My mom caught me nude with my brother : it’s a shocking truth

It’s an incidence happened as I got married and it’s my second visit to my parent’s house as my brother Jeet , a 22 years guy are looking for me and my lovely body , it’s of Bina Mishra as I am a 24 years married lady with no kids and my married life have changed me a last one and half years , I was just a Indian wife for my hubby Anish , he is a hot guy and we both are enjoying our personal and sexual lifes but it’s my younger brother Jeet who have done lot of penetrations in my hole , so on bed he is my first love as I lost my virginity to him .

So after my marriage ,I was well back home for a brief period as my hubby was with me and so our (Bina & Jeet )love cum physical affair didn’t get chance to refresh our memories.


Now Bina is in parent’s home as it’s a well planned trip with a week alone here and it’s our pleasure to be physically again as I am looking for it . so my sexy body have changed her shapes a little more as my hard flexible boobs have now become more sexy and beautiful ,it’s my vagina that’s got the maximum amount of time with my hubby ,so my reddish vagina with it’s fleshy labias are too glittering but it’s hole size have enhanced and my butts have become little heavier as my slim figure is still maintained . one can look me now like a modern lady instead a rotten girl of conservative thoughts and my Indian traditional outfits of sari ,petticoat and blouse have been vanished from my sexy body as leggings , tops ,jeans ,kurtis , shorts, sexy lingerie are my favourite clothes to Bina now a days have shown her beauty with figure to strangers as it seems too fit and sexy ,it’s a spring weather and feeling bit cold after getting refreshed ,I walked out of my room as I am in my night wear ,a night wear with nude armpits as I am in dinning room ,now sits there as mom is doing some works inside kitchen.

I shouted “mom ,need a cup of tea
(She)sure ,sit there I am preparing for you.”and so I moved towards brother’s bedroom ,he is not on bed and there i sit on bed’s corner as waiting for him.nearly two years have passed since he have even touched me ,so after a while Jeet came out of washroom as he is in his boxer and looking at me ,he asked “so how your married life is going on ?
(Me) amazing ,your brother in law is too agressive on bed as he loves dominating me
(Jeet)great , but it’s legal and social ,now what’s about your extramarital affair
(Bina bit shocked)nothing happened till today but one guy is stalking me for last two years
(Jeet)than ,why you have not accepted his proposal
(Me)he lives too far from me Jeet .”

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My eyes gazed on his bulge as he smiled with his hidden desires matching my sexy we are in dinning room as mom and dad is also there ,so having tea together we have some conversation and lastly dad moved towards his room to have bath as he have to go to his office . Mom and both brother as well as sister is sitting there and as mom left towards backyard to pluck in the flowers ,I inches closer to Jeet and put my arms in his neck as he put his hand on my back and starts rubbing feeling too hot after getting jeers touch after a long time ,I sit on his lap with my legs down to earth but my heavy butts is on his thigh as Jeet have hold me tight and now my lips are sealed on his as I kissed my brother’s lips hard ,he swallows my lip in his mouth and starts sucking it and my left boobs is brushing on his chest,it’s a nature’s cold but I am feeling too hot and as Jeet is sucking my lip hard ,I pushed his face back and in hurry pushes my long tongue in his mouth.jeet is a young guy as his long thick penis is my first love and I can’t spent 1-2 years without getting physical with him ,so lot of sensation is igniting my body as his hand is rubbing my back and as I felt his cock growing straight in his boxer ,I pushed his face back and now sits beside him.looking at him ,I put my hand on bulge as it’s hard and erected and as I hold his boxer to pull it down ,he hold my wrist “for god sake ,don’t do it here

(She is looking serious)Jeet ,what happened to you ,are you ok with my sexy body?
(Jeet)I am fine but mom can caught us here .”and than as Bina is looking too horny ,she said “ok than ,I think my bedroom will be safe
(Jeet)oh baby !but if mom starts looking for me or you than .”

And our dirty mind starts thinking of sexual desires to be I moved towards my bedroom as we have planned our love cum lust session for now and there I just pushed the door of bedroom ,so my brother Jeet have to come inside from my room’s back door ,as it opens in the backyard and now I am too excited to get oral sex with him .later on ,I opened the back door of my room as we are aware of mom’s bath as well as worship of God and it will take more than an hour ,so Jeet came inside as he locked the door and hold me in his arms,so as we start kissing eachother’s neck to face ,feeling bit aroused ,I pushed him on bed and now he fell as his legs are down to ground .so Bina sits on her legs and pulled his boxer and got her lover’s cock nude visibility after a long time ,now hold it and starts jerking it fast as he is screaming

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“uh ah it’s a hard cock baby ,so no need to jerk it
(Me)I am not a rotten gal now but have changed myself like a shameless and hot lady of modern society.”

As my hand removed it’s skin and now my lips are getting it’s glans touch ,so my reddish vagina starts itching and I opened my whole mouth to swallow my knees are on bed as I starts sucking his penis while spinning my head ,so Jeet is sounding

“uh ah it’s in fire baby ,be fast “and my mouth is feeling it’s heat and his penis is growing bigger as well as I took out my brother’s wet cock and starts licking it with my tongue as my whole body is in sensation and than again I hold his erected penis in my mouth but put my head still to enjoy sucking only and as my mouth starts watering ,I took it out and now Jeet wake up in semi nude condition as his boxer is out of legs ,he hold me and made me sleep on bed .so my butts is on bed’s corner as he hold the ropes of robes and opened it,now it’s on my shoulders as my nude body is getting a hot look , a G string have covered my flexible vagina as my lovely tits are nude and now Jeet stretched my legs as I bend it to show my valuable organ and than Jeet opened my G string .Jeet put his face in between my thighs as his lips are kissing my soft vagina’s surface and little hairs have grown on it , so my reddish vagina got my crossed fingers to widened it’s hole , looking at me ,he said……..

“lot of penetrations in it after your marriage
(I put my palms on face as I am feeling too shy)yes ,it happens to married lady dear.”

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Now Jeet opened the glory hole’s mouth as his tongue started licking it and I am feeling his love as my sexy sound is making room too hot “uh ah it’s in fire ,so please suck it as I will cum soon” and he is a nice sucker of my sexual organs as he took my fleshy labias in between his lips and starts sucking it hard as my legs are shivering ,my butts is going up on bed and his hand have hold my waist hard , lastly my cunt become wet as fluids starts coming out of it and he licks my glory hole to taste it’s he moved inside washroom as I put my robes on body to cover it ,as he came back , I put my ropes closed and walked to washroom as I urinated there and washed my back in my room as I am feeling my vagina getting thirsty for jeet’s cum ,I moved on bed and there I slept like a hot and shameless lady as I removed my robes .now Jeet is near my waist as he sits in between my thighs and hold his long erected penis ,so my legs are stretched as he starts pushing his hard tool and as it’s 1/2 part moved inside , I am too hot and Jeet than put his hand on my waist and fucked me hard ,so my lips got the teeth as I kept my mouth closed to put our sexual affair inside room and Jeet is moving his waist like a spring as his long cock is hitting my vagina hard ,a new sensation after a long period as getting fucked with Anish was like a routine affair and as Jeet is pounding my wet vagina hard ,it’s friction is making me wild and than he leaned on my top as he is pushing his cock in a gentle manner now and Bina hold his back as he starts bouncing her sexy butts to give and get immense pleasure and he is kissing my face as my vagina is too hot and dry feeling his chest putting pressure on my soft boobs ,I stops my bounce but sooner ,as I felt his penis enhancing it’s speed inside ,I started moving my butts up and down and my sexy voice

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