical relations with their mom and Jeet said……

“Bina ,I think in this age also mom will look sexy but in nudity
(Me)sure ,are you feeling enough heat to enjoy with your mom
(Jeet)sure baby ,but will have to wait till she starts her physical activities with Bina left to her room as Jeet is in his room ,so as I moved inside dinning rorom first ,mom was sitting there as she waved her hand and as I am sitting beside him ,she shouted “Jeet ,my son come here
(Juhi)Bina ,after watching both of you on bed I am feeling too hot and need your opinion
(Bina)you are old enough to get laid with your son
(Jeet came there )oh secret conversation is going on between mom & daughter
(Juhi)ok come here and give your opinion
(Jeet smiled)sure ,ask me about your concerns
(Mom bit serious)after I watched both of you ,I am eager to swallow my son’s tool ,so are you willing for it or not
(Jeet looking at me)no , can’t have any opinion about it .”

And there mom Juhi put her arm in son’s neck as she kisses his face as Juhi inches closer to Jeet and her pallu on chest just goes down as Juhi is in her traditional dress of sari , petticoat and blouse , looking at me Jeet also kissed her mom’s face but soon mom said “I know it’s a tough situation for us but from now we can enjoy it together
(Bina)it will not be a normal affair mom
(Juhi laughed)so as we three are alone today ,have some drinks also as my mind knows how to get laid with strangers or son.”and it’s 11:05 am as mom directed Jeet to go to market as she gave him list of items and Jeet is not looking amazed as he walked Juhi said……”Bina ,you both are in illicit affair but when and how it started ?
(Me)mom , actually it’s my fault as Jeet is young to me and once he got my nude looks and it started
(Juhi)it happened as you got married
(Me)no but as I was in bachelor’s course and my too many friends were in love with guys ,I was just wondering how to get laid with someone
(Juhi)sorry ,Bina I know my strict discipline have made your life worse
(Bina)no ,so Jeet touched me once as our foreplay begins there and lastly I lost my virginity to him
(Juhi)no need to feel guilty.”and mom left me ,so I am sitting there as I switched on the t.v and I know Jeet will be back in half an hour or so as thinking of a threesome but with mom & brother ,it’s a new chapter in my after a while ,Jeet is back with a bottle of wine as well as packet of cigarettes and looking at the items ,I am feeling too excited as strips of condoms with a pills strips of seldenfill commonly known as Jeet moved to his bedroom as he came back after removing his jeans and putting a Bermuda on his while sitting there as I am in a long skirts with tops ,I am just imagining of mom’s & son sexual live show and there mom Juhi came as she is in her modern outfits, looking at him my mind ignited as I can see Juhi ,a 41 years matured lady in a transparent short robes with front faced ropes to close it and Juhi seems like a sexy blonde with her legs to knees nude.I wake up to greet my mom as she hold me in her arms to embrace me and I put my lips on Juhi face as both sits on sofa ,so I put three glass and opened the seal of a bottle ,now Jeet is looking at her mom’s boobs as dress is revealing it’s white boobs in a transparent dress and our drinks starts as mom have put her legs Jeet smiled

“now my sexy sister Bina and gorgeous lady Juhi ,I want to confess about my dirty mind
(Juhi lit a cigarette)sure my young son but no mom ,son and sister as well as brother but like
(Bina)love partners or bed lovers
(Jeet)yes ,now listen darling ,I have jerked my cock several times while closed eyes have imagined Juhi ,a hot lady
(Juhi)oh I see !than also you never touched me guy
(Bina)may be thought of blood relations
(Juhi)I know yours blood relations of cock & vagina
(Jeet took a cigarette to smoke)it’s true that relationship can be kept in pure form but in an conservative style but if sisters and mom starts showing their sexy bodies either in modern outfits or short dresses ,guys like me will jerk his cock
(Juhi put her glass)oh I want to see how my son looks while jerking cock
(Bina)you can see him but I will swallow it soon .”and as our first drinks finished ,Jeet came to us as he sits on ground on his knees and looking at mom’s face ,he hold her ropes as he opened it “so it’s the beginning of our illicit affair and I will be the happiest mom as well as lady in this world
(Jeet put robes on her shoulders)oh too sexy with a panty on chut ,love to see it.”and Bina hold her mom’s boobs as she starts squeezing it hard while Jeet have put mom’s legs on sofa and her bend knees are showing her sexy butts as I took my mom’s breast in mouth and starts sucking it ,Juhi is rubbing my hairs gently and Jeet is making her mom too hot as his lips are kissing her back portion of thighs ,it’s a smooth thighs as she is in pleasure “uh ah Jeet and Bina ,make your mom a hot lady soon”and than ,I left her breast as mom starts pressing my breast on tops and Jeet is too crazy as he have hold her mom’s both thighs and is kissing her thighs ,so Juhi is screaming in pleasure “uh ah Jeet you have made my body bit aroused”and now her legs are on ground as Jeet hold her panty and pulled it down ,so Juhi made her legs wide as she put her butts on bed’s corner and Jeet than gazed at her mom’s hole as he took his glass having little wine in it.

