Ludo King make me King to aunty

Hello readers I’m rocky 22 from hyderabad madhapur. After completion of my exams spending time friends in summer holidays. I meet heroine of this story rani the beauty. She was new tenant to our neighbours home. She has good shape, with little chubby I don’t know the size,weight is around 65 that I think so. She is living her husband and a child.

When she used to wash clothes, dry and doing other works outside I used to stare at her curves when ever I get chance without knowing her. That summer was over like that without talking to her. At starting I used to feared of talk to her because she was new, we don’t know each other. While we both are c opposite on roads or grocery shop used to exchange smiles. Her child wants to cricket with us while we are playing in road. She called me and said let him play with you, he is always sitting in chair and watching TV or phone. Slowly I started going to her home bring her child sometimes. She become close to me. One night we are playing ludo game with bet at parking area with my friends while She going to my home. Later that day I was at home watching TV along with mom when she came, she said ‘always watching TV you you didn’t get bore’. I said ‘what I should do this midday, if I went out sun was showing his power’.


Rani:shall we play a game
Me :what game?
Rani:the game which you played yesterday at parking lot.
Me :OK but I play only if you put any bet
Rani:fine what bet you can put?
Me: loser has to bring biryani tonight
Rani : umm OK.

We started our play I explained game rules to her. She was laughing I don’t know why she is laughing. We started duo player, by seeing her play I came to know she knows the game very well. But at ending she lost the game after half and hour gaming. After that she have chat with my mom. She took my number from moms phone. Its around 8 pm I got a call from unknown number when I was with my friends. I didn’t recognised her voice in phone until she told her name rani

Rani: hy rocky come to home
Me : why aunty?
Rani : have forgot about bet?
Me : I was just told kidding
Rani: no no rule is rule you come here bring biryani for both of us
Me : OK I’m on the way

Cut the call went home took money from her and brought biryani. Me, rani and her child and save some for uncle. After finishing I went home open my whatsapp. I saw her contact, drops a text saying that thanks for the treat. After 10she came to online and replayed may be this day is yours not tomorrow. Again we next day as she said she won the game, evening I take her to near by ice parlour . While coming home on bike I feel her boobs touching my back. My little brother grew quickly, we reach our home she get down from bike but I didn’t because if I get down my erected brother will be seen by her. That Night we have chatted we both become more close. We multiple games in coming days. One day I was alone at my home thinking today is the chance to seduce her, mom was not at home she will won’t return at evening. I texted her getting bore, alone at home. Even she told same, she came to my home after some time, we kill the time by chitchating. I was thinking how to proceed further. Later she said shall we play a game, I agreed but put a condition bet should be something more, and loser has to listen winner without fail, should be done right now . We started first game she won she asked some drink, I gave to her.

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Started second game seems like this game is also her. Coming end I won it, I was in fear to ask.
Rain: what I should do sunny tell me.
Me : wait thinking
Rain: tell fast in hurry
Me : shall I kiss your hand?
Rain : waited little bit and said rule is rule
Me :thanks you aunty, your hand was so soft and prising her beauty.

We started other game this is also mine
Me : remove your pallu.
She was thinking for a minute, I didn’t forced her
Rain : OK fine. Close the boors if someone saw me their may think bad about us
My eyes are fixed to her fruits she caught me. I thought she will leave and I said shall we start next game. We started this time she won and slap me on my face. In next game I won
Me : aunty I won’t see your boobs
Rain: no this can’t be happen.
Me : I told you in starting loser has to listen winner without fail.
She is the women who stand on her word without fail. She opened her jacket, when she opened fruits jumped out in force. She is not giving eye contact, looking down and said shall we start. Her face become red, shy and trying to cover them with hands.

We started other game I think God is on my side, I won this game too. Asked her
Me : can I touch them?
Rani : no no
Last she agreed touched them and press them with force, White boobs are turns to red. She understood what is going to happen later. I was holding them longer, she was in tension.
Rani: I’ll go to my home.
Me :you can’t now.
Rani :why I should not go.
Me : play one more game and leave.
Rani: we have more game till now.
I convinced her at last,
We started again whole game I was looking at body, she knows that I was looking to her. She was playing only lower parts covering. Her nipples becomes harder I noticed them. She is going lost game, her hands are shivering with tension. I placed my hand on her right thigh her breathing speed increased. She looked into my eyes, I can hear her breathing sound. We continued game and I won the game.

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Me : close your eyes aunty
Rani : why?
Me : surprise
Rani : I’ll leave I don’t want any surprise
Me : you have to stay. Please aunty, I begged her

At last she convinced and closed. I told her count 1 to 10 and open your eyes. She started counting, I started removing my clothes. By the time she open her eye only underwear was on me, my dick was rock stone make a tent in underwear. She was shocked by seeing this. She don’t know what to do, just looking down. She was getting up to leave, holding her slowly I moved close. I slow moving up on her, she was down to me. It feels like soft and I moving one hand to her pussy. Kissing at her around neck and chicks. Suddenly she started resisting and moving away from me. I hold her tightly told her stay silent for next 5 minutes. She didn’t stop resisting and moving away from me. I pressed her right boobs while holding her from back. She started supporting me but not completely. She screaming to leave her, it’s not good. I lifted her take to my room
And liplocking slowly she supporting totally. Our toughs are fighting inside and my hand is fighting with her boobs. We kissed for around 10mint. I removed her remaining clothes, she looks sexy in naked. Every parts are in so good size her boobs, her back and her pussy was clean shave.

She was holding my dick in underwear,rubbing it slowly. She wishpered in low voice shall I take it out. I said carry on aunty, she sat on her knees right front of my dick. Taking my dick into mouth giving blowjob after 5min I was about to cumm, I pressed my dick more deeper touching her throat. I cummerbund inside her month, she sucking with more power. After that I moved to her pussy started licking it with my tough after sometime she started shivering and released her orgams. I was not going hold any long, asking me to fuck her pussy but I was teasing her. She was begging me to fuck her. I inserted my dick in her pussy. By Stokeing slowly I inserted my full dick into her pussy. Sucking her nipples one by one, she is enjoying the raid, released her second orgams.i increased the speed she was saying my pussy may tear please slow down. After we tried doggy style. We both are exhausted slept side by side. She said this is best sex I ever had. Its time to come my mom and her son. We continue our journey till now when we get chance to have sex. Once I fucked her when her husband was there at home, I’ll tell you in next story.

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