So Juhi is nude with her robes on shoulders ,now Jeet drops little wine on her vagina as he is rubbing her mom’s cunt with his fingers and Bina moved to her mom’s left side as she starts kissing her mom’s face and Juhi is pulling down my skirts ,so as my lips are sealed on mom’s lips ,I kissed him hard and my skirts is on Jeet put his face on his birthplace as he starts kissing her mom’s vagina and now feeling too hot ,I removed my tops as my sexy body is nude with a G string covering my vagina ,Juhi is in fire “uh ah push your whole tongue my dear ,aah it’s a new start of my life”and as I removed my G string ,we both mom & daughter are completely nude while jeet’s bulge is hard making a image on his I hold my mom’s hairs as I starts kissing her lips and both are squeezing eachother’s breast as I pushed my long tongue in mom’s mouth.she is sucking it hard as her hand is rubbing my vagina and now Juhi pushed me back as she is shouting “uh Jeet , swallow my vagina soon ,it’s in fire”and there , Juhi is rubbing her fingers on my sexy I can see Jeet sucking her mom’s labias as she is too aroused and now I sits beside my brother as I hold his cock on Bermuda.

Jeet left her mom’s vagina as he walked to washroom and both lady are waiting for cock ,so as Juhi pushed his long finger in my cunt to screw ,I felt her wet vagina and now put her hand I sits on my legs and now widened my mom’s hole ,it’s a larger on as I starts licking Juhi’s cunt fast ,she is moaning “uh ah Bina taste your mom’s fluids”and as I licked it for while ,Jeet came as he stand infront of Juhi’s face and pulled down his Bermuda ,his erected penis is long and thick as it’s skin have gone back to show it’s soft glans ,now I sits beside mom as Jeet inches closer.juhi is not a simple lady as she is drunk and she holds her son’s dick as she starts rubbing it’s glans on her lips and while smiling ,Jeet hold her mom’s long hairs as he is too agressive and hold his cock as he pushed it in mom’s mouth ,like a slut she swallows her son’s cock as Jeet started fucking her mom’s mouth fast and now Bina is behind her brother as she is kissing his back and now I can see my mom spinning her head fast as I hold Jeet from behind and starts rubbing my lovely tits on his back ,so Jeet is sounding sexy “uh ah you slut mom ,it’s yours have it for hour “and than Juhi left his wet cock as I am infront of him .so as mom hold her son’s penis ,her tongue is licking it and I hold his testicles as I took round shaped in my mouth but it’s little hairy ,so I removed it soon as hair comes in my mouth.bina walked to washbasin as she put lot of water in his mouth and took out a little hairs ,so as I walked to them ,Juhi is rolling her tongue on son’s penis and now Jeet is fully aroused as he took her mom to bedroom.

Bina is an assistant for them as Juhi knelt on bed ,in a doggy position she is igniting her son’s mind and son is also a bastard as he sits infront of her mom’s heavy butts and while holding his cock ,he starts rubbing it on hole but still in search of inner hole as I can see his cock going inside and he hold her mom’s waist as he is fucking hard.juhi looked back as she have lot of experience in sex ,so her cunt is too flexible but Jeet is a smart fucker as I can see him hitting her vagina’s walls hard and now my mom starts moving her butts fast as her waist is shaking and while sitting near mom’s face ,I hold her saggy boobs as Jeet is screaming “uh ah fuck you sexy mom aah move your butts fast “and both are going hard as lot of frictions is happening in mom’s vagina ,so feeling horny I get laid on bed as I pushed my long finger in my glory hole and started rubbing my smooth hole ,it’s not my turn as I have got a fuck in the Juhi is too tired as her sexy body is in silent mode and her sexy voice

“uh ah Jeet please fuck fuck hard but it’s in fire ,so rain your cum
(Jeet is breathing fast) yes you bitch ,will fuck you again but will put lot of semen soon “and as my cunt starts pouring fluids ,I can see mom’s vagina getting filled with semen as it’s coming out of it ,so greedy lady Bina wake up and swallows her brother’s cock as she tastes it’s cum ………..

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